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BoyGirlTwinsAPMama's Avatar BoyGirlTwinsAPMama 03:12 AM 08-11-2005
Originally Posted by Erin11
Andrea- Did you deliver vaginally or need to have a c-section?? I am really scared that the babies will come early but I am also really scared of needing a c-section (emergency c-section or regular)
HI, I'm jumping in here, hope you don't mind! I had a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks and was terrified of it. It turned out to be a very necessary medical procedure for me and I healed quickly and painlessly from it. Really, it was not a bad thing and you can relax about a c if you need it and you have a great doctor, then be ok that it might save your babies lives (it literally saved my daughter's life, baby b).

Also, I was on a very high 176grams, yes 176 grams of protein per DAY twins diet. That's a lot of protein, but my babies did really really well on it although I gained weight like a pig from it. My ds was 6lbs.8oz. and my dd was 5lbs.8oz. If ever I felt contractions I laid down with a big 16 oz. drink of water for 2 hours. Never went food shopping without someone to carry the groceries, never went for a walk, never vacuumed the house, never walked up/down stairs, stayed on the main floor of our house the entire 3rd trimester, never just sat in a chair for more than 15 minutes (it restricts blood flow to the uterus), never stood up for more than 15 minutes(restricts blood flow to the uterus), never did any exercise that used the large muscles (again, restricts blood flow to the uterus). It was GRUELING, but really, I saw the pain and suffering of those families in NICU (my babies went for 2 days and it was really rough on us) and I was sooooo happy that I took my pregnancy so seriously and went full term on purpose. I never had high blood pressure, no complications whatsoever, and it was all to the very restricted life I led and also the 176 grams of protein per day was very important for me and for the babies to grow properly. Eat 2 eggs per day every day as part of your protein. That provides 12 grams of protein, but it also provides methionine which is important for babies brains and is very hard to have enough of for twins. Keep those babies inside you as long as humanly possible and even if you want to take a shower, if you are on bedrest, then just wait. The bigger your babies are at birth, the better for them and for you. I really hope you are doing and feeling well. Post here or email me. I will encourage you as much as I can! My twins are 25 months old now and really, they are A PLEASURE. But it was SOOO hard in the beginning. It gets easier the bigger they are and you really want them as big as you can get them inside of you. We used disposable diapers even though I wanted to use cloth. It was nuts to think of more work. I breastfed them after having to pump milk for 8 weeks straight to get them to nurse after the stupid bottles that NICU gave them. It was totally worth it hanging in to nurse them b/c it was so much easier for me than washing/making/sterilizing the bottles of formula and they didn't do so well in their little tummies from formula so the breastmilk in the bottles at first and then the nursing really was a godsend. HTH!

Diane~Alena's Avatar Diane~Alena 04:59 AM 08-11-2005
Erin I though it sounded like a UTI! I am glad it has cleared up. I have made it 4 more weeks after being told my cervix was shortening. So rest and hang in there...please remember that bedrest is much better then preemies. Take a look at my website and see my albums you will see bad preemie pics and know you don't want that for your babies (my link is in my signature). My daughter Emma has some tough issues from being born at 29 wks. Every day in the womb is better then a week in the NICU. I also wanted to let you know that I was able to deliver my twins vaginaly and I had twin "b" breech. Both of them being head down sounds awesome I hope they don't start flipping like mine did at that geststion.
Erin11's Avatar Erin11 01:20 PM 08-11-2005
If I can hold out for 4 more weeks that would put me around 34-35 weeks. My doctor didn't totally put me on bedrest, just told me to take it easy. The weird thing is, that I feel great lately, someone told me that it's just the "calm before the storm". He did another fetal fibronectin test yesterday so hopefully that came back okay, even though I know they can be wrong sometimes. Both of the doctors I see sound VERY positive about vaginal delivery. 80% chance, they both said. As long as baby A is head down, they can deliver her and then if baby B turns breech he said they can usually turn them. I'm just hoping they stay put for a few more weeks
Ellie'sMom's Avatar Ellie'sMom 02:12 AM 08-14-2005
Hi Erin. I just wanted to jump in and second (or third) the importance of rest, diet and a positive outlook! You just never know. My cervix started shortening at 23 weeks! I was on modified bedrest (meaning "take it easy") and my doc seemed pretty concerned. I'v also had lots of BHs since quite early on. Well, here I sit at 35 weeks. My cervix has shortened a bit more in the past month and it is very soft, but it is closed and posterior. Who knows when these boys will decide to come, but I just give thanks every morning and night that they've gotten one more day to cook!

I am taking a magnesium/calcium supp and fish oil as well, fwiw.

Good luck!!

eta: Geezermom: I am totally with you on the increased libido. It's crazy!!
obsydyn's Avatar obsydyn 04:11 PM 08-17-2005
Erin, I was in the hospital last monday (28 weeks) for contractions for 9 hours. They got as close as every 3-5 minutes, but my cervix didn't change. Turns out, I had a slight UTI that was causing my uterus to contract (I have an irritable uterus per my last pregnancy) and I was sent home w/terbutaline. I haven't taken any since last Thursday and although I'm still contracting a lot, none of it is regular.

I feel your pain, but I'm going for 38 weeks if it kills me!
sarahloughmiller's Avatar sarahloughmiller 08:07 PM 08-17-2005
I just wanted to add that the u/s doc told me at 24 weeks that my cervix had shortened and I am now 37 weeks and still no babies! They really scare you when they tell you things like this and tell you you just need to make it a few more weeks and the babies will much better. They were telling me that if I could just make it to 28 weeks the babies would have an 80% chance of being normal. It was very scary at the time, and I think very unnecisary. Maybe shortening of the cervix is normal, it seems pretty common, and if it was never checked it would never be an issue. I know it is hard, but try not to worry too much and just rest and take care of yourself.
Erin11's Avatar Erin11 11:27 PM 08-17-2005
thanks for all the responses. I had another doc. appointment today and ultrasound, everything looked good. the doctor said im 50% effaced and -3 station. he didn't put me on bedrest or seem concerned, so im not going to be concerned, especially since i have been feeling great.

the babies were measuring approx. 3'13 and 4'5, which i am told is good for 31 weeks. still both head down!!
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