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When you all were pregnant, did you have a gut instinct that you were carrying 2? The reason I'm asking is because I'm 24 weeks pregnant and for some reason I can't shake this twin thinking...I never thought once during my other 2 pregnancies that it was possibly twins. Also, my belly has seemed to grow overnight, and it's odd because it's never grown this fast w/ my other 2 pregnancies. My situation is that I'm having a UC, and am not currently using a midwife, so I haven't had an US or even baby's heartbeat listened to. Are there ways to tell you are carrying more than one (i.e. feeling kicks ALL over the belly, etc.)? Just wanted to find out if anyone was in tune w/ their body before medical science showed proof.
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Well, I did start to suspect something about 21 weeks. I finally asked for an ultrasound at 22 weeks, just to find out if I had polyhydramnous or not. And was delighted to see two babies. Never had another US though. I am not a fan of them.

I was so open to a UC but the twin issue DID put a different spin on it. So I spent the next 6-7 weeks finding just the right team for a homebirth. And I am glad that I did. Baby A was frank breech and Baby B was footling with breathing complications that would have been an issue UC and would have been over-medicated and complicated even further in the hospital. A planned HB with an amazing MW was just what we needed. I am thankful I trusted my gut all along and found the right women to be with me.

I am thrilled for you regardless of twins or not. Will you keep us posted?
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The night after I found out I was pregnant, I dreamt that I had boy/girl twins, born via c-section, and I "heard" someone say, "What are their names?" and someone else answered, "David Jonathan" and "_____ Grace" (there was a pause, then "Grace"). And then I woke up! My dh woke up (I must have yelped or something to wake him) and asked what was going on. I told him my dream and he replied, "You are NOT having twins!" I said, "I KNOW! It was just a dream!" And we went back to sleep.

Well, at my first prenatal appointment, my ob wanted to do an u/s to date the pregnancy, because I had no idea when the first day of my LMP was. And the u/s showed twins!

So, to answer your question, yes, I think I *knew* before the u/s showed it.

You could rent a Doppler for $30 (for 1 month) and check to see if you hear 2 distinct heartbeats. Just an idea for ya.

Good luck!

ETA: Oh, and my twins WERE born via c-section due to both babies being footling breech position. And their names are David Jonathan and Sarah Grace. :-)
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i knew for at least a month beofre the ultrasound. my morning sickness was awful, and i felt really crowded inside. a week before my ultrasound, i thought, i better be having twins, because if this is what a regular pg is like, i am never doing it again!
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I had a hard time believing I was pregnant.

No throwing up, just vague nausea.
Didn't feel tired.
Had no psychic dream that I had twins (which had never been a fantasy of mine, even as a little girl).
I got an u/s to make sure there was no ectopic pregnancy at 7 weeks (since I'd just had one 2 months prior to conceiving), but they weren't detected then either.

So it came as a shock, when I measured huge at 12 weeks and got the u/s that detected them. Even with photographic evidence in my hand, I didn't feel like there were really two of them until 20 weeks. Though to be honest, even now I look at them and can't believe I have twins.
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Absolutely no clue or hint.

No morning sickness, no "high" HCG levels, no dreams.

We did pop a positive at 11 days, which was sooner than other pg's we lost, but it could have been a really good dollar store strip... :LOL

We did notice major movement in the 17th week in areas closer to my back (placentas were on right/left front). Of course, our singleton 10.5 pounder also took up a lot of space....

Good luck! Twins are a huge blessing, and a lesson in how to function on very little sleep

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Originally Posted by Tigerchild
I had a hard time believing I was pregnant.
No throwing up, just vague nausea.
Didn't feel tired.
grrrrrr........................................... .........................

oh, you lucky one.

...... Though to be honest, even now I look at them and can't believe I have twins.
I know what you mean!
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i am new here..i have 5 month old twin girls (halle and caylin) born at 39 weeks..

anyways..i was in denial i think..but i did have a suspicion that i might be having two..

i was on clomid and i had high progesterone levels, and then i was measuring bigger at the first few appts..and then also..i rented a hospital grade heartbeat doppler and i kept picking up two different heart rates..but i just put it off as i was going nuts lol..oh and the midwife i saw said i was measuring bigger cause i was so small my uterus had no where to go but up

but i didnt show soon (i started showing at around 6 months..and carried small all the way til the end(i looked like i just had one))..i had horrible night nausea..but that was it and it only lasted 4 other signs of twins..

then i went to my friend ultrasound when i was 11 weeks and the tech found out i was pregnant and gaveg me a quick scan and i was so scared to look (due to thinking i mikght be havig more than 1) and sure enough..i hear huge gasps..and i look and my two precious babies were right there..

had i not had that surprise u/s..i wouldnt have found out til i had my normal 18-24 week ultrasound...but by then i woulda suspected something as i had TONS of movement everywhere (halle was low, caylin was under my ribs)..
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Nope, never suspected a thing. I probably should have clued in because the pregnancy test came back really dark and with my dd, it took almost 2 weeks for the stick to have a bright, clear, red line. With the boys, it happened with the first test I took! Also I was feeling bigger much faster than I did with my first pregnancy, but I chalked that up to it being my second pregnancy and that dd had stretched up my uterus, so that's why I was already so big.

