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I am very low risk for preterm labor EXCEPT for the little fact that I'm expecting twins wink1.gif.  I'm healthy, neither placenta is close to the cervix, I had no complications with DD, and she was born at 41w3d weighing 8.5 lbs.  All the books I've read urge twin mamas to really limit activity and quit work by 24 or 28 weeks.  I'm in a position to sort of do that, in that DH and I are self-employed and split childcare.  We have separate responsibilities, he manages our grassfed beef herd and I make wooden spoons and spatulas to sell on etsy, and we both share responsibility for our fruit and berry nursery stock business.  So DH can take over most of my responsibilities, and I would switch to taking care of DD full time.  The catch is that full-time stay-at-home-mothering might drive me crazy and is still every bit as much work as "working."  It's just a little less "active" sort of work than what I'm currently doing, and if I didn't try to get other work done while watching her like we typically do, I would have some opportunities to put my feet up more during the day. 


So what recommendations were you all given for limiting activity during your twin pregnancies?  My family practice doc. said I should just keep going as long as it's still comfortable for me.  Same recommendation she gives for singletons.  But I REALLY do not want to risk preterm labor.  

Work at home, homesteading mom
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. DD1 born Jan. 2010.  
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 March '12.   DD2 & DD3 (twins) born Feb. 2013
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I really thought the recommendations were crazy. THe idea of being off work at 28 weeks?  At the time I was teaching 6th grade, and had not created my sub file for my maternity leave.

Not my smartest move. As crazy as it was, it happened to me. I was hospitalized at 28 weeks for 2 weeks, then again a few weeks later for about 2 weeks. Then "house arrest" until the twins came at 38 weeks.


It was never about preterm labor, either. My advice is to really take it easy. At 28 weeks, many twin pregnancies are full term size. It is exhausting to be that pregnant.


If you can continue to do your work in a modified way (think seated, maybe with your feet up some/most of the time) you could keep working, assuming no complications. What you need to do is not PLAN to keep working. Have a back up plan in place, and just keep going as long as you want to and comfortably can.

Twin boys (2/05) and little sister (10/07)
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These are the restrictions I made for myself, but I am at a little higher risk for preterm labor. DD was born at 37 weeks, DS at 39, and I am 5 feet tall, which apparently increases your risk. I might be overly cautious, but Im overly scared of preterm labor, because Charlie was born in just under 3 hours and I really worry about not making it to the hospital in time with premies. I live 30 minutes from the closest hospital, 1 hour from the hospital with the NICU. I made these restrictions after talking with my doctor, who basically told me that the easier I take it, the less I will stress my body out and the less likely it is that I will have to be placed on bed rest. Also, Im super clumsy, and steps and ice dont mix well for me :(




Third trimester restrictions November 7- February 7
Limit standing to 30 minutes at a time
Limit standing/walking to 4 hours per day
Limit upright position to 6-8 hours per day (basically, everytime you want to sit down, lie down instead. It takes pressure off your cervix)
Measure ankles several times per day to make sure you aren't developing enema. Anytime you are swollen, lie down. 
Wear maternity tights:(
No off road car rides
Leisurely swimming, prenatal yoga, and walks under 10 minutes only
Very limited stocking the fire
No lifting Adaline, unless absolutely necessary 
No stairs down to the basement
No travel out of state

The last five weeks (35-40)  January 1st -Feb 7th *Most twin babies are born at 35.5 weeks and are on average 5.5 lbs. The longer you bake them, the healthier they are, so for the last few weeks I'm pretty much going to be useless to try and ensure the highest birth weight we can possibly do. 
All the stuff above, plus:
No driving further than Springfield
Very limited car rides: as in, very slowly riding to the doctor or the swimming pool (in Louisville only, not in Lebanon that it too far), that's it. (swimming is a way to be upright and exercise without putting pressure on your cervix)
No yoga, floating in the swimming pool only (and Dave must be there)
No labor-inducing foods (chocolate, eggplant, pineapple, ginger, spicy food, or pesto)
No stocking the fire
No hot baths
No sex
No walking up the big hill
No lifting Adaline, period
No stairs, anywhere, period
No trips further than one hour from downtown Louisville at any time. (so, no going to Monica's, Jack and Kathy's, ect.)


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(3/20/10), and Charlie
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(1/26/12- 4/10/12) and identical  
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SIDS happens. 
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Modifying and cutting back are both good ways to think about it. I had a plan to go to 1/2 time at 28 weeks. I wound up on full bed rest from 22.

