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drmoms's Avatar drmoms 01:15 PM 08-10-2004
My twins are 3 1/2 months old now and I am frazzeled at trying to find a carrier/sling that I like. My OTSH type sling I made from the Elizabeth Lee pattern is too closterphobic for wearing two of them (worked great with both of them in one sling or only slinging one, but wearing two slings with two babies is too much fluff). I made a New Native type sling too trying to see if the unpadded/tailess type would do better but I hate how I cant adjust it and get it nice and snug up against me so I feel like I have to keep an arm around them still to support their backs.

Before I put more money into finding the right carrier I thought I would post to see if any of you have any suggestions. I would esspecially love to hear from twin mommies!

Thanks in advance,

CherylE's Avatar CherylE 05:45 PM 08-12-2004
I have an OTSBH and the girls wont' fit in it together anymore. It's just too small. I bought it back when I had my oldest and I was a lot skinnier - that's probably part of the problem. I don't like the bulk either though. So I'm also looking for something that will work for twins.

However - I saw a photo of someone (on another site) who had a lightly padded sling and she had both twins in it. She doesn't have that photo up anymore - I looked. One on the hip in a hip carry - the other in the front - tummy to tummy. I think she said she had to get a size bigger sling to fit 2 babies.
lovetimestwo's Avatar lovetimestwo 03:07 AM 08-14-2004

Halfway down the page on this link are some pictures of twins with slings. They are all using two slings. i agree about the New native sling. I saw a few photos of people using two of those with twins and also thought my Nojo sling would be too bulky to use two so when preg. bought two native carriers. But I am so used to being able to tighten my sling and felt the native sling wasn't holding them close enough to me. I may also have needed a smaller size.

What i do now that they are a little older is wear one in a backpack and sling the other on my front. The backpack is not as snuggly as a sling but actually good now with the heat of summer.

I wonder now if Maya wrap may have been the way to go. Some photos here of twins...

Good luck finding something that works. i loved wearing my singletons and thought i would wear the twins more than i do. i wear them one at a time a lot but rarely sling both. They also get pretty heavy to carry both at once for a long stretch.
msrog's Avatar msrog 12:23 AM 08-15-2004
I haven't had my twins yet, but I hear good reports about using the MaxiMom twin carrier... Is this not an option for you, since it's not a sling? I'll try to find the link... OK, try this:

I found a mom who is selling me hers at a discount. Her babies are now too big for it.
lexbeach's Avatar lexbeach 10:42 PM 08-16-2004
Someone gave us the maxi-mom, and it is ridiculous. I definitely would not recommend it. I had a lot of success using two new native carriers when my twins were tiny, but they outgrew those by about 3 months.

Your babies are still a little young for my favorite carriers, but I will suggest them anyway. I use two asian-style baby carriers, one on the front, one on the back. An example is the Kozy Carrier . It feels more like slinging than a snugli or frame backpack since your baby is still right next to your skin. And my boys love being carried that way. I started when they were 8 months old, but probably could have started around six months.


mommybritt's Avatar mommybritt 12:04 PM 08-17-2004
I started my babes in the Kozy's at 3 months and it was fine. You can actually use a Kozy (front only) from birth They are my favourite carriers, too
drmoms's Avatar drmoms 12:18 PM 08-17-2004
Thanks for all of your wonderful suggestions and links! I do appreciate it so much... I had to bookmark that site with the pictures of nursing twins... too cool!

I am in the process of making myself two ABC's - Its taking me longer with two babies... homeschooling... and life, but I should have it done today! :0) Ill let you guys know how I like it.

Anywho's, thanks again for all of your responces!!!
gotmilkmama's Avatar gotmilkmama 01:26 PM 08-18-2004
Hi Randee,

I hold my twins in my sling from Kangaroo Kids They are 8 wks old now. It is still easier slinging 1 babe but I can do both of them best in 1 sling using the Kangaroo Hold.

Good luck!!

MZ sweet baby girls 6-21-04 (38w1d)
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drmoms's Avatar drmoms 05:11 PM 08-19-2004
Thanks Carmella for your ideas and link. Congrat's on your twins too... they are so much fun arnt they!?
mum2lillie's Avatar mum2lillie 03:08 AM 08-22-2004
I'm going through major carrying issues now with my 4 month olds. Okay, best friend had maximom and that looked like too much work. I bought 2 of the new maya wrap mamababy slings-like the t-shirt material, and they are really comfy for one baby, but I'm not coordinated to carry two in them. I tried a backpack on yesterday with the bigger baby who has a stronger back and it was great, but the instructions all say you shouldn't wear one before they are 6 months old and sitting up on their own. Why is that? When did you, if anyone has used a backpack, start to use one? I've never had a strong back and have a lot of pain in my shoulders so I need to figure something out for carrying that isn't too painful. My thought was that I may use a backpack for the bigger one and use my baby trekker as a front carrier because I don't like it on my back.
lovetimestwo's Avatar lovetimestwo 04:45 PM 08-23-2004
Originally Posted by mum2lillie
When did you, if anyone has used a backpack, start to use one? I've never had a strong back and have a lot of pain in my shoulders so I need to figure something out for carrying that isn't too painful. My thought was that I may use a backpack for the bigger one and use my baby trekker as a front carrier because I don't like it on my back.
I use a backpack. Once my babies had mastered sitting in an exersaucer, strong neck/torso control, I felt comfortable putting them in a backpack. I do have a pretty high end backpack with shoulder straps so I know they are well supported in it. I had a more basic pack as well with just a flimsy strap around their waist and did not feel comfortable using that one until they were older and stronger.

If you have back pain it just may not be advisable to carry two for any length of time. My Kelty backpack does a good job distributing the weight and most of it is carried on your hips but if you plan to sling one on the front too then I am sure that would be distressing to your back.

I think with twins sometimes we have to make allowances that moms of singletons do not have to. We just may not be able to carry our kids for long periods of time during the day. There are times i will wear both (backpack one/sling other) but that is usually when i am out with my older two and want to be on the move. At home I will just carry one at a time. I try to be aware that I am not slinging the same one since one tends to be fussier/more clingy than his brother.
Pynki's Avatar Pynki 11:30 PM 08-23-2004
I sold an unpadded maya-esque sling to a mom of twins.. One of the gals at our brestfeeding group loaned her the maya wrap DVD and it shows how to put twins into it.. She put the sling on.. Then has both babes on a table.. Leans over the table.. .Puts both babes in one sling and then tightens everything while everyone is still laying flat.. Once secure she lifts everyone up and makes sure verything is tightened and secure.. It works really well for her and she says the babes like it..

Just a though.. perhaps an unpadded maya type sling..I think that has an instuctional video you can download maybe it has the example i'm talking about on there..

Best of Luck with the twins..

Warm Squishy Feelings..


leakyandsnort's Avatar leakyandsnort 02:54 AM 09-01-2004
I just took my 3 kids (2.5yo son, and 6 mo old twin girls) to NYC for two days...even though dh was there, he was working, so I was on my own for most of it.

I recently ordered a mei-tai style carrier from a woman who makes and sells them on ebay (ebay search: asian baby carrier) and used that for one twin on my back and a New Native on my front with the other girl, & then just had my son in a single stroller.

IT WORKED WONDERFULLY! I really can't recommend it (the back carrier) higher!

emomama's Avatar emomama 11:33 AM 09-01-2004
i just ordered two mei tai's from, one for me and one for dh but i'm going to try slinging both my boys at the same time with them for the first time. i'll let you know how it goes and maybe post pictures if i can borrow someone's camera.