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I'm 19 weeks with di/di twins and I've been having lots of cramping this whole pregnancy.  Earlier, they felt like my period was coming and I felt it in the front and back.  Now, they either feel the same or I get the feeling of my uterus tightening too.  I'm assuming these are braxton hicks?  Is it normal to be getting them quite often?  Last night, I counted them and they were coming about every 10 minutes.  I drank a big glass of water and took a warm bath and they subsided after about an hour and a half, but they came back briefly again this morning.  I did reorganize my upright freezer yesterday and I'm wondering if maybe I did too much.


Also, I get really watery discharge sometimes when the cramps come.  Not every time, but maybe about half the time.  Normal too? I feel like I have something trickling/dripping and I check my liner and there is sometimes a dime-quarter sized wet spot with no mucus, just wet.  Sometimes it smells like urine and I assume I'm leaking from my bladder and sometimes it smells like normal discharge smell.  I've never smelled anything sweet like amniotic fluid is described. 


I asked my OB about the cramping and he said that it's probably from my uterus being so distended.  I asked the perinatologist about watery discharge and she said that's normal.  I just noticed last night that they seem to come together... maybe I should call next time it happens?


I feel relaxed and calm when these episodes are over, but it scares me again when they return.  Since I'm before 20 weeks, I worry that they'll tell me there's nothing they can do.


For the record, I had an u/s this past friday and my amniotic levels look good and babies are very active and I've had no bleeding since early first trimester.


Any input is very welcome!

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i think you can trust them when they say you can relax, since they look good and fluid levels are good. as long as you can drink water, change position and have that slow or stop them, then i think it is fine. 


your body is just letting you know to slow down, please listen to it!

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I get the painful BHs too. I started noticing more discharge as well but then again, I might just be peeing on myself. Lol. 

My BHs go away when I drink plenty of fluids and lie down on my left side. They're definitely not contractions. I know the 

difference but like you said, they feel like period cramps. 


Good luck! Drink plenty of water.

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