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synepona's Avatar synepona 10:48 AM 04-10-2014

Congratulations! I love that they got separate birthdays too :)

eaustin's Avatar eaustin 07:34 AM 04-11-2014
Congratulations! Oh, they are so sweet! ! Love their little sweaters, and what beautiful names! That sounds like quite an adventure, and I hope your recovery proceeds smoothly:) Thanks for sharing♡
Motivated Mama's Avatar Motivated Mama 04:02 PM 04-13-2014
Congratulations! They're beautiful. <3
Azadehhast's Avatar Azadehhast 10:05 AM 05-20-2014

Checking in with you, twin mamas. Any other new babies to report?

My babies are 6 weeks old now, hovering around 12 pounds, chubby and healthy. They are so different from one another, in looks and personality. It is such an adventure to have two at once to watch grow. Anyway, I wanted to share my experiences of the early weeks, in case it might help any of you.

First I'll say, if you are cloth diapering (especially without a dryer), have way more diapers than you think you need! We use about 25 per day, so we have a total of...I think 65 flats, to allow for an extra day of drying indoors if the weather is bad. We wash every other day, and this is just enough diapers.

Also, goodness, get a twin nursing pillow! I didn't even consider having a nursing pillow for my singleton DS, and I don't nurse both twins together all the time (I try to have them on different schedules because it's just easier that way), but tandem nursing two floppy babies without the pillow is way more difficult. Sure, you can just use bed pillows, but then you waste time stacking them up while your babies are crying. The twin pillow is so much simpler.

If you have a toddler, get help for as long as you can! I take care of the twins entirely by myself (if DH even holds one, they cry!), but throw the two-year-old in too, and that can be quite difficult.

Babywearing twins--totally doable. I use one woven wrap, put one on my back (ruck tied under bum) and the other on my front (in the tibetan crosses), we're set. I don't wear them nearly as much as I wore my single DS, but we still get in 3-4 hours per day (not always tandem), and it lets me have a whisper of a chance at a garden this year. We didn't have a stroller at all until a week ago, and it does help me do things with all three children and no other adults, but at this stage, it's not essential.

Pacifiers. Greatest thing ever. (I'm not generally a fan, and DS1 didn't have one) The twins sometimes have a hard time getting to sleep because just as one is settling in, the other will get upset, wake first baby, and then both would be sad, tired, and grumpy. Now I change diapers, nurse the babes, then lay them down on the bed with a paci, and they are learning quite nicely to fall asleep on their own. It takes a bit longer than, say, walking, rocking, etc, but there is much less upsetness and disturbing one another. DS1 still has to be walked to sleep, so this is quite a nice change!

Three under three is both just as difficult as I thought it would be and much easier. Things really are going well. So, mamas, you can do it! You really can.

SHA3RYAN's Avatar SHA3RYAN 08:09 AM 05-22-2014


eaustin's Avatar eaustin 01:33 PM 05-22-2014
Congratulations, Shannon! I haven't had mine yet, so no real advice. This is my 4th pregnancy and it's hard for me to slow down and be patient with my body. Realize your body is working super hard growing these little people and it needs more rest and forgiveness than a singleton pregnancy would require:)

@Azadehhast-so great to hear from you! Thanks for the tips and encouragement:) I'm 35 weeks now and getting very uncomfortable. My uterus feels super sore and I'm thinking of getting a recliner to have a better nights sleep. I just got back from an ultrasound, and now both babies are breech:( I've been doing moxa, pulsatilla, accupuncture and chiropractor, and one at least is moving all over the place-head down on sunday, now breech. Fairly discouraging, but hoping he's still able to flip around well. Meet with all the midwives tomorrow to discuss a plan. How did you find transferring for the birth of your son? I still really want to try for homebirth, but am a little worried about transferring in the middle of it all. Are you glad you stayed home for the first?
Azadehhast's Avatar Azadehhast 03:27 PM 05-22-2014
Wow, I can't believe those babies actually have enough room to flip around! I wondered how mine had room to kick at the end!
Transferring was...of course not what I had planned, but at the time it was just so much the right thing to do, I was just feeling good about being sure DS would be born safely. I transferred after attempting home birth with ds1, too, so it wasn't unfamiliar territory for me, and I was already so overjoyed at having my vbac twin, going for another CS was...ok. The hospital didn't really know what to make of us, with DS being a patient and dd not, but they were all kind. I would have loved to have climbed into bed at home altogether, a family of 5, after giving birth, but I'm still pretty ok with how it all turned out. And I am so so so glad that my first twin was born at home. I'm so happy for the calm, homey environment she was born into, so glad that I got to pick her up fresh out of my body, all slippery and wonderful, and discover her gender myself. The stress of transferring was so worth having had those experiences. I'd totally do it again.
Good luck, whatever y decide! Turn babies, turn!
synepona's Avatar synepona 07:33 AM 05-23-2014
Originally Posted by Azadehhast View Post

Checking in with you, twin mamas. Any other new babies to report?


