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imbegliniel's Avatar imbegliniel 09:58 PM 03-13-2013

My Baby B (3.5 weeks old now) was born a footling breech, and she was transverse (and sometimes breech) in the womb during much of the third trimester. Our pediatrician wants her to get a hip ultrasound as a matter of routine because she was breech. I was wondering if any of you heard of this or had it done on your babies. To my mind, it makes more sense to be concerned about her hips if she was frank breech. But I can't find much info about this in babies actually delivered breech.



bidica's Avatar bidica 10:33 AM 03-20-2013

both of mine (head first and breach) were sent for hip scans twice- its a fairly normal precaution where we are and although nothing was wrong its worth checking because if untreated can cause alot of problems later down the line

imbegliniel's Avatar imbegliniel 05:33 PM 03-21-2013

Thanks for the feedback. Thankfully our Baby B's ultrasound came back normal and we don't have to do any repeat scans.

jessmn's Avatar jessmn 11:59 AM 03-22-2013

What is the concern with the hips for breech babies? My Baby A is frank breech and has been for at least 6 weeks now (I'm 33 weeks 5 days).

imbegliniel's Avatar imbegliniel 04:59 PM 03-22-2013

The concern is hip dysplasia (problem with hip coming dislocated). Breech babies are at higher risk. From what I've read, even if you have a c-section (and so don't deliver breech), if your baby was breech for a considerable period of time, there is a risk of dysplasia. Apparently girls (and especially first-born girls) are at higher risk than boys.

bidica's Avatar bidica 01:04 PM 03-26-2013

girls are at higher risks if its left untreated- especially when they then get pregant themselves.  its relatively minor to treat as a baby, where as left untreated can considerable impact a persons life