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foxsmama's Avatar foxsmama 04:27 PM 01-23-2012

Hello Experienced Twin Mamas!


   I'm 2 months pregnant with twins. I have a 2 year old DS, and pretty much nothing left over from his infancy. I have a pac-n-play, that's it. 

  What did you end up buying for your twins when they were born ? Was there any gear that you couldn't live without? I've been reading books on having mutiples, and the provided lists are HUGE. We live in a 600sf townhouse. What would be on your list of 'must-haves' ?


Thanks!  biggrinbounce.gif

Red Pajama's Avatar Red Pajama 06:27 PM 01-23-2012

EZ2nurse twin pillow

Diapers of your choice

thin flannel blankets for swaddling

easy dressing stuff for babies ( I liked gowns for small ones)

safe places around the house to keep babies (I had a moses basket and pack and play)


The truth is you need much less than one is often told.  You will need the typical baby care items, but you rarely need two of something. I didn't have two swings, but did have one. We had a bouncy seat.  I did have two cribs, but neither were new. Not sure if that's possible anymore.

twinpossible's Avatar twinpossible 08:19 PM 01-23-2012

Lots of cloth diapers, bouncy chairs so you can shower etc, a snap n go stroller so you can quickly go into stores, and bottles even if you bf so someone else can help. 

By the way, saw your signature and wanted to say asl.gif I'm deaf community too :)

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 08:34 PM 01-23-2012

I second the EZ2nurse.  It was the only way I got any sleep in the first weeks/months when all they want to do is nurse.  Plop 'em on the pillow and I can snooze while they nurse.  I did appreciate having two swings.  They really helped soothe them so I could get stuff done some days.  I like having the babies sidecarred to our bed.  We use a crib sized cosleeper my dh built and at 10 months, they still use it.  Often one will sleep in it and one in the bed, but it beats two of them in the queen size bed, cause usually I can't roll over or sit up very easily when that happens. LOL  We don't have a ton of stuff.  Oh, consider a pacifier.  I never used them with my others, but we managed to get one of our twins on one.  It is a life-saver sometimes.    The non-paci baby does tons of comfort sucking at the breast, and tends to be a crankier child.  The paci baby will nurse and then look for the paci to comfort suck, which makes it so much easier to switch babes and nurse individually (and not feel tied down and like a milk cow).  Oddly, the paci baby has become the chubbier child. 

~adorkable~'s Avatar ~adorkable~ 02:12 PM 01-24-2012

i loved my two small swings  like these  one would have never cut it. they loved them, and often would sit and watch me do an household errand and chat with them when they were little.  since they are small i could move them from room to room and did so many times a day. as a posed to what i might of thought, it made them more interactive wotu our day to day routine, they got to watch and get talked to a lot when otherwise they would have been laying on there back somewhere and having me need to be in a room were the floor was not safe for them.  and there was a few months about 4-6m were they fell asleep in them for the first few hours of each night, they sleept really good in them and then would transfer to our cosleeper with us when we went to bed.

Amanda Leigh's Avatar Amanda Leigh 03:25 PM 01-24-2012

I agree with the EZ 2 Nurse pillow and like the previous post said you don't really need two of everything. We had one swing and one bouncy chair which was a great help. As they got older we did get two bumbo chairs and we used those a lot. My advice would be if you think you need/want something and have to buy it only get one at first and see if you wish you had two, then get a second one. Otherwise you might just have extra stuff cluttering up your space.


Also you prolly want to think about where the babes will sleep. For us being flexible with sleep options allowed us to maximize the amount of sleep we got at any time.  At different points during the first few months we had one co-sleeper, one snuggle nest and one cosleeper, two snuggle nests, and finally the best option one king bed for us all with a side rail.

queenofchaos's Avatar queenofchaos 09:29 AM 01-25-2012

yes the EZ2Nurse, but most of all help.  you will need an extra set of hands, esp for the first couple of months, even up to a year (tho not as much as at first).  my twins are 18 mths old and if it wasn't for my 9 yo and 11 yo DD helping out, I would be sunk!

twinpossible's Avatar twinpossible 10:23 PM 01-26-2012

Originally Posted by queenofchaos View Post

yes the EZ2Nurse, but most of all help.  you will need an extra set of hands, esp for the first couple of months, even up to a year (tho not as much as at first).  my twins are 18 mths old and if it wasn't for my 9 yo and 11 yo DD helping out, I would be sunk!

I agree! I am a college professor and I have a former student come over to lend a hand a couple times a week. She didn't come over the holidays and I almost went crazy with my 9month olds!

ithappened's Avatar ithappened 10:32 AM 01-29-2012

I agree with needing more help (and I dont have any twins just yet!)


My husband and I work from home but he is only so much help before I lose him to youtube wink1.gif



I am actually actively trying to find someone who can come over 2-3 times a week to help with things like laundry, cleaning, shopping and just giving me a 'break' for 30mins to an hour so I can be alone or shower or go for a walk etc.


I found with DS (we had no help for the first 2 years, he is/was literally with us 24/7) a lot of times I just really craved the chance to shower alone or to go for a walk outside without bringing him or heck, even just go to the grocery store solo! Not sure if that is/was 'normal' but for me it was very much an important part of feeling balanced and able to be a good parent when I was with him the rest of the day.


So although I dont have the twins yet- I am planning more then anything for some sort of twin stroller and someone to help for the first 4-6 months until my oldest goes to preschool a few times a week so I can look forward to some down time. .



SunshineH's Avatar SunshineH 10:13 PM 01-30-2012

I had 2 pack-n-plays (they shared one until they started kicking each other in the head and waking each other up.)  Then cribs, and sharing rooms with their siblings eventually.  We only had 1 swing and 1 bumbo.  2 'seats' - bouncy seats, I guess you could call them.  Double stroller and carrier - when I took 2 year old big brother somewhere he could ride too and I'd carry one.  I borrowed an exersaucer to have 2; sometimes I just needed them to stay put while I prepared dinner or something.  They do take a lot of space, but it's not forever that they use them.  Another yes to the EZ2 Nurse.  It was also hard to get my daughter to preschool after the twins came - she was able to take the bus home but I had to bring her into the school.  Sometimes another mom would walk her in, or a teacher would meet me at the door. 

Justmee's Avatar Justmee 11:49 PM 01-30-2012

Two breasts (or formula if you must).


I had one bouncy seat, one crib (until one started biting the other, then I used the second crib I had). I used the boppy a lot. Lots of patience, lots of food cooked for mama & older kid(s) if any.


Twins are a lot of work, but they are a huge blessing. Don't forget to stop and take pictures and watch them grow. Before you know it they will be big kids with big mouths and you will miss the days of squeaky toys all over your living room and changing 20 diapers a day.

ithappened's Avatar ithappened 08:33 AM 01-31-2012

Glad to hear from another mom in a small house/apartment :) :)


right now my 'need to purchase' list looks like:


some sort of twin nursing pillow


swaddle blankets/flannel to cut

bottles (for pumping so I can leave sometimes)

2 car seats



we have/are borrowing:


ergos (2 of them borrowing)

breat pump

umbrella stroller (have 1, but going to try to find a double stroller possibly)





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