I found out at my first prenatal appointment because the heartrate was really fast (something close to 190 beats/minute) because the boys were so close to each other, both heart tones registered, thus making it so high. She checked and found twins!
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i knew i was having twins, i knew i dropped 2 eggs when i ovulated
my left ovary has always sometimes cramped when it ovulates
and it has always been my personal theory that it is dropping 2 eggs
so late one night i was standing at the fridge, getting a drink
and got this crampy twinge in my left ovary
thought to myself "oh, dropping 2 eggs"
and went to bed
the next morning i got busy w/ my husband
and then sat up and said, i'm going to be pregnant
and it's twins
---he was a little skeptical

i called my midwife when i got a positive test
and told her i thought it was twins
she said "well you can amuse yourself with that idea
for a while before we will be able to tell anything"
i didn't measure big until an appt. at 19weeks
when my fundus had grown 7cm instead of 4
as it was almost the holidays, i scheduled an US
so i would be able to tell relatives and everybody
as soon as the tech put that thing on my belly
i saw 2 heads
by the end of the pregnancy there was no doubt it was more than one
had i not had an US
it's amazing to me that some ladies can carry 2 babies
and not suspect by their size

other than my own theories and later being huge,
i had no nausea or other problems
i felt extra tired, like muscle fatigue, not really sleepy
later i felt extra hungry and got extra swollen

good luck! keep us posted
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I was planning a UC, too. I started suspecting around 18 weeks. I was huge and my best friend was preggos with twins. By 21 weeks or so I realized that I'd had lots of the same symptoms that she'd been having. I was measuring myself as well and I was 4 or more weeks over. I also had a couple of dreams. I finally called a midwife at 23 weeks and I was measuring 9 weeks over. She found 2 heartbeats and I had an ultrasound the next day to confirm. Two babies!

Before I found out, I would wake up at 4am and just lay there feeling them kick and say-there are 2 babies in there...I just know it and I did! Confirmation is always nice, though. I decided to go the midwife route for twins. I just wasn't comfortable with all of the unknowns of a twin birth on my own. My girls were born almost 7 hours apart and the second baby had problems getting started due to swallowing fluid while she was coming out. Otherwise it was really amazing having twins and I can't believe I've survived it for almost 8 weeks! Good luck...
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I didn't have specific thoughts about it but my husband was convinced I was - and he was right! I am normally a pretty thin person and my belly popped out at around eight weeks and I have been big since (for this being a first pregnancy). I had an u/s at nine weeks to check viability, they popped up on the screen immediately, and we just about fell over.

Good luck!

dust.gif & superhero.gif :: 9/2004
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Honestly, I knew I would have twins before I even got pregnant! I took clomid. When I read the list of possible side-effects, the line: "a 5-10% chance of twins" jumped out at me and I just KNEW. I also feel a little twinge in my ovary every time I ovulate, and the cycle I got pg, I felt it in both sides at once. I thought to myself, "oh wow. . . I really AM going to have twins!" I didn't say anything about it to Dp, but that night I asked her to tell me a story about our baby (we were lying in bed and I couldn't fall asleep because I was nervous about the insemination we would be doing in the morning). She said, "oh, you mean our babIES? Because we're having twins you know." In the story they were boy/girl twins and we named them Ava and Kai.

Then, 3 days post-insemination, I started to feel carsick while sitting at my desk at work. It would go away when I ate. Everyone told me I was imagining it. I knew that I was pregnant. I got a positive pg test at 9 dpo, so I knew I had extra hormones in there. By the time I got the positive, the carsickness had intesified, but was still manageable, and always went away around 5:00 p.m. I called the OB who had gotten me pregnant, and told her that I was sure I was having twins. She told me that women always think they're having twins, but that I should come in and have a blood test pg test to check hcg levels. I went in, and on day 14 (post-insemination), my levels were 405. Average levels for day 14 are 68, so at that point I was pretty positive it was twins. The doctor said there was probably about a 90% chance that it was twins. I just hoped it wasn't triplets!

By the time I had the u/s (the only way to really diagnose twins) at 6 weeks, I would have been absolutely shocked if there hadn't been two babies in there. In fact, when the technician first turned on the u/s and there was only one sack on the screen, I said, "where's the other one?" The technician said, "what?" Dp said, "she thinks she's having twins." The technician moved the wand and said, "she is."

I was very sick from six weeks until 13 weeks, and had to quit my job. The sickness was somewhat managed with acupuncture, but I was still puking a couple times a day until 16 weeks. I am hoping that if I have a singleton pregnancy I won't have any morning sickness at all! The only other twin "symptom" I had was that I always measured at least a few weeks ahead.

If I hadn't already known I was having twins, I think I would have seriously started wondering around 5 months. I looked more like seven or eight months pregnant, and I was feeling kicks everywhere at the same time. I remember thinking that I could not understand how twins were ever born as a surprise. It seemed so obvious to me.

