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Diane~Alena's Avatar Diane~Alena 04:44 PM 07-26-2005
I have an issue and I think I am being to sensitive : but I need to talk about it anyway.

My bestfriend has a little girl that has been in my daughters classes. Grade one she was with Liz and grade two with Emma. My friend also has a baby my babys age and older kids I adore. I have always felt so close as a family to her family. She moved up north last month and it has been hard. I just found out that she has had her daughter that is my twins age calling down here every night to talk to a school friend and not once has this child called here to talk to my twin girls. My daughters have had alot of playdates with this little girl and it seems sad to me that she hasn't called. We were always together as a families and I know we miss them alot. On the last visit we had with them(last week) I was told that her daughter finds it hard to be friends with "twins" I was dumbfounded. the little girl told her mother that she would never make friends with twins again. I have had them on individial playdates with this child, and even group playdates. This little girl has begged at times to come over to play. this just seems so out of the blue.

Has anyone else had this happen to their children? Is there a way around it? Should I expect my friend to talk to her daughter( she is 8). Or should I try talking to her. I am saddned by this and I almost upset with my bestfriend for not thinking of my daughters feelings on this matter. I know we can't take control of their lives at 8 but I do try to guide my children to be polite and kind.

Help :