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Ok so everyone said twins come early... I'm looking at 37 weeks on Sunday and I really cannot take much more of this. It's my first pregnancy so I'm really anxious to hold my little girls. Just wondering how long were your twin pregnancies and how do I know/prepare for birth. I'm going natural, both head down....

Did your water break first or did labor just start real fast? My little ones are still so active but def. no room to be... My skin hurts!

I need to know ... If they come now they will be ok? and how to get over this anxiety!? I know I've asked before but everyone keeps calling me asking if I'm still pregnant.... They think it's funny but I just want to cry!

I know we are close, maybe days away but I have that feeling in my gut like I'm about to have my period and everything is icky and terrible. Meanwhile there are 4 feet sticking out of my ribs. I'm so freaking emotional like a bomb. Can't I just get induced?! Jk but you all have been there, on your way there...I need to know I'm not crazy and that I can do this!
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Not a twin mom, but as a preemie mom, I know I was told that 37-weekers typically do very well. I know they've been adjusting the definition of "term" for pregnancy, so I don't know what the official rule on twins is these days, but it used to be that they were considered term at 36 weeks.

I know this isn't in line with the natural parenting schtick, but IMO, you could do worse then induce your twins now. What does your doctor (or midwife) think?
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My girls were 37 weeks and 4 days, and they did wonderfully.  I really wanted to get to 38 weeks, at least, but when I got to 37, I just tried to go by what my own body was feeling like and the reports I was getting from my ultrasounds. You are not crazy, and it will all be fine.  I remember that feeling well, even though it has been a year and half!  Some people make it to 40 weeks or more with twins, some don't.  Everybody/ every pregnancy is different.  If they come now, it will be o.k.


I cannot comment on how labor started, as I was going to be induced (I was really swelling and heading towards pre-eclampsia) and deliver naturally, both were head down, but one baby flipped at the last min. and was transverse.  My OB offered to still try, as she was trained to do a breech extraction, but I was too nervous (various reasons, especially cord blood flow restriction in the twin who had flipped), and took her advice to have a c-section.  Anyhoo, my girls were quite a bit smaller than expected, B 3lb 14 oz (the one who had flipped) and A 4lb 14 oz.  They never had to go to the NICU and we all went home together after 5 days in the hospital.  We stayed that long as B needed watching for her breathing, and they wanted to make sure they were gaining well, but she ended up being totally fine.  I did have a cortisone shot during my pregnancy to help lung development, for what it is worth. That was on the recommendation of the doctors at maternal fetal medicine, knowing that they girls were probably going to need to come early after monitoring my pregnancy.  


Hang in there.  I remember well how truly AWFUL I felt at that stage.  But soon you will have your two lovely babes in your arms :-)

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Hang in there!  37 weeks is really respectable for twins and they will probably be fine at this point, BUT a week or two more will probably make for easier, healthier babes.  Being induced brings with it a significant risk of c-section, so don't be in a hurry to try that unless medically necessary.  Those last weeks are hard with a single baby and can be miserable with twins, but you can do it!

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thanks everyone. it doesn't help that baby b moved transverse and is pushing my ribs apart... most painful day yet! my whole body hurts... but after a nice long bubble bath i re-gained the strength to be brave and to power through this. my babies are worth it, but when your constantly expecting them to arrive early, and they dont, its a little exhausting on your mind, body and spirit...and its hard to remember they are adorable little babies, not the octopus alien i feel i have grown! lol

i fought for a natural birth and yes induction usually leads to more intervention regardless of how "gentle" the midwife says her methods. i can do this! but even now with baby b constant movement stretching the limits of my organs and skin... aaahh i can do it!!

theres a winter storm coming monday... maybe the pressure will do it! :-)
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I know it must feel crazy towards the end!! With my first, the comments drove me to stopping work on my due date. I couldn't handle the stress of trying to have everything in order in case I wouldn't be back the next day, and the "you're still here" every morning was quite irritating! I wish I had enjoyed my last couple weeks of being a non-parent more and done some nice relaxing things for myself. I am no where close to how far along you are, and already mystified about how my body is going to make it--i am sure it's terribly uncomfortable:/ hang in there!! You're almost there!!
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My twins were born at 38 weeks, and I was told that was "term" for twins. They were both at 7.4 lbs, and did well. However, not quite 3 years later I had a singleton born at 40 weeks, and there is a huge difference-- she was less fussy, better neck strength, better at catching on at nursing.  So while 38 was fine for mine, 40 weeks was better in terms of maturity. 


My point is go as long as you can, reasonably. Good luck!

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I only had a singleton, so I'm sure what you're going through must be a million times worse, but I faced a lot of the same things. I don't remember WHEN the kicks got painful, but boy did they! There was one spot around my liver that he just loved shoving his foot in. By 36 weeks I was sitting there going "How the heck am I supposed to survive another month of this?!". I'm pretty sure kiddo was displeased with the amount of room he had- even at 37 weeks he would move from head down to transverse to breech and back, constantly stretching and trying to get comfortable. I had no idea how I was supposed to survive 3 more weeks of it, I was miserable, I was practically attached to my back massager (if you don't have something like this- definitely try to get it), I had done a lot of research about induction and had actually bought some herbs- although I wasn't willing to use them yet.


My singleton baby came at 38 weeks exactly, and he's perfectly fine, he even latched well despite the problems we had. I was born at 37 weeks (also singleton!) and was also totally fine- I also latched without any help. After 37 weeks, babies are generally considered full term right now. If you naturally go into labor- I wouldn't worry at all unless one of your twins is transverse. You could get induced, but I'd be careful. Babies do develop at different rates so, while your babies will almost certainly be fine, they'll probably benefit from a little more time. As long as everything is going well, the longer they're cooking the better.


Based on the research I did, it looks like most herbal and "old wive's tales" methods generally won't push birth before your babies are actually ready, they'll only help your body get ready for the birth. A lot of them help the cervix ripen or increase contractions. That doesn't guarantee it's safe, though, I don't think I ever would have actually used the ones I had gotten, if you can hold out I agree you should.


It is not easy, but you can do it! It won't be long now before this will all be over and you'll probably be too busy taking care of your wonderful babies to even remember it!

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