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Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 08:54 PM 12-17-2012

Thanks everyone :)


withlittlelungs- all of my stuff is set up and ready for babies to come home aside from just a few things like stripping cloth diapers and washing the bedding and actually putting it on. My goal was to have it all done by the beginning of the 3rd trimester, and I'd say that I had it done around 30 weeks. I feel like it takes forever for me to just keep my house clean and do the basic stuff because I am so.freakin.exhausted.and.huge. So, for me having the baby stuff done is just so much easier for me. I still need to pack a hospital bag and put the carseats in the van just in case, but we are going to wait until after Christmas for that. 

Quinalla's Avatar Quinalla 09:35 AM 12-18-2012
Yeah, I'm trying to figure out when I want the carseats installed in the van, I'm only 17 weeks, so still pretty early and not doing it yet. I already did a test install and I know DH can install them fine, but I like to do it myself. I dunno, we'll see. I do want to get as much done as I can early, I'm planning to go through all DDs baby clothes as soon as we find out the gender and get rid of girl stuff if we don't need it, get it organized and ready otherwise. They are pretty well separated by size, but the bins aren't labeled and everything isn't in the best order and I want that done and ready. Otherwise, need to get the nursery set up (it's probably halfway there, but we are storing a lot of stuff in that room right now while we renovate the basement, but that will be done before January), buy some diapers and pack a hospital bag for sure. There are other things I want to get done, but DH can always do them too whenever so I'm not as worried about anything else yet. I think before the third trimester is a good goal for having everything done though and before if possible, that's what I've been thinking!
eminvc's Avatar eminvc 10:14 AM 12-18-2012

Congrats, Lilysmama! Good job on the pumping, too.

AdalinesMama-cute pics! Isn't it reassuring to know that their weights are at a good place, too?


withlittlelungs--I will just share that as of Thanksgiving week (27 weeks for me) I was hit with exhaustion that just has not lifted. I did have my shower at that time--another one to come at the beginning of my 33rd week which is pushing it, but that's how it had to be. Car seats will be installed by 32 weeks. Cribs are set up and all I need to do is a ton of laundry. There is currently a "baby stuff" pile that is exhausting just to look at. I would recommend trying to be ready with everything at beginning of 3rd tri, not just because they could come early but also for your own energy levels. Then again, not everyone has the same energy levels. But I think having everything ready by 30ish weeks is a good goal. I mean, if I were to have them tomorrow I could do some laundry and be fine. All the essentials are in place.


I go in for a growth u/s today and am really excited to hear about their weights! Last one was in early November and they were around 2.5 lbs each.


I am really uncomfortable these days and can't wait to be off work! Everything takes a lot of effort. At my yoga class all the ladies were discussing stuff like, my baby is against my bladder so I have to pee all the time, or my baby is up near my diaphragm so I'm short of breath...well, for me Baby A has been really low and against the bladder seemingly the entire time, and Baby B is up high and I can't catch my breath ever. Lots of action in the belly! They kick each other, and lord knows what else they're doing in there. Baby A gets hiccups a lot. Baby B has anterior placenta so I don't feel as much but definitely feel the kicks. I can't wait to meet these two little super-active guys!

baileyandmikey's Avatar baileyandmikey 07:26 PM 12-19-2012

Well, had my MFM doctor apt. today.... both babies are finally head down!  And he weighs about 3 pounds 13 oz, and she is at 3 pounds 6 oz.  They looked good.  Doctor started me on glucophage to help with high blood sugar numbers.  Overall things looked good, my cervix was shortening so we will see how long things go.

~adorkable~'s Avatar ~adorkable~ 07:28 PM 12-19-2012

Kristen, have you taken Glucophage before? if you haven't, please read about how to minimize the side effects, there are some really nasty ones that are pretty easy not to have.

rblakley's Avatar rblakley 02:34 PM 12-20-2012

Had another ultrasound today. Both babies are head down!! Yay! I'm really hoping they will stay that way. Baby A is weighing 3lb 5oz and Baby B is 3lb 4 oz. I'm 30 weeks today and feeling like I have no room left for them to grow. My pelvis has been killing me lately too. I keep telling myself to hang on AT LEAST another 4 weeks so that I can deliver here. Otherwise I will get shipped out to a town 3 hours away. How is everyone coping with big bellies? I find I can't wear half of my shirts already cause my belly hangs out the bottom. And it is not the prettiest sight given my stretch marks... I swear a couple more weeks and I will refuse to leave the house. I always feel like I have to give an excuse as to why I look like I'm about ready to pop and still not due for two months...

