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Just1More's Avatar Just1More 08:08 AM 09-15-2011



I know you all must get weary of these, but I just have to ask.  :)


I am 5wks pg tomorrow with number 5.  And, I know I am all stretched out and loose in there.


But, last night I sat down and could feel my uterus move.  It feels big and swollen.  I actually said, "Whoa!' because of how it felt when I sat down.  Did any of you feel that?  It seems so strange to be able to feel it so early?  But maybe just because the ligaments are so loose and it is so low? 

Monkey Keeper's Avatar Monkey Keeper 08:01 PM 09-21-2011

Okay, totally lurking--but CONGRATULATIONS ON #5!!!!! :D 

Just1More's Avatar Just1More 07:52 PM 09-22-2011

Thanks. :)  Caught me a little off guard again.  Not unplanned...just, well...#4 just turned one yesterday.

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 08:17 PM 09-22-2011

Not sure exactly what you're describing.  5 weeks is waay early to have twin suspicions.  BUT, I have experienced what I refer to as "pelvic heaviness" beginning basically at implantation.  I've had it with both singleton and my twins.  It's just the increase in blood flow.  Congratulations!  Be sure to come back and update us when you find out one way or the other.

Just1More's Avatar Just1More 04:21 PM 09-23-2011

I think it was just because my ligaments are so streched out.  Things seem to have moved up and I haven't felt it again.  It was just so strange.  I literally felt my uterus shift upwards when I sat down.  Bizarre.  But, I can already just slightly feel the 6 weeks.  Probably just because this is #5. shrug.


I do think it's just one.  I just have this super strong, and rather distracting, feeling that it's a boy.  It's like there is a sign flashing in my head and someone whispering "boy" in my ear constantly.  So strange.


Anyway, thanks for your reply.