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Kabes's Avatar Kabes 05:24 AM 06-05-2004
O.K. I confess I don't have twins. BUT. . .

I lived with a family who had identical twin girls. Whenever I went shopping with them their mother would always get the "Are they Twins?" again and again and again

So one day I asked her if I could respond the next time someone asked. She said yes. About 2 min later. . . "Are they twins?" I looked the lady dead in the eye and said "nope, this one is mine and that one is hers". I thought my friend was going to pee on herself she laughed so hard at that poor ladies expression.

Try it sometime when you're out with a friend. Its too funny.

Ravin's Avatar Ravin 05:37 PM 06-08-2004
My younger sisters are identical twins. When people asked "Are they twins" when they were little, my dad would say, "No, they're 6 months apart."

My fave twin moments are when I get mistaken for one of the twins. As in, w/ my lithe 24 yo sister (who has an equally skinny twin) and I are standing there and someone asks, "Are you twins?"

I'll say, "She is, I'm not." It really confuses them.
sandrajoon's Avatar sandrajoon 05:49 PM 06-08-2004
: : :
flminivanmama's Avatar flminivanmama 05:05 PM 06-09-2004
my youngest is one year younger than my twins (and they do look like triplets ) so I get to do that "he is, he's not" all the time. love it.