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I am currently 33 weeks with twins and went off work at 30 weeks. I was originally planning to try and make it to the 35 week mark (I work in an office, but there isn't much time/space to lie down in the middle of the day). My midwife, OB, and nurse all warned me that I might feel like going off earlier than 35 weeks and to wait and listen to my body. I thought they were crazy, but by 30 weeks I was so done.My fundal height was already measuring like 41 weeks! Walking is painful with so much pelvic bone pressure and I have really bad pregnancy insomnia, which means that I need time during the day to rest and nap if possible. Plus, during my last week of work I really noticed that the evenings were full of painful BH's. And even now, at home, if I don't really take it easy during the day, I pay for it in painful BH's in the evening.


I also have a 3 year old and we have kept her in preschool/daycare 4 days a week (and will until the twins are 5-6 months old). But I get to pick her up early and we have mama/DD time before dinner those days and on the one day per week she's at home with me. I don't pick her up anymore at all. I don't squat or bend over much. I physically can't do the dishes... my belly is in the way and I have to contort my body in such a way that it gives me a bad backache. I really limit my stairs walking because it's painful and puts me out of breathe. As often as I can, I have my feet up.


I think plan on modifying your work/activities once you get near the 3rd trimester..... you may not need to, but I think it's good to have a plan.


I really aim to get to 37/38 weeks with these two (if they stay on the growth curve they've been on through u/s estimates, they'll both be about 7 lbs each by then) and I will do everything I can to make that happen.

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I think the most important thing is to listen to your body.  If you feel tired rest for a bit.  If you start to feel off, drink water or eat something.  Toward the end I had to take a nap everyday and did sit a lot.  I even started to sit while cutting vegtables for dinner.  I made it to 38 weeks and I went into labor after walking around Costco for two hours.  I did it on purpose because I wanted to go into labor at that point, and my water broke that night.  It is hard to imagine just how big you will be by the end but if you listen to your body and let it rest during the day, I think that will help.  Good luck!

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I'm currently 37 weeks and 4 days.  Still working 6-8 hour days at a busy medical clinic...I do a lot of "case management," type things there and so sit a lot...but not nearly all of it.  Some is seeing patients, etc.  I did give up my 12 hour shifts at the hospital about 2 weeks ago.  I only have a few a month, but it just seemed exhausting. 

With my first twins, I was on home bedrest for blood pressure at 33 weeks and hospital bedrest at 34 weeks.  Babes born at 36 weeks 2 days.

For work, its honestly easier to be there than at home with my 2 active 2.5 year olds.  I still pick them up and they still ride my back as I crawl around on hands and knees picking up toys!  Admittedly, we do have more video time than we ever have...with me just trying to rest when they will consent to actually sitting to watch a program!  My husband and I walked to the store (about a mile one way) while the girls rode their bikes yesterday.  Sure, I had some contractions, but nothing really labor like...and if it did happen, we are certainly in the clear now anyway! 

I back up the listen to your body thing.  It really depends on how you feel and how those babes are doing.  I was exhausted in the first twin pregnancy and welcomed that bed rest.  I feel so much better this time around and find I can do more. 

Married 2002.  Di-di twin girls 2010.  Mono-di twin girls 2012.

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I thought I'd post to this thread as this is definitely related...

I had planned to work until Dec. 21, or 31 weeks. That would be best financially & w/ a 2-week holiday anyway...seemed like a good idea.


I don't know if it's a post-Thanksgiving/long weekend reaction, or what, but all three days at work this week I have felt like I can't possibly go that long. There is nothing exact about this exhaustion--I'm not having contractions, I'm plenty hydrated, etc. I do have "slight anemia" as of my last blood test, just one point out of normal range, and I wonder if that has gotten worse in the last two weeks. But suddenly I just feel like 3.5 more weeks at work is going to be impossible...thoughts?


I guess what I'm asking is, if you worked outside the home while pregnant with twins, how did you know it was time to go off work? I feel like I'm waiting for some obvious sign.

Or did anyone do a modified work schedule? I feel like if I could sleep an extra hour in the morning and take an hour nap at lunch, I'd be fine, but that doesn't really fit in to my job description...wondering if this is something my doctor can mandate.

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I worked in a medical office (RN) until I delivered the 2nd set at 39.4 weeks  I did cut out my labor and delivery shifts (12 hours) at 35 weeks when I really took stock and was honest that if there was an emergency I would not have been physically capable of doing my job.  My OBs backed me up and wrote the note for the hospital! 

With my first set, the obvious thing was development of pre-eclampsia.  This time around, I was waiting for something too...but it never came and since the office is easy enough, I stuck with it, waiting to go into labor (which never happened for me!). 

Good luck with your decision making. 

Married 2002.  Di-di twin girls 2010.  Mono-di twin girls 2012.

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