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ladydodson's Avatar ladydodson 01:27 PM 03-29-2011

Originally Posted by SashaBreeze View Post

I regret my choice of words above. lol

It was late and I just couldnt think of the "right" word.  I hope you guys got what I was trying to say.  Major case of mommy brain the other night. nut.gif

i totally got it. i wonder if my girls will ever be creepy. they seem so different from one another already.

budwana birth's Avatar budwana birth 06:16 PM 03-30-2011

Hi All,


Great thread- I'm excited to join in!


My boys Sebastian and Mateo were born at 36 weeks- they are # 3 and four and were mono/di.What has surprised me so far is how different they are and have been from their first days- and that I am actually making it through each day!



annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 06:29 PM 04-02-2011
The babies had their 4-month checkups yesterday. Matthew is 13 pounds and Molly is 15!!! But Matty is an inch longer. lol.gif They're so sweet and dear.
mauri456's Avatar mauri456 04:21 PM 04-03-2011

Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post

The babies had their 4-month checkups yesterday. Matthew is 13 pounds and Molly is 15!!! But Matty is an inch longer. lol.gif They're so sweet and dear.

Wow!  They are big!!  My girls are 13 lbs at 5 1/2 months :-)

ShanaV's Avatar ShanaV 03:39 AM 04-04-2011
Hi Mamas, I'm Shana and I had Anthony and Vincent on 5.21.10 at 30 w 5 d. They were 3-2 and 3-5 respectively when born. A is 5 minutes older (big bro!) They are identical (got the DNA test done), but were di-di. So they are 10 mos old now, 8 mos adjusted.

They discovered each other around 5 mos (3 adjusted). They would sort of grab at each others shirts or bibs. Before that they were totally oblivious. They'd whack each other in the face with their flaily arms and not even blink.

DH was afraid that we'd have the creepy kind of twins, and he got his wish lol! Yeah, they sit in the same position - its most apparent when next to each other in the stroller, lie in the same position, wake up at the same time (sometimes). Theyve been the exact same developmentally. And always within a few oz of each other. Their differences are very subtle. You have to know what to look for.

Although, in the last week they've each learned a new trick - A is starting to clap, and V is smacking his lips, making a popping sound. They each do their tricks constantly.

Another diff is that V got teeth first, about two weeks ahead of A. Now V has 2 top and 2 bottom teeth, and A has just the two bottom ones.

TheGirls's Avatar TheGirls 06:00 AM 04-04-2011

Hi!  I'm joining late here.  My boys (#2 & #3 - we also have a 2.5 yo DD) were born Nov 9 2010, at 35.5 weeks gestation.  They were di/di, and I think they are fraternal, but everyone else thinks they are identical.  We haven't tested them.  My partner carried them, and had one loooong difficult vaginal birth and one c-section.  They are Edward (born 5lb 11oz, now about 14lbs) and Benjamin (born 6lb 11oz now about 14.5lbs).  They spent 9 days total in the hospital, with the last 4 in the NICU because of severe dehydration.  We put them on formula at that point, and spent the next 3 months doing basically nothing but trying to make breastfeeding work, which didn't happen.  It was a big surprise to us, because I am still nursing our older DD and DP gave birth, so we thought between us we'd have plenty of milk!!   


Anyhow, our boys haven't really noticed each other yet, other than an occasional smile.  I've been so surprised at how well DD does with them.  She is so kind and loving with them, and doesn't resent them at all for all the attention she's lost since their arrival.  She's become quite a handful for the rest of us (attention getting behavior) but loves her brothers to the moon and back.  It's super sweet!  We're doing cloth too, and I love it!  I had to wait until they were about 4wks old and had gained enough weight to fit a newborn diaper, but I was so happy to make the switch.  Especially with the unexpected cost of formula, my budget really appreciates not spending enormous amounts on 'sposies. 


We're cosleeping with them and have been very happy with that.  They go to sleep each with a head on one of DP's shoulders, so sweet.  After the first feed, I sleep with one and she sleeps with the other. 


Mine seem to be developing together.  They have growth spurts together, wake at the same time, get cranky at the same time. This can be good, or it can be awful, depending on the moment!!    They're really laid back, sweet boys though.  Maybe they are identical... lol time will tell, I suppose!

ShanaV's Avatar ShanaV 11:18 AM 04-04-2011

Gotta post some pics ... I was going to just post an early one and a recent one, but I kind of couldn't stop myself from adding more... 


