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dandelionsrflowers's Avatar dandelionsrflowers 07:55 PM 09-22-2013
We have a Prius and are expecting twins. Do any of you wise ladies have car seat recommendations?

I also don't know if we want to go with the infant bucket seats. (First time parents here, input is welcome). I honestly can't see me lugging two bucket seats anywhere. How do you get into a grocery store? How do you shop?

The logistics of having two babes is slightly overwhelming....


Quinalla's Avatar Quinalla 08:52 AM 09-23-2013
Not sure on car seats in a Prius, but as far as logistics, I love the bucket seats for twins. I have a twin stroller I can hook the seats into for shopping and going on walks and to the park and whatnot and for shopping at places with carts if alone I will put one bucket in the basket and one on top, if I am with DH & DD1, he gets a cart with her and I just use the stroller. One in a carrier (or two if you are really good at them) and one in a stroller/cart/etc. is another good option that's I've used occasionally. I'm not great at carriers though. Also, something to consider even if you don't want to lug buckets around, they do fit tiny babies quite nicely and can be worth it for that sometimes and for occasionally bringing the buckets into the warm house in the winter (depending on your climate).

I get that the logistics are a bit much that's for sure, that's been one of the most challenging things for me. I feel like we are a bit of a circus attraction for daycare dropoffs & pickups now that I am back at work. I am so grateful I was able to get a twin stroller, it saved me on maternity leave as I don't know that I would have gone too many places without carts without it. And even when we go out as a family, it is still great.
Gena 22's Avatar Gena 22 02:17 PM 09-23-2013

My girls have been Prius babes since they were very little.  We did have bucket seats in the prius, then britax marathons, and now britax boosters.  It certainly can be done.  Not with an adult between them.  The only issue we had with the prius was getting strollers in the back, and only for the jogging stroller.


Logistics are not nearly as hard as they seem before the babes come.  Bucket seats are great for the first few months, especially if you get a double snap n go!  But babes grow out of the buckets surprisingly early - at least mine did.  Glad we got ours used, and we still re-sold them.


Best wishes!

siddal's Avatar siddal 04:49 PM 09-28-2013

I also found the buckets handy.  I liked that when I wanted to go out for a walk, I could get the girls into their buckets and move them both near the door. Then, I would take one out and put her in the Snap n' Go, pop right back in and get the other one.  It felt like they were safe in there. They also slept well in them on stroller walks. Highly recommend the Snap n Go, too.  We have a Graco Duoglider, which does accept bucket seats. But the thing was so darned heavy with them in it.  We promptly bought a used SnG on Craig's list for half price and used it for months and months.

dandelionsrflowers's Avatar dandelionsrflowers 08:58 AM 11-06-2013
We bought a coccoro convertible and it fits really well with room to spare. The surprise was that dh's tacoma is smaller than the Prius! The seat also fit well there. We have a couple infant bucket seats free for us to use, but the touch the seats in front. A very tight fit.

Looks like we may have to figure out how to do things without the convenience of the buckets. Time will tell!
amyc1688's Avatar amyc1688 07:10 AM 01-03-2014
I'm expecting twins in March and was thinking about buying a prius. We have Chico key fit 30 infant seats...hoping they fit. Not planning on taking them shopping or anything so we should be ok? I might look at other hybrids but idk
rinap's Avatar rinap 10:05 PM 01-03-2014

I found bucket seats really useful for getting in and out of the house (can carry/wear one baby and carry the other in a can set the bucket down to use your keys/buy a cup of coffee/put the other baby in the car in a way that you can't just set the baby down on the sidewalk. They were really important for us.


Go to a big box store and get them to let you test-install two carseats in your prius. We did fine with the two buckets, and then got two Radians (still using those). But being able to try them out first was key. We have our car seats in the middle and side, and can fit an adult in the back seat with them.

physics girl's Avatar physics girl 10:33 PM 01-03-2014
I second everyone's advice of doing a test install before you buy. One additional thing to consider is that multiples are more likely than singletons to be small babies at birth, and, while many convertible seats say they fit a 5 lb infant, their lowest harness heights are often actually way too high to safely restrain smaller than average newborns. (The Combi Coccoro is a notable exception, but it is has the drawback of having fairly low max height so it wouldn't be likely to get you past the toddler years.) You might want to check out Car Seat Blog's recommendations of seats for preemies and multiples at .
amyc1688's Avatar amyc1688 06:51 PM 01-26-2014
I ended up buying nissan Altima. Decent gas mileage....but sooo much room. And safe!,,