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Hello all - I'm new here, and totally excited to have found this place! I'm 14 weeks (tomorrow) with ID twins and I've been mulling over using cloth diapers for these two. I already have 2 boys - 7 and 4.5 and used disposables and all I can remember is how their little butts got so raw from yeast and heat rash... and I really would like to avoid that with these new ones.

So, much to the groans of my dh and friends, I'm looking into cloth...

Looking into cloth, however, is like looking into physics. There are soooo many products and I've never done this before. Can anyone point me to a website or something that explains the difference in all the different types of diapers and the extras I'll need? Plus, does anyone have the cost breakdown of cloth vs. disposable (to convince hubby).

And finally, is it REALLY that much more work to use cloth on newborns... espcially multiples?

Any help is appreciated!!

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We started off with cloth diapers, but got tired of washing the bedding after leaks. We were using a diaper service. The cost savings was going to be pretty good, the price breaks out much better w/twins vs. single (plus we don't have a washer/dryer in our apartment).

Still on disposables @15 months, no problems w/yeast or heat rash (yet).
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Hi Chelsea. My dd has been in cds since birth. Check out the cd board here at MDC. There are some stickies at the top of the board that will lead you to lots of good info. We have used prefolds and wrap style covers and been very happy. I am 20 weeks pg with twins, so I have no insight into cding twins, though we are planning on it. If I had the $$ I would probably use a service for the first couple of months until we were in a bit of a routine, but as it is it just looks like dh will get to do more laundry! :LOL

Trying to get my bearings...
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We CD'd our twins, at home, for the first year & a half (give or take) of their life. And it really wasn't that bad. When they were tiny, anytime mom or MIL came over they would catch me up on folding (more of an issue right at first becuase even the infant prefolds were too big so I was using some flatfolds (the cheap gerber ones) so they HAD to be folded. Prefolds can just be left in the laundry basket till needed LOL). The one thing that I know was key to me was having a conveniently located laundry room. Ours is right outside our bedroom. If I'd had to remember to go down to the basement (like our townhouse was) it would never have worked for me (shoot, I could barely keep up w/ regular laundry for just dh & I when it was in the basement LOL).

I found that we really didn't need any more diapers w/ twins than we would w/ one, most of the recommendations for # of diapers (3 dozen if I remember right) are the max that will fit in the washer/dryer and leave enough to use while they wash. Really no need for more than that, you just have to wash more often with two. You DO ideally want twice as many covers though (or at least a couple more). I think I had 6 per size plus some not so great ones I'd gotten off ebay & as hand-me-downs & such. The extras only got used if we had an extra bad day & all 6 of the decent ones got poopy.

We rarely used cloth when we went out, just because w/ twins I was toting SO much other stuff, including 2 kids, and wanted the absolute smallest diaperbag I could get by with.

We stopped using cloth when they were getting really wiggly/hard to change, combined with the fact that one would be grabbing, walking in, etc. the wet diaper while I got the clean one on the other one. At that point dh started flat out refusing to use cloth & would put them in a sposie anytime he changed them (which at that time was first thing in the morning & sometimes in the evening). Combine that with the fact that they were only napping in the car at that point & most days I would run errands after their nap (so we were out of the house for 3+ hrs each afternoon), so were wearing sposies then and we just weren't going through enough cloth to have a full load to wash on a regular enough basis to keep them from getting nasty. So we switched to all disposables. I'm thinking about switching back now that they're old enough to know not to touch the wet/dirty diaper, & their poop's more solid (that was the other thing I HATED was the solid food, but still sticks to the diaper, poop!), and I'd like them to start noticing (& not liking) the wetness so we can move toward potty training & such. Plus we're often home all day now so wouldn't have that break in the middle of the day where they were in sposies. But can't talk dh into being on board, so not sure . . .
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Thank you all for your help - I've learned a lot in the last day and dh isn't completely opposed to the idea... but he's the one who has been and will be doing laundry in our basement (3 level townhouse) so I guess I should be prepared for anything! Thanks again!
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We started our twin boys in cloth diapers at 8 months and still are at 23 months. We use disposables for night time since they soak thru the cloth at night. I think we are saving a lot of money. In the beginning I had enough diapers for one day, so I did laundry at least once a day. Now we have enough for two days.
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We've used cd's since birth on our girls (now 16 mths) and I don't find it a big deal at all. We use Fuzzi Bunz and love them. You definitely don't need twice as many dipes as with a singleton - maybe 1 1/2 times as many but that would be the absolute most. We had 36 when they were newborns and that was way too many. We would have been more than fine with 24.
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If you want to use cloth, it's definitely do-able. I used a service for my twins when they were newborns, and it was wonderful. The clean diapers were delivered to my door and the dirties taken away and washed - even easier than disposies!

Right now I have about 4 dozen diapers, but that includes the leftovers from when I had 3 in dipes full time. I probably only use about 1/2 of that, unless I get lazy and don't wash as often.
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If you're familiar with sposies and wanting to switch to cloth, I highly recommend trying pocket diapers. Fuzzi Buns are the biggest name in pockets, there are also others like Wonderoos and Happy Heinies and several others. Check out the diapering forum here and also check out www.diaperpin.com for more info. The old idea of diapers you have to change every 20 minutes, pins, plastic pants, it's just not the reality of cloth diapering these days. I change my girls' cloth diapers at the same intervals I used to change the sposies. I also CD at night with less leaks than with sposies.

I use Fuzzi Buns and Wonderoos and was terrified to switch my twins from sposies to cloth. Now I'll never look back. A friend who has her singleton in FBs and Wonderoos from birth says she has the occasional leak. I had CONSTANT HUGE leaks with sposies in the newborn period. I wish I had known about pockets.

Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy! Twins rock! And they're sooooo cute in the cute colors that cloth diapers come in!
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Just wanted to say that I recently began using Wonderoos with my 6 month old twins and I love them! I have 3 in diapers right now as I also have a 2 year old ds, and as a single mom of 4 I figure in the long run I have saved a lot of money using cloth! And...we haven't had any leaks. At night time I just add an extra liner in the pocket and it keeps the babies and the bed dry. As a matter of fact, I had to use a disposable diaper on the babies at night about a week ago, and dd peed through the disposable all over herself and the bed! No more of that for us...and my dd's awful skin problems have really cleared up with the wonderoos! Not to mention that they are so cute in the cloth diapers!
Good luck!!
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