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CherylE's Avatar CherylE 05:41 PM 08-12-2004
Things seemed to be better for a while - but the girls got a fever/virus last week and haven't been eating or sleeping well since then. They aren't sick now but I think they are teething. Maribeth hardly sleeps at night at all and Megan goes down and sleeps a good long stretch and then is UP around the time Maribeth goes to sleep in the early morning. I'm so tired.

I've been fighting clogged ducts and mastitis for weeks now. Back on antibiotics AGAIN cause natural stuff wasn't working. Every time I have to do antibiotics I end up with thrush. I had my stronger nurser - Megan nursing the bad side and then was spitting up horrid brown red streaked stuff yesterday after nursing. But I do think she cleared out some of the worst of the plug from that side. I've taken to pumping that side and dumping for now and bottle feeding Megan out of my freezer stash. I'm seriously considering weaning Megan so I only have to nurse one - I never had all these problems nursing only one. Megan will take bottes - Maribeth won't.

My dh is away for work now during the week and is only home Friday night to Sunday morning. My older 3 are fighting a lot. My 2 year old is hitting and biting everyone. She even bit the babies yesterday.

sandrajoon's Avatar sandrajoon 05:49 PM 08-12-2004
Wow. That sounds so hard. I send you supportive vibes.

I'm in BC, too. Are you close to the North Shore? There is a physio named Gunnel Gavin who does mastitis prevention work - she's very effective. Uses ultrasound, heat and massage.

Have you solicited any help from your public health department? Might be able to link you up with some practical help during the week.

God bless you, and may you get a chunk of sleep really soon!
mamadawg's Avatar mamadawg 03:13 PM 08-13-2004
s to you, mama.

It WILL get better. One thing I've noticed (my girls are almost 11 months old now) is that when we're going through a rough patch (colds, teething, serious nursing problems the first 3 months of their lives) is that when it's bad, it's really bad. Even if it only lasts a few days or a week, it seems like it will never end. Mastitis is awful...I feel for you. I only had it once, but I had it along with a nasty case of hives.

Personally, I would advise you not to wean one of your dds yet. You're going through a difficult period and you might regret it later. It will get better. Hang in there.
emomama's Avatar emomama 03:16 PM 08-13-2004
wow, i am so sorry. i had some rough times with my two that i thought were bad and that was without other little ones besides! you are a supermom in my book. do you have someone who can help you with the older ones? maybe come over in the afternoon and play with them? i remember my brothers used to be super naughty when my mom had to pay extra attention to the baby.

i have learned with my kiddos that they just go through these phases where things are awful... they get off schedule, out of synch, super crabby... for all sorts of reasons, and it can be next to impossible to function when there's ALWAYS a baby awake and needing mama... but don't worry, it will get better. right around six months was a tough time for us too. i hope things calm down for you soon. let us know how it goes, k?
mommybritt's Avatar mommybritt 03:44 PM 08-13-2004
Ouch Hugs to you, it sounds bad. I second mamadawg's advice not to wean Megan while things are like this. I think you may end up regretting it. And getting some practical help sounds like a necessity - can you hire someone? anything available from public health? family? friends? postpartum doula?

Sending you lots of positive vibes...
AmyY's Avatar AmyY 01:41 PM 08-20-2004
Cheryl, how's it going? I've been thinking of you and hoping you're able to get some help at home so you can rest enough to beat the breast infections. So tough...

Sending hugs...
CherylE's Avatar CherylE 09:34 PM 08-21-2004
Thanks for asking. I had to go on antibiotics for the mastitis but my dh also took a day off for me to just rest. Which helped but after the antibiotics now we're battling thrush again - though the mastitis is finally better.

I'm still not getting a ton of sleep - Maribeth has been up a lot at night fussy and even Megan more than usually. Maribeth nurses a lot at night but kicks me hard the whole time - so I can't sleep through that. She can't nurse without kicking me now. Megan keeps latching on and off and chewing her hand. I'm thinking maybe they are starting teething?

I didn't wean Megan - but I did pump and bottlefeed her some for a couple of days and also had to supplement her out of frozen EBM while my supply came back up - but she's back to nursing well again.