May 2010, a couple days old:




July 2010, constantly had to be swaddled for the first few months:



August, 2010, a little "Charlie bit my finger" moment:



October 2010, about when they were first discovering each other:



January 2011, all dressed up!



St. Patrick's Day:


Smurfette2's Avatar Smurfette2 11:13 PM 04-04-2011
  • Name? SMURFETTE winky.gif
  • You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 34, 32
  • Are the babies Mono or Di? DI/DI
  • What number of kids will is be for you? 2 & 3
  • Genders? TWO GIRLS, ONE WOMB
  • Date of Delivery? EDD: 3/31/11 - WENT INTO LABOR 3/12/11 - BORN 3/13/11
  • State you live in? CALIFORNIA
  •  Anything else you want to share? WE HAVE A 15 Y/O "TEENBABY"


Total soap opera with this pregnancy. I suffer from a long and irregular mens. cycle (32-45 days) so there's no telling when I ovulate. My original EDD was MAY 27, 2011. Then it was changed to MAY 11, 2011. As I entered my 3rd tri - their measurements were recalculated and my date was moved up an entire month to APRIL 19, 2011 (40 wks). My planned c-section was MARCH 31, 2011. I started dialating MARCH 4, 2011 (no pain, no BH). When I dialated to 7 cm, my doc told me I was in the "hot zone". Baby A was still in negative station so I was told to take it easy, no bed rest, just slow down. Doc predicted a fast and hard labor. Active labor was a little over 4 hours, my water broke 40 minutes into the start of contractions. Baby A & B were both vertex and ready to go however Baby A switched a few days earlier to Baby B so Baby "A" is actually Baby "B". Petty detail but you twin mommies will understand. Born 40 mins apart, they were both a few grams under 6 lbs, 17 inches. They entered the world kicking and screaming with high scores. Taken immediately to NICU because of their gestational age (34w) - I was informed that Baby A wasn't feeding and needed to be intubated. Baby B had no trouble nursing. Once we got Baby A sucking - I was discharged on Tuesday and hubby and I stayed in family center for families with newborns in the NIC. Both girls were discharged the following day after a throughout once over with a new gestational age of 36w 4d. My OB did not deliver my girls. He wasn't even informed that I was in labor because I was scheduled for a c-section and that was that... I guess. He just happened to poke his head into our room the next day to say hi to my Suitemate, whose baby he'd delivered 36 hours earlier.


That was another thing that pissed me off. I am self employed and pay my own group insurance for me and my employees. It's GREAT insurance. I chose my particular hospital because I'd delivered my daughter there 15 yrs prior and had a wonderful experience. This time it just so happened my intimate baby retreat was completely booked that weekend and I was put into a semi-private room. It sucked. My Suitemate had a huge family with many young children who stayed all night. We shared a bathroom (including a toilet). I couldn't stand it after a couple of hours and would hike to the public restroom down the hall. The nurses took pity on me and I was given a key to a private toilet on the floor. I spent most of my time in the NIC anyway trying to get Sophia to nurse.  I was so jealous that Suitemate could wheel her baby in and out whenever she pleased and since I was in Bed A, all of her guests would have to pass by me when they entered the room. We had no privacy whatsoever. My entire birthing plan was shot out the window. I laugh now but it seemed very important to me at the time. My Suitemate and I plan to get together next week for a newborn reunion.


When the girls were a few days old, I had a huge plate of broccoli that seemed to upset their poor tummies. Colic rang our doorbell and I got really depressed. I was so uncomfortable during my pregnancy. I thought being preg with twins I'd have lots of time to do my favorite past time: sleep. But I couldn't sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time. Between urinating and babies leaning on my organs, I was confined to the house. And when the due date kept changing, I was very anxious and felt ill-prepared. I tried to enjoy my pregnancy but I can truly say I did not. :( But Sophia and Grace are here now and just as silly and klutzy as me and I wouldn't change a thing. Hubby and I have made so many mistakes along the way, even getting the girls mixed up but we're just rolling with it. Our family is complete.


Sorry for the long story! Wait, did I post in the wrong thread?

~adorkable~'s Avatar ~adorkable~ 09:11 AM 04-05-2011
Welcome to twinafantcy smurfette! Sounds like you are adjusting pretty well to the curveballs
Smurfette2's Avatar Smurfette2 10:39 AM 04-05-2011

Originally Posted by ~Adorkable~ View Post

Welcome to twinafantcy smurfette! Sounds like you are adjusting pretty well to the curveballs

Curveballs indeed. I came prepared to play Monopoly and instead we're playing Twister! twins.gif Thanks for the welcome!

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