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I'm 24 weeks pregnant with twins and one baby is low and one is high. I think I feel the lower baby moving a lot more often. I do feel my higher baby moving, just not as often as my lower baby. At all ultrasounds I was told everything looks good. But I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that other twin mommies may have felt one baby moving more often than the other in pregnancy?
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Yes, I could feel A moving more often, or more strongly.  I think it had more to do with how each babe was positioned.  B just was in a position where I couldn't feel her as regularly.  I spent lots of time with my fetoscope, just making sure. LOL  After birth, B also would pull her legs into the tiniest little ball.  You could tell she just didn't have a whole lot of room.  

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I feel two of my triplets more than the other. Actually I feel Baby B more than A & C put together! I guess she is turned in towards A and thats who probably feels most of her kicks. Plus both of the placentas are anterior so that must block quite a bit of Baby C's movement.

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I felt my dd much more often than ds.  Ds remained curled up in a vertex position for the entire pregnancy.  Dd was in a different position everytime we saw her on the ultrasound.  Ds's movement were always kind of muted whereas dd would give me sharp jabs and flips.

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I felt a lot more movement from DD and hardly anything from DS after they settled into their respective positions.  DS was vertex, head down, and he was behind DD, who was transverse at the top of my uterus.  She used to stick her butt out really far (on my upper right side) and seriously after they were born my belly was lopsided from her big butt stuck in one spot for so long!  Now I am 32 weeks preggo with #4 and he hangs out on my right side with his butt right in the same spot DD was!  I think she made it roomy and comfy on that side...;-)

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^^^^ Lol! I love it.


I remember Baby A being super aggressive and moving all the time. I think it was because she had the most room to move about. When she and sis switched right around 30 wks, she still continued to kick first whenever I sat down. I'm a small person and I truly think my girls ran out of room around 24 wks. I never really grew up - mostly out... and out... and out.


I miss being preg. :(

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Baby A had all the space and moved tons.  I was always worried about Baby B, b/c her movements were so subtle and few and far between.  But the ultrasound tech always commented on how "poor Baby B" was so super squished--she was permanently facing her knees in a very tight pike position and had no other position.


It's funny, b/c now (age 2) they talk about it:  "Mommy, I had all the room and moved around like this!" followed by her sister saying..."And I was smooshed like this and so quiet like this!"  Cute.


I miss their hiccups.

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Baby A moved a lot more for me.  He was a real kicker!  Often baby B would be quiet, but then her brother would kick her and she would start squirming.  Actually, the same thing happens.....Now with more crying

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hahahaha they were so different we named them peanut butter and jelly even got onesies from a friend like that!


baby a my girl was head down and strtched all the way up my right side from 17 weeks on and harldy ever moved, her kicks were few and far between but wow strong!!!!


Baby b my boy was balled up high on my left side and never stopped moving ever! he was head down just like her at 17 weeks but he flipped transverse and breach a few times, sometimes 2 times a day and thankfully back head down before labor. i think he didn't have a good spot and fussed about it. 


on a side note, she is now the squirmy one that never sits still and he is the laid back chill baby physically at least

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Yes, I could fee my baby A way more than baby B through out the pregnancy.

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I felt way more movement from Baby B, and have heard the same from a lot of other twin moms.  Don't worry!

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It looks  like you've already got a lot of good responses that should help you feel better!


I couldn't feel baby b at all.  During a nst I felt so proud that I could actually identify the movement of B only to be told that it was really baby A.eyesroll.gif  A was vertex with her feet up high and B was tucked in back.  Baby B continues to be a still, slower, quieter, calmer human being at 4 years old.

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My baby A was quite still.  She was always vertex.  I could certainly feel her move, but she did not flail nearly as much as baby B.  Baby B was rolling and flipping back and forth until the moment she was born.  And she would kick and punch so much!  They are now 16 months old.  When I was pregnant, I would not have attributed the difference in movement to personalities, but now I wonder.  My baby A is now very focused and steady.  She ponders everything carefully and studies things closely. She walks with a purpose.  My baby B is kind of a wacko.  She never stops moving.  She has never been one to sit still and be held except when sad or sick.  Everywhere she goes, she runs.  And she never runs in a straight line.  And she laughs the entire time.  As soon as she gets somewhere, she runs off to somewhere else.  Strangely, she is my OCD baby who notices immediately if something is not exactly where she thinks it should be.   

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