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Hi Twin Mamas
I have a question for you. I have just discovered that I'm pregnant . In looking back at my chart I realized I tested only 7 days after probable conception and the test was positive. This has kind of thrown me for a loop as it usually takes longer than that to test positive. Might this be an indication that I'm pregnant with twins? Or are the two things unrelated?
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It might be linked. When you are pregnant with multiples there is a higher level of hormones immediately, so it could read positive earlier. However, pregnancy tests are getting more sensitive all the time, and it might just be better technology. Most doctors will tell you that you may be farther along than you think you are, therefore the "early" positive. The only way to tell for sure is to get an ultrasound. I was seven weeks when I had my first one that showed two little heartbeats .

Good luck!
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I am pregnant with twins and my pregnancy test didn't show positive until about 4-6 weeks after my date of conception. I found out via ultrasound that I conceived only 4 days after having our IUD removed-the first time we were intimate after having it removed!!! I don't think there's a link to early test results and twins, it could just be a great test! I knew immediately that this pregnancy was far different from my previous three pregnancies, though. It was so different, I was always second guessing if I was really pregnant and if "the baby" was okay or if something was very wrong! I was on the verge of break-down from fear of something bad when I went to see my OB for the first time and he did an ultrasound to determine the date of conception and discovered TWO babies in there! I probably took a test every week after having that stupid IUD removed and didn't register anything until about 4-6 weeks! I wish my test had shown positive earlier! Those things are expensive and the disappointment was so immense with each negative, which I know now was false every time.

That's the best I can offer. Only an ultrasound will tell, though-good luck!
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Thanks mamas
I will most definitely be getting an ultrasound as early as they'll let me. I have yet to make an OB appointment as the one who delivered my last baby retired. So the hunt for a new doc begins.
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I agree with what the other two mamas said. It could mean you're pregnant with twins, or you could have used a REALLY good pregnancy test. My period was one day late when I took the pregnancy test (I'm never late) and I got the double line immediately. I bought a 2 pack because I wanted to be sure and the same thing happened with the second one. I had some bleeding the week after and went to the doctor to get my hormone levels tested. They tested me one day, I went back 2 days later and the levels had jumped twice as much as they do with a singleton (I can't remember if they doubled or quadrupled). They said it could be twins, but they didn't seem very concerned about it. I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks (still bleeding) and they found two yolk sacs. Even then they didn't want to admit to me that I was going to be having twins because it was so early and so much can happen in the first trimester.

Good luck. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Don't get your hopes up for twins, but do monitor it.
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I have a short cycle (25 days). With ds I took a first response test. I was able to find out that I was pregnany very soon after conception. Even before a missed period. Wish I could remember the exact number of days, but it was just a couple.

Only one Baby Belly was in my uterus. So I can't tell you if an early test and multiple births are connceted Just that it wasn't for me. I can tell you that he has grown into the sweetest little boy!

Congrats on your pregnancy!
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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

An early positive test actually was one of my first signs that I was having twins. There definitely is a possible link between an early positive and a multiple pregnancy. Pregnancy tests check for the HCG hormone, and there is generally twice as much HCG when you have twins.

The average singleton pregnancy would have an HCG of 68 on cd 14 (14 days post-conception, the day the period would be expected). HCG levels double just about every 36 hours in healthy pregnancies. Pregnancy tests vary by brand in regards to how much HCG needs to be present in the pee in order for the test to notice it. I *think* the "early response" tests pick up levels of HCG as low as 25. Regular tests usually pick up levels of 50, some cheaper brands don't pick it up until it gets to 100. It should say somewhere on the box how much HCG needs to be present in order for the test to come up positive.

I first tested positive at 9 dpo (and I was quite sure of my dates since I had used an OPT and been artificially inseminated). The test said that it would not be positive until 11 dpo. I was also already feeling a bit of nausea at that point, and just had a feeling that there was more than one baby inside. I called the office where I had done the insemination, and they said that they could do a pregnancy blood test and find out exactly how much HCG I had in me. So, on cd 14 I went in, and my level came back as 405. As I said before, the average for single pregnancies at cd 14 is 68, so I had more than 5 times as much hormone as that. The doctor said that the blood test alone did not mean I was having more than one baby, but gave me a 90% likelihood of multiple pregnancy. From that point on, I was SURE I was having twins, and worried that I might be having triplets until the u/s at 6 weeks.

So, if I were you I would get the blood test, and ask to know the HCG level. It's not 100% accurate (only u/s is), but it can be an indicator.


And congrats!

Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 & 12) in a small house with a lot of love.
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At 3w6d preg is when my home preg test showed positive (10/25). Faint pos but definitely pos!

I was test happy. My conception date was probably 10/12,,,but could of been 10/13 or 10/14 too. I tested 10/15, 10/17 (started to get sick this day), 10/20, and 10/22 - ALL negative! Then tested 10/25 with the pos! Did another one 10/27 to make sure. :LOL

Doc checked me out at 5w5d (11/7) and said uterus seemed big so my dates may be off. I told her I was pretty sure on my dates...I must be larger due to this being my second pregnancy. :LOL

On 7w5d (11/21) had u/s to help determine dates and that's when I first saw my little sweet peas!

Good luck to you and CONGRATULATIONS whether it's 1 beautiful baby or 2!
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My last pregnancy (a singleton) I tested + at 6 dpo! I didn't even realize I was pregnant with my twins until I suddenly realized I hadn't had my period in about 6 weeks; same for this time. So, it could be what the other posters said--either twins or a good pregnancy test!

Homeschooling mom to four kids, ages 18, 18, 10, and 6. 

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