Three under three is both just as difficult as I thought it would be and much easier. Things really are going well. So, mamas, you can do it! You really can.

Josh & Ben arrived in hospital Tuesday May 20th - 38w2d, no drugs, no surgery :) 12 min apart, with less than 2 hours of active labour, MW caught A (6lb15oz), OB caught B(7lb6oz). We've been home since Wednesday evening, and like Azadehhast said ... 3 under 3 (plus a 7yo here), is both just as challenging, and yet easier, than expected! We're fortunate to have a lot of help available right now, and hopefully that continues to allow the transition to twice as many children to be relatively smooth.

eaustin's Avatar eaustin 03:47 PM 05-23-2014
Congratulations again, @SynEpona! I can't wait to hear more sometime, if you are up for it:)
@Azadehhast, thanks so much for sharing your story! The meeting went well-still somewhat torn about what to do. The midwives seem totally at ease and confident in my ability to handle this, just wish there was more information out there to get a handle of the risks.
Motivated Mama's Avatar Motivated Mama 08:00 AM 05-26-2014
Thanks for the advice @Azadehhast! I'm 26 weeks tomorrow. We've already bought our twin nursing pillow (the twin Z - it's pretty awesome so far as I can tell without the babies yet) and were just talking about pacifiers, breast pumps, and bottles yesterday. I told DH I needed to dust off the breast pump and, while I don't plan to use pacifiers right away, I want them on hand. I'm planning on doing a combination of cloth and disposables only because DS, who is 6 almost 7, has Aspergers and tends to have toileting issues. DD3 will be potty training (she'll be 3 in November). And DD2 still wears nighttime diapers. I can't pressure myself to cloth full-time, but I will be picking up some extra prefolds, covers, and pins since all we have right now are snappis and I don't want to use snappis on the twins, since they're both boys!

Congratulations @SynEpona! Love the screen name, btw. smile.gif

@SHA3RYAN Congratulations and Welcome!
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 12:08 PM 06-09-2014
I'm thinking about dipping my toes in here. I've been pregnant with twins before, but they were mo/mo and passed away at 13 weeks. I'm pregnant with twins again and thankfully, they're each in their own gestational sac. I'm 7w6d and everything is look fine. They're measuring 7w6d and 8w1d with heart rates of 177 and 178.

But, as I know, it's a long, long road ahead...

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lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 02:20 PM 06-09-2014
Be encouraged that it I possible to cloth diaper and ebf twins. My boys are almost 6 months old. My best purchase was a baby trend double snap n go stroller that their baby trend car seats snap into. My boys are getting heavy at almost 16 pounds a piece.

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Laggie's Avatar Laggie 10:17 AM 06-10-2014
Xerxella! Congratulations! I know how you feel, I didn't really breathe until we passed the 13 week mark. I hope these babies stick and you have a healthy pregnancy this time.
iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 06:57 PM 06-18-2014
Hi. I'm freaking out. We just saw two poles and yolk sacs today at our five week ultrasound.Took 50 mg of clomid, ONE shot.
I really am scared. I don't know how to feel. My betas are strong. Another ultrasound in two weeks.
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 07:09 PM 06-18-2014
wow! wow! wow! @iixivboots That is so exciting! Twins are great but definitely intense! Can't wait to see what happens in two weeks.

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iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 07:26 PM 06-18-2014
@lilacvioletiris , I told my 2012 DDC and our friend Andaluza was like you need to tell Lilac immediately! Hehe. I'm sure I'll have tons of questions. As for now I'm just glad my husband is home. 7:30 a.m. ultrasounds are a little crazy for news like this.
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 11:05 PM 06-18-2014
@iixivboots - As I'm sure you know, it's a long road. There's nothing to do but wait and see. Did you see any heartbeat or was it too early? After 6 weeks you should be able to see a heartbeat. You could go back next week if waiting 2 weeks is too stressful for you.

Was each fetal pole and yolk sac in their own gestational sac?

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iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 11:21 PM 06-18-2014
Too early for heartbeats, I am 5w5day by LMP but measuring more like 5 since I O'd late. Definitely two gestational sacs.

