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Azadehhast 06-21-2014 01:14 AM

Nursing Three--balancing it all (x-posted in breastfeeding)
I'm nursing my 10 week old twins and my 2.5 year old. Generally, there is plenty of milk for all, but some days (the difficult days), DS1 is very upset and nurses A LOT, so when the babies are ready, there isn't much milk. Then in the middle of the night, I'll have so much milk and be oozing it everywhere. I haven't yet figured a better way to deal with a desperate, flailing toddler begging to nurse, I don't think weaning is a remote possibility for him (he nurses 4-5 times on a good day, 7-8 on a bad one). Maybe I ought to try to boost supply so there is a bit extra on those tough days? I guess I'm just looking for a been-there-done-that hug. Most days, I'm lucky to get an hour without someone on my breasts and it's just a f***ing lot of nursing, and I need a bit of validation. I know other mothers have nursed twins and a toddler--how do you balance everyone's needs? How do you care for all the littles, the bare modicum of housework, and manage to feed yourself so you can feed all of them? And how can you have babies on your breasts all day and still have room for the occasional bit of husband-and-wife touching? (After only two crappy DTD, nearly 4 months, my dh is a bit lonely, but if someone else touches my breasts, I might scream.)

Emelee 06-21-2014 08:30 AM

First off, great job nursing all three! I did that for 18 months but I'll get to that. Seriously, you can tell your dh/partner that you just need them to NOT touch the breasts. It was really hard for my dh to understand this (since after dd1 I didn't care) but I thought I was going to go crazy if he did that one more time when I had so many kids on me all day long. Yours will understand even if he doesn't like it. There are so many other touches he can do and you can always give him permission to if YOU are in the mood for it. Sorry for the rant but it was really important to me when the twins were little. It has gotten a little better since then. :grin:

Beside that part, I just grazed all day since that was what my toddler did but I found I ate tons less when I was nursing than when pregnant so that was helpful. Also the first few months were all freezer meals or easy quick things to make. I got tired of eating the same thing but just didn't have time for it. I also drank water or milk all day because I was mainly thirsty. Otherwise, if you have help nearby, maybe someone can bring you a meal or watch your kids so you can cook.

It was really hard to limit my toddler's nursing at first but over time she went down from nursing 5/8 times a day to only like 2/5 (except on bad days or when she would get hurt). She got used to seeing the babies nurse and eventually didn't feel the need to nurse directly after they do. Which is another thing, let the babies ALWAYS nurse first that way there is plenty of milk for them since the toddler is (most likely) eating other foods as well.

I really don't have any great tips or tricks to make everything easier but give yourself the permission to let housework slip because those babies will very soon stop nursing 24/7 and you'll get back into a more normal routine. Good luck!

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