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and do you think it was related to how long your carried them? 



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I was not very active-- I just got sicker and sicker-- and I went 38 weeks, 1 day with healthy sized babies.

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I was not either.   With singletons I could be fairly active but with twins the sheer size made it difficult.   People would comment one how small my belly looked when I said I was huge and uncomfy.  What people forgot is yes my belly never looked that big.  But I was still carrying twice the weight in baby, placenta and fluid.  So that belly was HEAVY.   So staying active seems good in theory but its hard to do carrying two.  LMAO getting up to go pee and cook dinner was enough of a challenge. 


I only measured 50 weeks the day I had them (39w6d)... but there was 15lbs of baby and roughly 5lbs of placenta... plus fluid. 


Also I had lots of contractions so I did try to take it easy since I had a history of having some preterm labor.  

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I was active in the early stages of my twin pregnancy (I have 3 older kids)...but defy Italy had to slow down at the end. In fact, I sat in the shower otherwise I would lose my breath and it took me forever to make dinner. I was very uncomfy at the end. I delivered my twins at 40.3 weeks and my belly measured at 54cm.

I'm not sure if my activity level had anything to do with how long I stayed pregnant with twins. I sure as heck didn't do much of anything the last 1 1/2 months of my pregnancy! smile.gif
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i worked out until 10 weeks, worked 50hr/wk until 33wk, worked 24hr/wk and had to call in to work right before my c-section at 35w2d. plus, i took my then 2 yr old out to parks/splash pads 2x/wk. other than that, i only cooked. no housework, and lots of naps. i slowed down by 30wk but really was still fairly active. (my belly maxed at 39cm and i only gained 32#-if i had been bigger i am sure i would have been less active)

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I was pretty active. I had a one year old and a three year old to look after alone all day. I was steam cleaning my rugs at 38 weeks. I went to one day shy of 41 weeks. 

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I had a hard time with my twins. I have a history of extremely preterm birth. I also have a congenital heart condition. During my twin pregnancy, I experienced two full-blown episodes of preterm labor, and almost constant contractions any time I stood up, from about 23 weeks. I had horrible backache from about 20 weeks, too. I also developed Bell's Palsy in the second trimester, and obstetric cholestasis (liver disease) in the third trimester. I was not very active at all-- from 23 weeks, I was confined to the house except for DD's once-a-week music class (at which I had to sit the whole time), medical appointments, and a few special outings for holidays. I was up in the morning hours, quietly around the house with DD. (She was 2.) Then at noon, I went to bed, and stayed there until the next day.

Mine were born at 36 weeks 6 days, in a planned c-section, because we believed from the best evidence available that the liver disease had become a threat to their lives. So I have no idea how long I would have carried them.

Mine were a bit on the small side for nearly-term: 5 and 6 1/2 pounds. But my singletons were on the smaller side of average, too. I'm a tiny little person, and I think I make tiny kids.

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I worked right up until birth (prompted by castor oil at 39 weeks), although my job is at an office and not very stressful.  Out of the office I'd say I was very active.  Walked 2-3 miles 5 days a week, did some pretty heavy hiking at 7 months, and a brisk 5 mile walk the day before birth.  Walking just felt good to me, and I was glad I kept my strength up.  The key was that I never pushed myself, and never expected to travel, do much housework or social occasions from 30 weeks on.  Took everything day by day, and luckily I always felt great.  Was also careful to be rested and hydrated. 


Of course the twins were my first and I had it easy.  Don't know how those moms with older LOs do it!


Now, granted that I was very fortunate with my pregnancy, but I have serious doubts about the connection of physical activity and pre-term labor.  I would completely believe a connection between work / life stress and pre-term contractions, but for me there were only positive effects to physical activity during pregnancy.

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My body started pooping out on me around 30w.  But when I felt up to it, I was active.  I was still mowing the large yard at 36w, and then when Baby A turned breech at 37 weeks, I started swimming and doing more yoga and stuff to try and get her to turn.  They were born around 39w.  I think I'm just "good at" pregnancy.  I went backpacking at 5.5 mo pregnant with #1 (up at 12,00 ft) and was still trying to "wog" at 7mo. pregnant and attending prenatal yoga the week she was born.  Of course, I'm not that active in that way now!

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I too delivered at 36w. I had been dialating for a few days
and my doc predicted a fast and hard labor. He was right.
Like the other poster I had 6 lb preemies but we all went
home on day 3. I was extremely active during my last tri.
I had oodles of energy and even though I was uncomfortable
I had the urge to nest. I went snow camping 2 weeks prior
to giving birth and did a limo wine tour the day I went into
labor. I didn't drink any wine of course!

My girls will be 3wks old tomorrow and we've already
been camping in our RV and took a plane trip. I know
thats a lot for newborns but I had PPD really really bad
and needed to get out of the house otherwise go crazy.

I am a pretty active girl by nature. Today we hope to visit
Disneyland so I can try out my new stroller.
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I delivered at 38w5d by a scheduled section for various reasons (Babes positions, distance from hospital, insanely fast previous labours etc) and I was active right up to the end. Walking with the kids to the beach, walking around our acreage with the kids, unpacking our house that wasn't quite finished being built yet. I did have to stop and breathe more often, I did have to sit down and put my feet up for periods of time more often, but I was blessed that the babes were growing well with no complications so it allowed me to keep moving.

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I was pretty active. I walked back and forth to work everyday untill about 23 weeks, plus groceries etc as we don't have a car.  We also had a toddler at the time, but my husband was at home with her while I worked.  He worked part time, some evenings.  What I found hard was working all day.  I was teaching a class of 26 grade 1-3 and I found I just couldn't do it. Not only was there leading the class, but meeting parents and staff almost daily.  I started taking afternoons off once,then twice a week, but still had all the meetings (they just made them earlier in the morning or on my lunch) less prep time but the same amount of class time and was often asked to make phone calls from home eliminating naps.  So although I stopped work at about 24 weeks I kept walking etc untill about  36 weeks.  I had a nap every day and my mother in law stayed and helped with the cooking and cleaning. Did I mention we moved cities, my husband got a full time job?  So that made things a little stressfull too.  But I had the babies at 37wks2days, so it worked out.  They were good weights too (7lbs3oz and 6lbs1oz). So I was huge.  Lots of often unwelcome comments about having the babies right  in the store from cashiers etc from about 30 wks. I think even just walking (if you can) helps with the recovery after birth because once I had the babies there was so much to do and I found even though everyone offers to help they really only want to cuddle babies while I had to cook/clean/look after toddler.  It was tough.  But hey,it gets better. They're almost a year now and I can finally think. 

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