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TizTaz5's Avatar TizTaz5 11:02 PM 06-14-2013
Hi everyone, hope I am posting this in the right place. My husband and I found out at 32 weeks 5 days that we are expecting di/di twin girls. I am now 34 weeks 4 days and am having possible signs of HELLP Syndrome (lowered red blood cell count, slighly elevated liver enzymes, but no high blood pressure, swelling, vomiting, or headaches). At the ultrasound that revealed the twins, we saw that one is breech, the other in a weird diagonal position....semi-transverse, I guess. LOL. I have an appointment with a high risk clinic next week to get a better idea of what is happening. I have read that if you have early HELLP and twins beyond 34 weeks, sometimes, it is preferable to do a planned c-section. Has anyone on here had this type of situation? I was considering a homebirth, but there is no way I would do it with HELLP OR a transverse baby, of course. I am in Michigan and will be at the clinic at Von Voightlander in Ann Arbor. An OB I talked to said they are the best place for this kind of situation. My husband and I would appreciate any feedback, advice, or ideas. I don't want a c-section just to have one, of course, I would rather do a natural birth, even in the hospital. I wonder if they could just monitor your liver enzymes and let you try a natural birth if they were not too messed up?

Alenushka's Avatar Alenushka 11:35 PM 06-14-2013

Please, do what your OB says.Please.  Women die from HELLP.

You are not doing c-section just because, any one of the things you listed is a real medical indication for a c-section and you have several.


You will be in my thoughts and I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your baby.

TizTaz5's Avatar TizTaz5 03:46 PM 06-15-2013
Thanks for your support and feedback, Alenushka. There are a few good things in our favor at this point. We are not sure it is HELLP, but if it is, it's in the early stages, according to a friend of ours who was an OB nurse for many years. Our girls are almost 35 weeks, and girls' lungs mature faster than boys'. According to the ultrasound, the babies are decently sized. U of M also has a great NICU, so I am happy about that.