Congrats to you! It seems like you've been on a long journey yourself. Looking good there, little beans!

Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post
@iixivboots - As I'm sure you know, it's a long road. There's nothing to do but wait and see. Did you see any heartbeat or was it too early? After 6 weeks you should be able to see a heartbeat. You could go back next week if waiting 2 weeks is too stressful for you.

Was each fetal pole and yolk sac in their own gestational sac?

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lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 07:36 AM 06-19-2014
Originally Posted by iixivboots View Post
@lilacvioletiris , I told my 2012 DDC and our friend Andaluza was like you need to tell Lilac immediately! Hehe. I'm sure I'll have tons of questions. As for now I'm just glad my husband is home. 7:30 a.m. ultrasounds are a little crazy for news like this.
I had notifications set up on tapatalk app and I was just checking befor bed You know nursing and using the smart phone to do something for the many hours I nurse each day.

When I joined this thread last year all the ladies recommend d a book by

Best thing I read! I was already overweight - I only gained 20 pounds with my babies, all of it by 5 months - then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Now 6 months post partum, thanks to tandom nursing, I am 25 pounds below my prepregnancy weight. Don't assume your twins will come early, but make sure you drink lots of water to keep contractions at bay. That book has other great recommendations. I read a copy from the library.
iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 07:15 PM 06-19-2014
Got it, digital library had a copy! Thanks!
chuord's Avatar chuord 03:35 PM 09-26-2014
Hi there, I'm hoping we can re-energize this thread... There's a few of us newly pg with twins would love to share and learn from you ladies too. Boots and Xerxella I already know from the fertility threads.
I'm currently 10+1 with ivf twins, aged 40. It was our second real cycle as one got cancelled due to ohss. We're about to start doing the trisomy DNA (harmoni?) test and then onto the 13 week nuchal scan. Aside from that all I know is the Ob is really happy with their location close to the fundus but well separated. Although from implantation I had a suspicion, before then I'd not even considered twins so as this is our first pg we are both scared about the unknown but feeling so totally blessed it's crazy
Would anyone new be able to introduce themselves, and anyone still on the thread update where you're up to? I actually searched for ages and couldn't find this thread so I'm wondering if others have had that issue too.
MyFillingQuiver's Avatar MyFillingQuiver 03:58 PM 09-26-2014
Hello! Me, me, I'd love to join!

I'm like a FTM in some ways because of the differences so far in being pregnant with twins.

Totally excited, especially now that I'm feeling a lot better.

I am 12 weeks with what is probably fraternal twins. We have 8 children. I got pregnant while breastfeeding my little one. I really felt like it was twins from the beginning. I had a dream, as well. I had an early u/s after high triplet range betas, and really high progesterone for me. There they were!

I look forward to learning more about you all and your experiences!