SortaCrunchy's Avatar SortaCrunchy 03:21 PM 12-20-2012

Today was an u/s day for us, too! Baby B is still exhibiting polyhydramnios, but A grew quite a bit in the past two weeks, so that's good. A weighs in at 2 lbs, 15 oz and B is weighing in at 3 lbs, 11 oz. (We're 28 weeks, 5 days)The perinatologist keeps saying "these are just going to be BIG BABIES."



rblakley - I am so there. The big belly ... oh my gosh. Everything hurts - getting out of bed, getting out of the car, sitting, standing, walking. I'm just basically uncomfortable all the time unless I'm soaking in a warm epsom salt bath. I wish I could live in the tub! I've picked up a few cheapy XL shirts just so I have something long enough to cover the belly. Fleece maternity pants are my friend, too. I wear them out of the house and I don't even care! LOL!

No great advice, just loads of empathy!

eminvc's Avatar eminvc 06:21 PM 12-20-2012
Originally Posted by SortaCrunchy View Post

Today was an u/s day for us, too! Baby B is still exhibiting polyhydramnios, but A grew quite a bit in the past two weeks, so that's good. A weighs in at 2 lbs, 15 oz and B is weighing in at 3 lbs, 11 oz. (We're 28 weeks, 5 days)The perinatologist keeps saying "these are just going to be BIG BABIES."



rblakley - I am so there. The big belly ... oh my gosh. Everything hurts - getting out of bed, getting out of the car, sitting, standing, walking. I'm just basically uncomfortable all the time unless I'm soaking in a warm epsom salt bath. I wish I could live in the tub! I've picked up a few cheapy XL shirts just so I have something long enough to cover the belly. Fleece maternity pants are my friend, too. I wear them out of the house and I don't even care! LOL!

No great advice, just loads of empathy!

sortacrunchy/rblakley--ditto! In fact today I was just looking at my belly from a side angle thinking it must be increasing in size by the day! DH now has to spend part of the night in our other bedroom...I need to take over the whole bed. Turning from one side to the other is a massive (haha) endeavor. I'm even wondering if I need a new maternity support belt; mine has stretched out significantly and I'm not sure it can handle the last couple of weeks. Then again, tomorrow is my last day at work, so I plan to be horizontal a lot more often.


Both babies were head-down at Tuesday's ultrasound. Still waiting on the final results for baby weights...both have been head-down for the past 6 weeks and there is hardly room to move around in there anymore, so it's looking good!


My OB and I were talking about how there are really no issues at this point other than general discomfort, so the goal is just to stay pregnant for the next 4-7 weeks! 31 weeks tomorrow. I am tired of being this pregnant and ready to meet these two little guys.

Mahira's Avatar Mahira 01:56 PM 12-26-2012
Hi mommas! I have a question for all of you who experienced twins. For a while now, my midwife and i have been thinking we hear twins on the doppler. Now i am measuring 3 weeks big. Odd thing is my fundal height changes. One day i measure big then two days later it matches the week. She thinks that if it is twins then it could be their positioning. When we listen on the doppler we hear one clear galloping heart beat somewhere and the we will find a softerter one somewhere else. We know you can hear one heartbeat in multiple places but finally two day ago while i was laying on my side i had her check and we found one really loud galloping one on the bottom and then finally another galloping up top near pubic bone. It was so different then what we had been hearing and figure one is behind the other and by lying on my side, got one to move do we could hear it better. Does this sound like anyone elses experience. I have a gut feeling its two and am going to get an ultasound done in the next week or so to see...what do you think?
Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 02:25 PM 12-26-2012

How far along are you? 

Mahira's Avatar Mahira 02:27 PM 12-26-2012
24 weeks 3 days
Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 02:44 PM 12-26-2012

Hmm...In my experience, by 24 weeks I was measuring 6-8 weeks ahead (and I typically measure a bit small) and I could clearly hear two heartbeats on my doppler. But, Id say that if you have any sort of "feeling" go ahead and get the ultrasound to make sure. 

double trouble's Avatar double trouble 02:47 PM 12-26-2012

HI ladys Im pregnant with twins im only 9 1/2 but im showing already..I also just had to do a 24 hour urine collection s

have any of you ladys had to do one of those

withlittlelungs's Avatar withlittlelungs 07:27 PM 12-26-2012

welcome and congrats, double trouble! Never heard of/had to do a 24 hr collection, but I didn't find out it was twins until 20 weeks. What was the reason for the collection?
Mahira- I was measuring 8 weeks ahead at 24 weeks (measured right on with DS) and could clearly hear 2 HBs on the doppler. Definitely let us know how your U/S goes!

brambleberry's Avatar brambleberry 07:25 AM 12-27-2012

I was still only 4 weeks ahead around 20 weeks, I forget what it was at 24.  But the thing about twin bellies is that often the uterus is a lot wider, but the only measurement used is vertical distance from pubic bone to fundus.  At my last appt. (30w) I was only measuring 5 weeks ahead, but looking at pictures of my belly from my first pregnancy, I'm at LEAST as big now as I was at 41+ weeks with a singleton, but the difference is that I'm wider.


