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Red Pajama's Avatar Red Pajama 12:12 PM 02-08-2012


Gabe and Sam, First Day Home 010.jpg



boys nebraska ring bearers.jpg


My boys are seven today. Time flies.


Edited to add: any one else want to post baby & now photos?

tiqa's Avatar tiqa 12:44 PM 02-08-2012

Doesn't it, though?!?  Happy birthday to your handsome guys!

CherylE's Avatar CherylE 05:33 PM 02-08-2012

I may come back and do this - haven't been here forever - but my twin girls turned 8 this past week and I can't believe they are that old already! (I was here during their pregnancy adn afterwards a bit - read more than I posted here)


Happy birthday to your boys! :)

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 08:00 PM 02-08-2012

Great thread!   You've got some handsome boys there.

nd_deadhead's Avatar nd_deadhead 07:26 AM 02-25-2012

9 months:





First day of 3rd grade:



First day of 11th grade:


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