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msrog's Avatar msrog 10:58 PM 04-05-2004
Hi, Multiple Mamas!

Do they sell those great front/back carriers for twins? Or can you just buy two singles, and hook one up on your chest and the other on your back?

I have one from my first pregnancy, and a friend just gave me hers, so I do have two... Has anyone had success with this? The slings look too complicated and bulky for me, and like I said, I already have carriers! =O)


1Plus2's Avatar 1Plus2 06:29 PM 04-06-2004
I have the MaxiMom carrier. You can carry twins in a variety of positions...both on the front facing in, facing out, one on back one on your front, etc. I never used it because I bought it too late (my girls were about 8 months old and a little big when I bought it). I was planning on eBay'ing it but if you want it, PM me and we'll talk.
msrog's Avatar msrog 12:49 AM 04-08-2004
twopeasinpod's Avatar twopeasinpod 07:50 AM 04-08-2004
We have a black maximom, that we do not use much anymore, but it works great. Thanks for reminding me to ebay it, 1plus2

We also use two
see it here!

and finally,
the XLong Rosado worked for both babies for quite a can see examples on the rosado we use two slings, one on each side. I will have to find that pic, too.