My doctor always uses two dopplers to check heartbeats, since they are often very similar, and you can get a reading from the same baby in two different places if the doppler picks up the hb from the cord.  With two dopplers you can tell whether the two HBs match or not.  One doppler will do if the HBs are really different rates and you can find the second one pretty quickly after you find the first.  


At any rate, an u/s really is a good idea at this point to rule out other complications that could have you measuring large.

Quinalla's Avatar Quinalla 01:04 PM 12-27-2012
So true about being a lot wider, I've been measuring ahead pretty far length wise, but I can tell I am much wider too! Good luck with finding out for sure Mahira, sounds like it is worth getting the U/S to be sure.
Mahira's Avatar Mahira 11:46 AM 12-28-2012
I have an appointment for an ultrasound wednesday. I got checked out by another midwife yesterday that thinks my girth is a giveaway because it measures that of a full term pregnancy ( im a small person as well) so we will see!
Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 01:43 PM 12-30-2012

Hey ladies,

Just popping in for an update. I did my first NST/BPP on Thursday and both babes scored a 10/10. They are both looking and moving great. My next one is on Wednesday, and Ill be 35 weeks at that appointment, so it will be kind of a landmark appointment for me because that is when I can deliver at my home hospital as long as the babes do well for the BPP again that day. So, Im three days away from my "green light" appointment. Im excited!


We have officially picked names- but there is the question of which one is which? I feel like I know, but I wont really know until they are on the outside. 

I think it will go:

Baby A: Calliope Jane, or "Callie"

Baby B: Eleanor Wendy or "Wendy" (or "Nora" depending on how we feel)


Our backup name is Matilda or (if just in case we've been told wrong and there is a boy in there) Briar David.


I'm going to pack my hospital bag, clean out my van, and put the carseats in this week. 


I went into the hospital last week with contractions- I was having about 5 an hour for 4-5 hours and was waking up in the middle of the night with them. I wasnt dilated and everything looked fine, so no biggie. It was just a better safe than sorry measure. 

brambleberry's Avatar brambleberry 06:32 PM 12-30-2012

Hooray for healthy babies, and congrats in advance for hitting your 35 week milestone!  I just hit 32 weeks yesterday.  DH reminded me yesterday that I need to pack a hospital bag sometime soon.  I have so much to do still!  I keep getting freaked out about contractions too, but I haven't had any as bad as you're describing.  I got a little dehydrated Friday night and woke up with a really intense contraction in the middle of the night, then continued to have quite a few saturday morning, every time I got up from sitting, bent over to help DD with clothes, walked up the stairs, etc., but not quite bad enough to go into the hospital for.  I ended up spending the entire day sitting on my butt (or laying down) to avoid having contractions, and I had really been wanting to get some stuff done.  I just can't tell if it's really necessary for me to go out of my way to avoid contractions or not.  I get a lot of pelvic pressure with them, so I've been playing it safe, but I want to get stuff done!


Love the names, too, by the way!

LemonTwist's Avatar LemonTwist 09:20 AM 12-31-2012


Just popping in to give an update - I had my girls! Skye Emmanuelle and Celeste Linnea were born on 9/12 at 5lbs 10.5 oz and 5lbs 15 oz. I ended up going to 37.4 weeks. 


The delivery was actually pretty good.  I delivered in the OR, but I had them both vaginally.  At first I was worried about having so much medical staff in the room with me. It was something me, my doctor and my husband went around about quite a few times. In the end, there was another set of twins being delivered at the same time as mine by c-section so all the staff I was worried about was in the other OR with the other set of twins. I ended up delivering with just my OB, two nurses and my husband which is what I originally wanted.


The first 6 weeks of having them home was kind of hell on earth, but after 6 weeks we really started finding our rhythm.  Breastfeeding started going better, they're started sleeping longer stretches at night.  I was really scared because I'm pretty much doing this on my own.  My husband is doing his residency and is gone 80 hrs a week and we've just moved 2 hours away from our friends and family.  But so far its been manageable.  My house looks terrible, but all the people inside of it are doing well.


Now they're just starting to notice each other and watch each other.  Skye's favorite activity is watching Celeste in the swing.  Celeste just learned to grab for the toys in the play gym by watching Skye do it. 


I know I've been MIA, but on top of the girls, I've also been writing my thesis.  I've actually lurked a lot, and its been great reading about the new set of twin moms.I was terrified through most of my pregnancy but they really are the best thing ever.