amyc1688's Avatar amyc1688 04:03 PM 09-26-2014
hi there, good luck to you both! im amy, my frat twin girls will be 7 months on oct 2nd! i have plenty of advice/ tips to share :-)
chuord's Avatar chuord 04:40 PM 09-26-2014
Thanks amyc1688 I'd love to listen to any advice! I forgot to add mine are fraternal, is that di/di? We tranfered two 5 day embryos and they both took. I'm also down in Australia so sometimes the terminology is different. From reading this entire thread I'm busily making a mental list of must buys... Any update on strollers that are any good? If love something like the bugaboo donkey (I like the lie down pram feature) but it's expensive and I'm not sure if it's not too heavy.
Quiver I'm guessing you probably have a tandem already?
iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 09:06 PM 09-26-2014
Hi everyone I'm pregnant with probably fraternal di/di boys. This was a pretty huge surprise for us after one 50 MG dose of clomid. I'm 20 weeks Monday. I'm in shock it has gone so fast. I have one son who turned two in August.
I'm trying to find some sort of crazy triple stroller. I am not sure how necessary it will be but I like the look of the valco twin trimode with Joey seat. My husband says it's a parade float.
TizTaz5's Avatar TizTaz5 09:56 PM 09-26-2014
Hi ladies. I see that some people are looking for stroller recommendations. I LOVE my double stroller from Combi. Their website is Their items can be found at and I can't remember name of the model of mine (was it Sportster? The Combi Cosmo twin stroller on looks a lot like mine), but let me tell you, it was the best investment I EVER made. The seats recline fully. I used it with my girls from about 8 weeks on up. They are 14 months and we still use it just about every day. Walks around the neighborhood, errands, trips to parks--it handles so well. One of my friends wanted to push it around the neighborhood during a visit--"Please? I never had twins, and I've always wanted to see what a double stroller is like to push! Can I push them in it?" Of course, I said yes. While we were taking the girls around the block, my friend exclaimed, "Hey, this is really easy to push. Almost like a shopping cart! I figured it would be so heavy, but it's not." My stroller weighs 22.25 pounds empty. With the kids in it, it's close to 62 pounds now, but I've never felt any strain pushing it. It's easy to get in and out of my house and my minivan (a huge plus for me, as I am pregnant again, and have back issues). It's easy to fold up, the fabric has not faded or stained, and my girls just seem to like it. Hope this helps...I am not sure if they ship out of the USA...good luck in finding strollers, moms and moms-to-be. Mine also was not that expensive, either.
adiejan's Avatar adiejan 09:28 AM 09-27-2014
Hi Everyone! @chuord suggested this page to me and I think its a great idea to revitalize it. I have a lot of questions and I am finding it difficult to find places for answers. I am currently 9w1d with identical twins. I am not sure what type just yet however, both had a yolk sac and from what I have read they are likely to be mono/di. This is what I am hoping for anyway. I have another appointment on Tuesday so I hope to have more information then. We have been TTC for 6 years with two losses, a lot of hormones, and many different treatments. These babies are a result of a FET. Pretty incredible that we put back 3 embryos, one took, and split in two!! I am so excited, scared, and grateful. I am looking forward to all of your advice.
alk209's Avatar alk209 09:03 AM 09-30-2014
So excited to see some action here!
I am 32 weeks pregnant with probably fraternal di/di girls, due November 22.
This is my second pregnancy (I have a 3.5 year old daughter), and I have a 16 yo Stepdaughter, so we will be a house full of girls!
We didn't find out about the twins until our 20 week ultrasound and the news left me reeling for several weeks.
Now I'm feeling a little nervous about the end of pregnancy and the birth, but getting more and more excited about two babies to cuddle.
We have car seats, but we still need buy a car before they are born that will fit two infant car seats!
chuord's Avatar chuord 02:40 PM 09-30-2014
Thanks tiztaz! At this stage with us newbies any and all info is great! Any tips on how to keep the babies in as long as possible? Was this your first pg? Sorry about the questions, it's just all so unknown right now...
Hi adie! I know how lucky are we to find a thread with ladies who are already twin experts
Alk - lol re the car! Did you have suspicions by 20 weeks or were you normal size? And congrats on being 32 weeks - still a way to go but it must be so nice to know they are viable already!
Afm - had my verifi/harmoniT blood draw on Monday, waiting for the results (hoping for a baby sex sneak peak lol) nuchal scan in about 2 weeks... I'm 40 and although everything feels great it doesn't hurt to check right?
MyFillingQuiver's Avatar MyFillingQuiver 04:09 PM 09-30-2014
Hey Chuord,

On the stroller stuff...with my first had a nice little single...a different nice little single with #2 . Then, at 3.5 months I got pregnant with #3 . So, we went out and got a double stroller. Ugh. It was a complete monstrosity. We had just moved up here where it snows a ton, and bought a large SUV with expectations of hopefully having more children to fill it. So, I'd get this stroller FINALLY folded up, and then, even though I'm a fairly strong gal, have to do like a body building bench press double lift. You know, where you sort of lift a bit to like hip level and then UP and over? It was really ridiculous.

After that, I got rid of it because I learned about baby wearing and loved it. We had some other double stroller with #5 and #6 , but realized it just didn't get used much/at all. I wear the baby, and the toddler used the single. BUT, I am not very hopeful about wearing twins. I know it can work for a lot of women, but it seems a bit unrealistic to wear them both at the same time, so I'm re-evaluating.

We have a Sit-And-Stand stroller right now and I LOVE it. Really light because it's basically all frame. It's not super plush and mushy and cute, though. The front seat, however, won't work with a newborn, but I think it uses a newborn car seat..which, we don't use. (We use convertible car seats). Anyway, I LOVE how light it is, then there is a seat in the back and a stand platform for a 3rd. So, our chunky 10 month old Benjamin, sits in the front (the first several months I just wear him exclusively or used the single on occasion) and then Samuel, the 2 year old sits, and then the preschooler, Oliver, walks or if he gets pooped he stands for a bit..even the 5 year old will stand to rest a bit. Love it, but again, not for newborns unless it really does receive a newborn car seat.
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