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amyc1688 07-30-2014 08:28 AM

ebf twins and starting solids
helllp everyone. my girls are 5 months on the 2nd and still exclusively breastfeeding. i am planning to start solids about 6 months but they seem ready so maybe sooner. they are almost crawling so id say they are ready. anyway i want to do baby led weaning but spoon feed sometimes. i dont want to force anything but im really dying here... they started sleeping through the night and then all of a sudden about a month ago they stopped. i have been feeding every 2 hours day and night. im exhausted and i want to give them food lol... but idk. they dont take bottles so its not like i can get a break...or just put cereal in it... advice??

macrandall 08-05-2014 01:29 PM

We started solids around 5 months. Things like avocado or banana pureed with breastmilk to make it really thin. We started at about 3 times a week and increased slowly. One of my twins was really into solids and the other didn't care as much. She still doesn't really eat much (16 months), but somehow both twins are exactly the same size. Honestly, solids didn't help with sleeping, so you might have to try some other solutions for that.

CupOfJoe 08-31-2014 10:08 PM

My twins are 7m and we also exclusively breastfeed. We started with baby led weaning as a way to introduce supplementary solids (NOT as a substitute for breastmilk) when they were 6m.

They "eat" what we eat (theirs mostly ends up on the floor or their faces) and still breastfeed a lot. Solids don't generally help with sleep issues and in our case they both slept really well until 5.5 months and now they're both back to frequent night wakings with my son waking every hour some nights! So - baby led weaning is great but in my opinion solids aren't going to solve sleep issues.

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