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titania8's Avatar titania8 06:51 PM 06-08-2011
I recently realized of all the parenting type books I've read (in whole or part, lol)- I haven't read any about twins! I'm sure there are plenty out there, but I trust mdc mamas to tell me which ones are worth the time. What do you like?

osker's Avatar osker 12:34 PM 06-09-2011

A friend of mine with 6yo twins read one called, I believe, "one and the same" that she loved. Then there's always Mark Twain's "Those Extraordinary Twins" if you want to be entertained. I believe that one's free as an e-book if you can find it.

Jane93's Avatar Jane93 08:35 AM 06-21-2011

One and the Same is an awesome book that explores the relationship between twins.  However, its not really about raising twins.


I did find How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Twins somewhat helpful.  The author definitely has an axe to grind but taken with a grain of salt, she encouraged me to look at issues of separateness, identity and self much earlier than I otherwise would.  We are already seeing some emotional dependence between our 15 month old girls and are considering how we can give them some separate, independent time -- never would have even thought about the issue without having read that book.

Shuli's Avatar Shuli 06:54 AM 06-23-2011

We read a fantastic book called "Multiple Blessings" by Betty Rothbart. It starts with pregnancy and brings out some wonderful ideas. Even DH read it and liked it and he's not a reader at all. It was very informative and gave the pros and cons about being a twin, being an identicle, being a parent of a "unit", handling siblibngs of twins in the family, being a single sibling of twins, etc. We still find it a wonderful resource for anything that may crop up that we don't know how to deal with. Highly recommended.

teamla's Avatar teamla 01:05 PM 06-23-2011

Thank you for starting this thread!  I was about to ask the same question.  I've also heard "One and The Same" is a good read for understanding the relationship/psychology perspective.

Maryan's Avatar Maryan 12:27 PM 06-25-2011

Thank you! Now I'll start looking for the "One and the same" and probably also the "Multiple belssings".