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ilovemygirl's Avatar ilovemygirl 08:42 AM 02-22-2014

My twins are only nine months so I don't have any experience with this yet. We are going to a party for two year old b/g twins. I bought two gifts. Can I put them in the same gift bag? 

I know a lot of people get upset about combining things for kids and don't want to make a faux pas but on the other hand I've been sick and busy with three kids and just realized I have nothing else to wrap them with. 

marilyn612's Avatar marilyn612 09:11 AM 02-22-2014
I don't have twins but I would do seperate wrapping.
MeepyCat's Avatar MeepyCat 09:48 AM 02-22-2014
Separate wrapping is a must. Or hand each kid an unwrapped gift. It's important the gifts be separate, not important that they be wrapped. Also make it clear which present is for which kid.
DandDmommy's Avatar DandDmommy 10:01 AM 02-22-2014
I'm a twin and don't think that it has to be made clear which is for which. If it's not, they get pick out which they like best.
NiteNicole's Avatar NiteNicole 10:39 AM 02-22-2014

This caught my eye from the main page so I don't have much experience with twins but you've been sick, you have your own kids to deal with, and this are GIFTS.  Wrap them in whatever you have and don't worry about it.  I don't think anyone is going to hold a grudge over one gift bag. 

sillysapling's Avatar sillysapling 01:30 PM 02-22-2014

It sounds like you don't have the time to easily wrap both separately, and it's not the end of the world for it to happen like that. The kids may not care, and if they get upset you can apologize to them and explain to their parents what's going on that you didn't have another option. I'm sure that, as parents of twins, they'll understand how rough it can be sometimes!

MeepyCat's Avatar MeepyCat 10:51 PM 02-22-2014
I'm a twin too. It may not matter to some two year-old twins, but it will matter a ton to others. If you don't have time or wrapping, don't wrap. Naked gifts are still fine.
fisherfamily's Avatar fisherfamily 06:11 AM 02-23-2014
Twins or not twins, I don't know many two year olds who would be able to sit side by side and open a shares present. Just give them to them unwrapped.

Do you sew or have any scrap fabric lying around? I often wrap presents with fabric.

What about an extra pillow case? Those can be cheap to replace later, and if you have a little puffy paint, you can even personalize them and make it part of the gift.

What about two brown grocery sacks? Draw on them.with markers, or add stickers.

Have your babies grown out of two of their receiving blankets?

Anyway, wrapped or not, two year olds need their own thing.