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So here's a highly debatable topic... Did any of you have your twins share a crib and for how long?
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Ours shared a pack n play for a few weeks as a co-sleeper, then shared a crib for a few weeks after that.  My girls weren't picky - they shared a room very close to ours.  We were close but seemed to be happy either in the same bed on occasion or separate, more often.


So, sharing a crib is definitely an option, just see how it works for you.  If need be, my girls could have stayed together much longer.

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I thought about getting a twin pack n play but my house is so small.... No more than 10 steps from my bed to crib in their room. It's small and I will eventually have two cribs but at first they should be fine? No rolling into eachother
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Ours shared a crib sidecarred to our bed or a pack n play while traveling for the first six months, then they moved to a futon on the floor together.

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Our twin girls shared a crib in our room till they were about 5.5 months old. By that point they were rolling on each other often, waking each other up at night, and keeping each other awake when it was bedtime. So we switched them to separate cribs, but still in our room. We plan to move them into their brother's room (so all three together) sometime in the next few months. They're 10 months old now.


Keeping them together when small helped us save space and worked really well till they started to become more active and vocal. They do wake each other up still, even in separate beds, since one will cry or yell when she wakes. Sometimes the other sleeps through the noise, sometimes not. They definitely don't nap as well as their brother did at this age. But they also entertain each other when they wake up happy--often I hear them babbling to each other and laughing together before I go in to get them.

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Mine have been in ther own cribs (in their own room) since 6weeks BUT they napped downstairs in a playard during the days until 12weeks. Then it got too cold downstairs and we moved them up to their cribs to nap. Until 6weeks we rotated who shared a crib together. Not for lack of cribs but because they seemed to sleep better. All three were together for about one week.

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Our twins shared a crib for naptime until it became a detriment to naps. Maybe 4 months? Then they moved into two cribs at naps time. At night they share a cosleeper/sidecarred crib next to our bed or sleep in our bed. They are six months old and this has stopped working for us, so I don't know what's next at nighttime. 

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My girls were in a co-sleeper until they were about 2 1/2 months old, and then they started disturbing one another.  Then we had one in the co, and one in a crib, each on one side of our bed.  When they were about 6 months old, one of our daughters was sleeping great through the night and the other didn't.  So we moved the good sleeper to the "babies' room" and our other daughter stayed in a crib next to our bed.  Eventually my husband and I moved ourselves to the guest room, and now, at almost 17 months they are each in their own room.  But, sooner than later we are going to buy a house (we are in a rental condo) and I doubt we will have 3 bedrooms.  So I'm going to have to get them used to sleeping in the same room.  Kind of dreading it, as sometimes our daughter with the hard time sleeping still has restless nights.  I guess we'll just have to roll with it.  I definitely would have kept them together as long as possible, but this just all ended up working the best for all 4 of us.

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A lot of folks are saying that twins disturb one another in the night, which is discouraging because we were hoping to co-bed our twins as a nice transition away from co-sleeping and towards being in their own room. We currently sleep Dad-Baby-Mom-Baby in a queen & it is getting really snug at 3months. I was thinking if buying a twin & setting it next to the queen on the floor & eventually having both on the twins together on their own in the twin. Any thoughts on this plan? Should we just buy another full instead?

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I've always slept between them. They are 14 months. They don't do as well next to each other. We have a king next to a full mattress on the floor. It takes up most of the room, but it's really comfortable and there's room for everyone. I have no idea how long they'll want me between them. I do hope that someday they'll want to be next to each other, instead.

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Our slept with us since birth.

First it was both babies in side car crib.

Then Daddy, baby, Mummy, baby and side car crib.

Then they started to become mobile and we moved the mattress to the floor and beds into the smaller room.

It was a Queen mattress next to full mattress that took up most of the room. It was wall, baby, Mummy, Baby, Daddy.

Then we moved out of the room....or tried to.

So now we have their full mattress in our room set up into a bed again. And our queen mattress on the floor in their room.

We start off in our room and they in their room sharing the bed, with pillows separating them.

If they wake before 1ish am one of us goes into them and settles them. After 1ish my wife goes in and sleeps with them the rest of the night.


Sometimes they roll into each other wake wake each other. But it is rare.

Sometimes, one waking will wake the other with his cries. But most often the sleeping baby will continue to sleep through the woken babies cries.


We keep them in the Queen, sleeping across the width of the bed, so it makes enough room for a grown up to comfortably climb in between them when needed.

We hope to have them share a full until they want separate beds or are big enough to be in bunk beds.

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Mine shared a crib until one started biting the other (I think it was around 15 months). They slept great that way.

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We are 6 weeks in now. No crib here, but they did share a moses basket while they both still fit (so, for like 3 weeks!). At night, they are both in bed with me while DH and DS1 are in another room. I'm thinking when they are crawling, I'll make them a palette on the floor for them to share, but we'll see how it goes.

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so we are 11.5 weeks in an the girls are doing great in their shared crib next to my bed. husband is a very deep sleeper so no babies in bed! unless they are with me for morning snuggles...

i think ill keep them in same crib as long as possible

but boy do doctors hate you when you telll them you cosleep them1
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We are 3.5 mos in and bed sharing has been what works for us. I have a crib side car-ed to the bed (it's a king and doesn't sit in a frame, just box springs/mattress on floor) that I thought would feel more secure with two, but I still ended up bringing them in bed early on, like one or two weeks old DH sleeps w DD in her room (otherwise he's a couch sleeper by choice anyway) and I sleep w the goes wall, twins, me (they generally are calmed by each other's presence still, but I'm sure that could change. It works well for us so far, and as long as it works for them, I'll keep it this way! My daughter shared the bed w me until just a few mos before they were born, she was 4 by then, and I have generally kept her out since the boys came. But now that they're getting older, she is welcome to sleep on my other side, so I'm between her and her brothers.
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At 3 months in my girls started sleeping in their own crib in my bedroom, which is literally just a bed and two cribs and can fit nothing else! But they sleep so well, about 6 hours at night..and snuggles in mummy's bed when daddy goes to work. But they were def moving around too much for shared crib. They don't seem to mind the transition, in fact these girls are so easy going I don't think I'll have more kids. They are so calm and lovable snuggle babes... It makes me realize how silly I was to overthink everything before. I think our culture makes the simple things like breastfeeding and taking care of baby so damn complicated when it shouldnt be! If we listen our kids tell us everything we need to know. Idk when well move cribs into their room, maybe never! It's up to them :-)
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Ours slept in the same crib at the foot of our bed for about 6 months. At that point they barely fit in one (they were, and still are, big boys). Interestingly, I remember thinking "I can't imagine not having my babies close to me!" I'm sure it wasn't more than 2 weeks later I thought "Get these babies out of my bedroom!" It was like a light switch, and I was ready to move them to separate cribs in their own room (just down the hall).

They shared a room until they were 5 or 6, then again when they went away to college

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