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I am having a difficult time getting out with my 10 month old twin boys. Even simple things like getting gas are a nightmare. We don't have many full serve staions here and I feel uncomfortable leaving them in the car while I go pay. Our stroller is a side by side and it is impossible to get through doorways and aisles. Usually I put one in a sling and one in an umbrella stroller, but I get lots of weird looks and comments like "you should buy a double stroller :
Many of the playgroups I go to are in church basements and I don't like carrying them down stairs at the same time. I feel the need to get out of these four walls, but sometimes it is just so much easier to stay here,yk? Anyone else dealing with this?
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Do you if anyone at the playgroup is willing to come upstairs at a designated time to help you bring the boys down? Or if you have a cell phone you could call someone at the playgroup to come out and help you.

Sometimes I used to put one in the stroller and the other in a front carrier, until they got too heavy. If someone makes a comment, they are an idiot. I would just nod and smile, and tell them "good idea!"
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Yup, btdt! It's really hard when they don't walk and sometimes it's even harder when the are walking! :LOL For gas, I just put my card through and it pays without me having to walk in. If I had to go in, I'd try to go when the gas station isn't crazy busy and run in while having locked the doors and rush right back.

We got a double stroller that's front and back not side to side exactly because it seems like many aisles are too narrow to get through with a side by side. The stupid thing is heavy, but worth it in my opinion.

Going up and down stairs with 2 of them was my biggest issue. Both wanted me to pick 'em up and hold them and so I just got very used to doing it. Can someone at the church help you get down the stairs with both boys? Can you sling one and hold the other?
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Overalls. The kind where the straps cross in the back. You can pick up one kid in each hand with these. Quite useful once they start walking, too.

My side-by-side double stroller just exactly fits through all doorways. But when buying gas I just use my card to pay at the pump. I've also learned where all the good drive-thrus are.

Stairs, however, are a nightmare. I use the elevator, as all public buildings have them courtesy of the ADA.
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:LOL ditto on the overalls! we must have like a dozen pairs... they do come in awfully handy.

i pretty much never went anywhere with the kids alone... actually, i don't really go anywhere now either as they both run off in different directions and it's a whole new ball game! (and one that i seem to be losing, at that! )

having a debit card has been invaluable when we do go out... it pays for gas, food at the drive-thru... saves so much hassle. we do have a double stroller which i love... it's a front and back so we fit mostly anywhere. we actually didn't use it a whole lot before as dh and i would go places together and just sling them. i did use my mei tai carrier to sling one on my back and carried the other on my hip a couple times when we lived in an apartment and i had to walk across the complex to get the mail... it worked really well for short trips and it might work for you getting down to playgroup, etc. and it's fairly quick since you only have to strap one in and then just pick up the other.

good luck!
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I sure am dealing with this! My two are just shy of seven months and we're not completely sitting, much less walking.

Our LLL group meets in a church basement and I like the idea of calling someone. Most of the time, however, I sling the less stable babe and carry the other. I know what you mean about not wanting to carry both down the stairs. #1 They're heavy and #2 it doesn't feel super safe sometimes. Once or twice I've put one in the sling and one in the single stroller and used the elevator.

I have to second using the credit card swiper at the gas pump. I can't remember when the last time I had to go in to pay was - other than to buy the occasional Coke.

I didn't think I'd ever get a double stroller. I thought I'd be fine slinging one and single strollering the other but I caved and got a side-by-side. I haven't had problems fitting through doorways but I do feel like we're walking around with a HUGE neon sign that screams, "Twins coming!" and receive more double trouble comments than I care to count.

This problem will pass in time and I shudder to think about how it's going to be once they're both mobile. We have a set of boys who are just shy of two down the street from us and oh boy! You should see them out for a walk with mom without their stroller. It's a bit nutty.

So sorry, no new ideas, just wanted to say you're not alone!

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Yeah, it's crazy, but totally worth the hassles to get out and about.

I only get gas where I can use a credit card at the pump, and we have a front and back stroller that I use for walks or longer excursions.

However, what continues to work best for me (mine are now 18 months) is to use a single stroller and a backpack. The backpack is much more secure feeling to me than a sling with a wiggly toddler in it. So, I can carry one on my back and one in my arms to go up and down stairs, or whatever. (Or, if one "demands" to walk on their own, I can hold hands with them and still have the other one on my back and out of harms way.) It works great for grocery shopping too (one in the backpack, one in the cart seat).

