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I haven't had a chance to talk with other moms who've been through a multiple pregnancy, so you ladies are it for me!


I am having a hard time picturing my pregnancy going another 23 weeks because I feel like I did during my 3rd trimester of my last pregnancy. How did you do it?


My back, hips, and knees all ache from the extra weight and relaxin. I have a 9-month-old that I can barely lift, let alone carry up the stairs. I have no energy to see friends or clean the house. And I'm at 15 weeks!


I'm also BF my 9-month-old, but supplementing like crazy because I have just a tiny supply left. He is waking 3-6 times at night still (we've tried everything).


I work full time as a middle school teacher.


What I've found that helps is to have my husband do pretty much everything at home, have mostly hubby get up with the older baby, cut exercise out (I'm a runner/cyclist) since caring for baby seems to be enough. I try to be in bed by 7:30pm if just to lie there and relax.


I do feel ready to wean, which could help with my energy level, but baby gets back to sleep best when nursed in bed with me...so I don't want to lose my best trick!


I have a history of PTL, so I'm very concerned about this complete fatigue and feelings of physical exhaustion.



Mom of DS born 4/1/11. Wife and Middle-school teacher. Expecting Di/Di boy twins in June, 2012.

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I didn't have a baby to care for while I survived my twin pregnancy. I worked, slept, and ate. I salute that you can do more!


As a general heads-up, don't be terribly surprised if you can't work up to the end. Short-term disability insurance may come in handy, if you have it.


My best advice is to remember that the pregnancy isn't forever. I was put on hospital bed rest at 28 weeks and thought is was terrible. And in the moment, it was. But really, honestly, it's ok. You do what you need to do to get by.



Twin boys (2/05) and little sister (10/07)
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You can do it!  You are doing it!  Be sure to eat, eat, eat.  Snack between classes.  You may want to get a maternity belt soon, especially since I imagine you are on your feet quite a bit with your job.  It really helps with the back.  


My own twins are just a month older than your baby.  They wake frequently, too, (well, one does, the other wakes only once) and I feel for you.  I had to wean during my twin pregnancy, but my girl was 2, so big difference.  

Mom to eight!!  Our twin girls arrived 3-3-2011.

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also remember that the exhaustion may be a first trimester thing and you may start to feel a bit better now as your body gets into the swing of things.


make sure you are getting enough protein and that it is spread out around  the clock.  i drank Orgain 24/7 and actually still do since I'm still nursing 1 year old twin on request around the clock. comes in chocolate, vanilla and now mocha! the subscribe and save feature of amazon really makes it way more cost feasible.  

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You probably had your iron checked at the beginning of your pg, but I would call the dr and ask to check your records and see if your levels were within normal.  Sometimes drs don't always check over lab results as carefully as they should.  You might want to get your iron checked again just to be safe.  It really sounds like that might be your problem. 

But, your body is working super hard, and you are working full time, plus with another one so little, it's really no wonder!  Make sure you are drinking at LEAST a gallon of water a day.  Not enough water causes your body to conserve which means your blood gets thicker and makes all systems less efficient.  A gallon sounds like a lot, but it's the bare minimum.  And if you are still nursing, I would say another quart of water would be needed as well.   You also need to eat every 2-3 hours.  Think mini meals that have protein, carbs and some fat.  You need quite a bit of protein in a day as well.  Like 80-100grams. 

I worked full time during my twin pg, too, and found that I couldn't adequately take care of myself unless I planned it.  Each weekend, plan out all your meals and snacks for the following week.  Make sure you have what you need on hand.  Before I left for work in the morning I made sure I had all the food I would need while I was away (sometimes I went out for lunch, but I planned that, too).  I also had extra sancks on hand in case I got hungry and was out of food, or sometimes the things I packed did not appeal at the time.  AND I took along ALL the water I would need for the whole entire day.  I even went so far as to meter out my water intake.  A gallon = 16 cups.  And the typical person is awake 16 hours a day, so plan to drink a cup of water each hour.  Quart sized containers are handy.  You need to plan rest periods, too.  It sounds like pampering, but you really need to do all you can to take care of yourself. 

It sounds kinda crazy and over thinking the whole thing, but it's how I got thru my twin pg.  HTH 

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