I hope this helps! I do think that a lot of women wonder if they are carrying twins, but I would trust your intuition and at least have someone check for two heartbeats.

Best wishes!


Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 & 12) in a small house with a lot of love.
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I had no clue, it was my first pregnancy.
I had a dream also, around 16 weeks that I had twins. I woke up my dh and he told me to stop dreaming that. I totally forgot about it till way later.
I found out at my 20 week ultrasound. The tech turned on the screen, turned it off and ran out of the room. Dh and I were like, what just happened. She came back and said, "Did anyone tell you you were having twins?" I almost passed out.

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I did know, because I was more than twice as sick as I'd been with my other two pregnancies. So when I had my first real OB appointment at 11 weeks, I asked for an US, "To make sure there's one in there." My OB and I had a good laugh, then she showed us (DH and my kids were with me now) 2 heartbeats. My 3 year old looked at us and said, as if we were all stupid, "There are two heartbeats because there's two babies in there!"

I have not felt them move earlier, as they say most women do (I am 17 weeks, and not sure that I have felt them yet). And I am not showing any more. Both those things can be due to the extra padding I am carrying right now.

I did just order a doppler, and I should get it within the hour! Yay! I have, however, heard that it may be difficult to find both the heartbeats if it is twins. So I'll be checking that out. I'm just so much more worried with this pregnancy, that I wanted the option to "check on them," on my own.

I hope you get whatever
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I didn't know until the night my girls were born, an emergency c-section at 33 weeks. My husband said a million times, "You're so big, you've got to have two babies in there," but I told him to stop saying it. I should have listened to him and not my midwife who blew off my concerns.

Deep down I had some suspicions (I was just sooo much bigger than my first pregnancy) but obviously not enough to act on them.
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I didn't knew. no morning sickness, I wasn't even tired.
dh didn't even believed I was pregnant( I believed that one because I was eating EVERYTHING I could get).
I'm the first in my family to have twins and... yeah, it was all a big surprise when we saw two babys at the ultrasound.
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T Lexbeach, I loved your pix. The boys are really growing up.

The bathtub hug pic is very cute but too bad about the horrible monster about to bite the baby in the head.
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I had NO idea. I had bleeding at 6 weeks and they did an ultrasound to check for an ectopic pregnancy and didn't see the twins. I had hyperemesis and lost a ton of weight to the point where I didn't even need maternity clothes until around 17 weeks. I was actually measuring a bit small and my doctor was thinking I was due a couple weeks later than I thought I was. It was a total shock to go in at 18 weeks and find out we were having twins. However - at that point on I got HUGE pretty quickly!

single mama to 5 (12.5, 11, 10, and 8 year old twins)

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I knew I was having twins... Because I'm a huge believer that God answers prayer, and I had prayed for 10 years that we'd have a son, then identical twin girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Also, I have highly irregular periods, and ended up conceiving these babies on round 2 of Clomid. Plus, I was charting because of this, and the 3rd day post ovulation I knew it was twins because my temp rose THREE TIMES higher than it had in previous cycles, without the typical plateau they are supposed to go through until implantation. My spike was also twice as high as the pregnant charts other ladies had in books and internet groups.

Also, I was never sick with my first, and with this pregnancy, I was the sickest ever (haha): I actually felt sick enough at 9 days post ov. that I was hovering over the toilet (though never actually ended up puking). Then we got a quick positive result on a home test on day 16.

Oh, and at my first OB visit at 14 1/2 weeks, my fundal height was 23!!! When I went in for u/s 4 days later to check dates, we only saw one baby on the screen. I just patiently waited, knowing there would be a second... And sure enough! A fleeting view of a second spine streaked across behind the baby we were looking at... (or it might just have been the membrane between them).

Praise God! We're not peeking at the genders, but I'm putting in my bets for identical girls! =O)

I hope you end up finding your gut to be correct, too.

P.S. I've also had on my fridge for over a year two magazine clippings: One is a picture of infant twin girls, the other of grown-up twins -- both sets have blonde hair and blue eyes.
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Nope, didn't have a clue. The ultrasound showing them shocked me so much I nearly passed out!
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I suspected it from the start, but it wasn't confirmed until my first sono at 14 weeks. I was kind of relieved actually - I was STARVING my first trimester and gained 20 pounds in those 3 months. I know that's a lot, probably too much, but I was seriously so ravenously hungry that it made me feel like less of a freak to know I was growing two babies instead of one.

This pregnancy I also sensed that it was one baby almost immediately. I had it confirmed by sono just in case and yep, "just one." This has been a piece of cake compared to my last pregnancy -- not as tired, not as starving, and a lot less of the cramping than I had last time. My m/s is pretty mild (just passing nausea) and I've only gained 1 pound so far... at 12 weeks almost.

I am really hoping that this good luck streak will continue and I'll have an easy(er), healthy pregnancy. I had preterm labor last time and gave birth at nearly 32 weeks.
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