SortaCrunchy's Avatar SortaCrunchy 11:29 AM 12-31-2012

Lemon Twist - congrats, congrats! Your girls are beautiful!!! Glad to hear you are finding your rhythm. 


Adaline'sMama - what a relief to have your first NST/BPP go so wonderfully. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you that the 35 week appnt goes just as well!


I'm also having CRAZY amounts of contractions when I'm on my feet. Mostly BH, but some are getting quite crampy feeling. And some of them are bringing some cervical pressure when I'm up and about. I'm deliberating calling my OB office but I don't know. If I keep my feet up, they go away. It's only when I'm on my feet that I'm contracting. We are so, so, SO not ready and I am going to be so cranky if I have to be off my feet for the next 8-ish weeks!

eminvc's Avatar eminvc 05:04 PM 12-31-2012

LemonTwist-congrats! Cute babies!


SortaCrunchy-I have BH if I'm on my feet more than about 90 seconds. They do go away if I lay down, so I'm not worried and OB is not worried, but it is not convenient.


Now at 32 weeks + 3 days...first NST went fine today; babies were 4 lbs each at last ultrasound about 2 weeks ago (they only weigh 30 grams different from each other which is like .06 lb or something).


I am tired of being pregnant, but relieved that everything is in pretty healthy condition right now.

Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 06:10 PM 01-01-2013
Originally Posted by LemonTwist View Post



I know I've been MIA, but on top of the girls, I've also been writing my thesis.  I've actually lurked a lot, and its been great reading about the new set of twin moms.I was terrified through most of my pregnancy but they really are the best thing ever.



Woah...clap.gifThat's amazing. How can you care for two infants and be writing a thesis?



Congrats on the babes!

Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 12:21 PM 01-02-2013

So, great appointment for me today. Tomorrow is my 35 week mark, yay! My OB cleared me to deliver at my local hospital as of tomorrow, babes are hovering around 5 lbs (both measuring a bit over)- head size huge just like DD's. Baby B has moved from breech to transverse, so the OBs think there's a good chance of her turning head down now, or if she is still transverse at delivery, that makes it way easier for them to move her head down with an external version. 


Im 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced, but with baby A still in a -5 station, so it looks like Ill make it at least another week, which would be great for not having to worry about NICU and all that business. 


I have a tincture that my herbalist made me that is supposed to keep the uterus relaxed, and Im going to be starting that today. Ideally, I can keep them in for another 3 weeks!

SortaCrunchy's Avatar SortaCrunchy 04:56 PM 01-02-2013

Holly - that is AWESOME! I got chill bumps reading it. What great news all around. Here's to just a few more weeks!

brambleberry's Avatar brambleberry 07:37 PM 01-02-2013

Great news, Holly!  I can't believe you're getting so close!  That dilation and effacement doesn't seem like a huge problem for getting to 36 weeks at least, and if you go 38 it should be an easy induction :)


I've been meaning to ask you what you've learned about genetic testing to tell if they're identical or not.  Is it something you've worked out with your doctor or a kit you can get online?

Mahira's Avatar Mahira 09:26 AM 01-03-2013
So I had my ultrasound yesterday! No twins, just a healthy baby boy! orngbiggrin.gif I do have an anterior placenta which would be the reason that I don't feel him move across the belly as much. We were watching him and she said oh he's moving, you feel it? And as I watched him move across my belly, I didn't really feel it. That would explain why I would feel jabs and kicks on one side and then more on the other side because I wouldn't feel him moe over. That was nice to know. Ecstatic to know I'm having another boy, twins or not!
SortaCrunchy's Avatar SortaCrunchy 08:22 PM 01-03-2013

Congrats, Mahira, on your healthy baby boy! Glad you were able to solve the mystery. :D

Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 09:35 AM 01-05-2013
Hey ladies- I had my babies early Friday morning. After a four hour labor, Calliope Jane ane Eleanor Wendy were both born vaginally. Wendy had a pretty rough time breathing and has been transferred to the bigger hospital, about thirty minutes away from me and Callie. But, she's doing well, and I'm going up to try and latch her today.

They were born at 35 weeks, 1 day.
Callie was 4 lbs 6 oz and 16.5 inches long.
Wendy was 4 lbs 9 oz and 16.5 inches long.

Callie was born in the shower and caught by my doula who is also a midwife and Wendy was born about 17 minutes later after an internal version and delivered pretty immediately afterwards. Their placentas were fused, and it was huge.

More updates with pics later.
~adorkable~'s Avatar ~adorkable~ 12:27 PM 01-05-2013

amazing and wonderful news Holly, congrats on the birth, its sounds like it went pretty well, enjoy your baby moon times two and i'll be sending deep warm good breath thoughts to Eleanor, hope she is home with you soon.

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