I use the backpack a ton around the house even, since it keeps grabbing hands away from whatever I'm trying to do (but they still get to see everything). Mine is a cheap Gerry carrier I found at a garage sale for $5 and it's been worth ten times that to me.
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Oh it's so exhausting just to get out the door, isn't it? Sigh...

As for the stupid comments from passersby, screw them. They have NO IDEA what they are talking about. The stupid comments happen no matter how you are taking the twins out. People are idiots. I am getting even more offended by these comments now that my girls are getting old enough that they show some signs of understanding some words.

As for navigating stairs, I had this issue with LLL meetings for a while and ALWAYS insisted (and I mean insisted, though very politely and in a very friendly way) on help. I had a couple of moms who helped me. Don't expect moms of singletons to have any idea what you are going through, but don't expect to get around like a mom of a singleton either. Get help.

As for gas, DH got gas for me the first year. I still don't get gas much, and only at full service stations unless another adult helper is in the van with me. This is a job for an assistant if you have one. Or plan a route to a full service station when you have to - I hate doing that but I have my route planned out when I do.

I actually LOVE your sling/umbrella stroller combination idea. But I'm surprised you can't get through doorways with your side by side. The way they are made nowadays they are supposed to get through standard doorways. My side by side navigates really well in almost any situation, even Walmart, aka Store Hell. Is it possible you have an older stroller or even a defective one? Side by sides are made to be very practical these days.

All that being said, there are so many days when I have to almost peel myself off the floor to get ready to go out and then I am so exhausted by the time we get in the car... oh mama I feel your pain. At some point this HAS to get easier, doesn't it?
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Just thought I'd make a suggestion: teach them how to climb up and down stairs. My DD was going up at 9 mos and down at 10 mos, well before she could walk. Then you just have to go below them in case someone slips (which my DD has only done once, and that while trying to carry a toy up w/ her).

Can you sling one on each hip for things like up/down stairs?

As for the running in opposite directions, my mom used to tie a rope around my sisters' waists, one on each end, and hold it in the middle, when we went for any kind of walk w/o the stroller. Left a hand free to hold on to mine.

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I used a pouch sling on each hip to carry my twins before they were walking. If I was in a hurry & just needed to, say, get into the store to put them in the cart, I would just sling the first one & carry the other in arms, but at least that way I had both hands free to get the 2nd one out of her carseat.

I've never really had a problem going up & down stairs with both, but I wanted to add another vote for teaching them to go up/down on their own (at least at home, obviously don't want them crawling up/down public stairs). The way our staircase is, it was going to be expensive & a total pain to gate the bottom of the stairs, so we gated the top & took a "wait & see" approach with the bottom. As soon as they were at all mobile we'd started working w/ them to learn to slide off our bed on their tummy since they were cosleeping at that time (our "bed" is currently just mattress & boxsprings on the floor so not too high to safely slide off) so as soon as they started climbing the steps they automatically slid back down on their tummies, same as they did off the bed.

Running in opposite directions: As much as I hate the look, I went ahead & got 2 of the toddler harnesses. In most situations, the rule is that they're supposed to hold my hand &/or each other's hand (so I'll hold Ashlyn's hand & she'll hold Lexie's hand, for example) but I use the harnesses as a "backup" in case they don't follow the rule. So I'll put the harnesses on & clip the other end of both to my beltloop. Then if one tries to run away she can't get far because she's hooked to me. But in some situations (like an acquarium/zoo/museum) we do end up just letting them run ahead of us & we hold the harnesses & try to keep up. That keeps them safe from darting through the crowd where we can't follow, but lets them decide where they want to go (that approach works better w/ 2 adults though, so one can hold each harness & the kids *can* go in opposite directions LOL).
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Actually, geezermom and Ravin, many public buildings don't have adequate elevators, door openings,including the subway system in Boston! And private buildings (health clubs, churches, etc.), are often grandfathered in, and don't have them. I always had this problem at LLL meetings at a local church, but others were always willing to help. I agree with the overall idea-it worked for me many times! Also, if you really can't get in, COMPLAIN!!! I got a health club to change its policies about entrances because I couldn't get up a set of stairs with the boys. Until someone lets them know, most people don't think of these things. Enjoy the boys, julielenore-twin boys are the best!!!
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