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J's Mombee's Avatar J's Mombee 10:52 PM 11-08-2011

After so much anxiety about breastfeeding twins, it is going great! We introduced solids earlier last month when the babies were 6 months old, but they seem to prefer nursing more than anything :lol. 


While those things are well, I do need some cheering and reminding that this will not last forever.  DD and DS2 (my 7 month olds) are teething and miserable a lot of times.  DS2 is doing a little better after his first tooth finally made its breakthrough, but I have to admit that I am holding both of my little guys more these days.  Rocking and bouncing while trying to complete homework with DS1 (5 years old).  Interestingly, my rocking and bouncing helps, but I am exhausted.


I am in need of a nap and some me-time that does not lead to my being even more exhausted the next day.


I am sure that this will get better and I hope that it gets a tad easier to get a good night's sleep and not be required to operate at 'turbo' all day, but for now, I really need some cheering, a hug, and encouragement.


DH is a great support, but he is out of the house a lot due to work.  Also, when he is at home, the kids seem to prefer to hang out with me.  I would love them to hang out with DH while I watch paint dry :lol or catch a nap for 5 minutes.