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Usually, when one of the boys is going through a rough patch or just needs me more, the other seems to 'get it' and doesn't 'interfere' so to speak. He'll let his brother get the hugs, kisses and loving he needs until he feels better or is over the rough patch. They both do this for each other (and for me, because frankly, if they both needed me at the same time, I'd be nuts by now! lol).

Lately, however, it seems like they BOTH want me and want me NOW! When William gets cranky and whiney, he wants to be picked up. Lately, as soon as John sees this, HE wants to be picked up, too! They just weigh too much for me to handle both of them at once.

Ugh, I think I just need to vent a little. They're both walking now and are just seemingly underfoot a lot and it's making me nuts to have them hanging on my legs all the time.

Can someone just tell me it's a phase and we'll work through it? I love hugging, kissing and loving on my babies, but sometimes it just seems like there are so many of them I've run out of room on my lap!
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I think its a phase. It seems like my boys (20 months) are always changing temperments. For a few months one whined all the time and got the attention, then they switched, sometimes they are both needy. When they both want to be picked up, I sit down and they have to sit on my lap. They seem a little disappointed, because they prefer me to hold them and walk around (so they can see the sights, I guess).
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Well, the good news is, yes it seems to be a phase. The bad news is, at least for my kids, the phase lasted a good 6 months, sigh!

The period from 12 to 18 months was by far the hardest phase we've been through (they're now 22 mo). I pretty much gave up on getting *anything* done, if you sit on the floor you can hold them both LOL. So we pretty much camped out on the family room floor for the entire 6 months (not quite, but that's how it seemed). I did still carry them both when we were out (like from the car into the store where I'd put them in a cart), they did NOT want to hold my hand (they're much better about that now) & it just was NOT safe w/ two. Now I still carry them alot of the time just because it's faster, but I also have harnesses & if they want to walk I'll put the harness on, hook the other end to my belt loop & then still hold their hands, but I have the harness as "back up" in case they pull away from my hand. But I wasn't willing to do that until they were at least willing to attempt to hold my hand, which wasn't until around 18 months (when they started understanding things well enough that I could say "do you want me to carry you or do you want to hold my hand?" and they understood those were their only options.

So basically, just know that this is a hard phase, but it *does* end. Focus on surviving for the next couple months
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oh man it has never been a ;phase ' for us. They are both HN and have ALWAYS wanted me at the same time. To this day...they are 4.

At your dc's age tho and given the pattern, it is a stage and it will pass, but be warned, it may show up again ! mama

LOTS of deep breaths! LoTS of recharging time when you can.

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At this age, it passed for us for the most part - but sometimes they will push each other away as they crowd me in bed.
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A classic scenario in my house at the moment: Baby 1 is on my knee getting a bit of milk. Baby 2 wanders along and tries to pull baby 1 off my knee, accompanied by much stamping of feet and squealing. I try to distract baby 2 with story book. Baby 1 stops nursing and looks round to see the book, gets annoyed that baby 2 is having all the fun with page turning. I put baby 1 down and try to read story to both babies - they fight over book.

At the moment they want whatever the other one's got, and that's final! I hope is IS a phase...
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