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merpk's Avatar merpk 11:05 AM 10-11-2004

The other day DH ran into the husband of a couple we used to be pretty friendly with (the husband was one of the clergymen who 'married' us) but haven't seen much of for some time. They had triplets in February or so ... their first children ...

Anyway, when DH ran into him, he wanted to know if we were familiar with attachment parenting concepts , because they had tried Dr. Ferber's methods on the babies and they were immediately unhappy/uncomfortable with it ... so are looking for information.

Anyway, would like to direct her to this site, not knowing how Internet-interested she is, and hoping there are some other mamas here who can empathize ... enough for some serious support.

Maybe this is like a triplets roll-call ... :LOL


skye's mama's Avatar skye's mama 08:36 PM 10-12-2004
If you don't get any responses here you might try directing her to the AP multiples group on yahoo:

I know there are some moms of triplets active on that group. I think I recall some moms of triplets posting here a while back, so you might try a search and pm'ing them? Just guessing they don't have a lot of time to check back in...

ETA: just did a search and here was the triplet thread I was remembering:
merpk's Avatar merpk 02:52 AM 10-13-2004

Thanks for the link, sky'ma. Noticed that I posted to the thread here myself just after this same couple had their babies. Only 2 MDC mamas w/triplets ever responded to it. Will head over to the yahoo group, see if there's more response there.


mamadawg's Avatar mamadawg 01:57 PM 10-13-2004

Definitely have your friend check out the APMultiples Yahoo! group. There are a few triplet mommies on that list and they might be able to point her to more resources. Also, Karen Gromada's book "Mothering Multiples" has some good info. that might be useful. It's primarily about breastfeeding, but also has good info. about how to cope with multiple babies from a more AP perspective. She also has a website:
oneplusthree's Avatar oneplusthree 12:18 PM 10-15-2004
Hi Amy,
I don't post here very often, but would be happy to talk to your friend. I have 3 &1/2 yr old triplets plus a 6 yr old dd. I ap them to the best of my ability. I nursed all 3, my son weaned at 2 &1/2, & my girls at 3 (they last nursed on the morning of their 3rd birthday. I thought that was pretty cool).
We've done a variety of sleeping arrangements since they were born. They started out in cribs, then progressed with rotating them in & out of our bed. They climbed out of their cribs at 16 months, at which point we finally put a queen size mattress on the floor of their room & I would sleep with them. I night weaned them at 2 because I honestly could not handle not getting enough sleep anymore. Now they sleep in toddler beds and usually sleep all night. Many times the way I wanted to parent has not met the way I actually parent them, but I'm pretty happy with the way things have gone. I'd be happy to give your freind my email address if she wants, since I don't come to this site often.
Take care,
Beth Mom to g-6, gbg-3 &1/2