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Diane~Alena's Avatar Diane~Alena 06:01 PM 08-16-2005
My faternal twin girls are 8 they just had a birthday on June 30 of this year. I have been seeing alot of pregnant moms here and nursing mom, is anyone raising older twins like mine?

emblmrgrl's Avatar emblmrgrl 12:53 AM 08-17-2005
My boys are 5 1/2. I do think there's a couple more people here with older twins though.
BoyGirlTwinsAPMama's Avatar BoyGirlTwinsAPMama 02:49 AM 08-19-2005
My twins are 25 months old.
1Plus2's Avatar 1Plus2 01:17 PM 08-19-2005
My girls are 32-months.
amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 11:28 AM 08-26-2005
My boys are 10 1/2.
3kidsunder2's Avatar 3kidsunder2 01:13 AM 08-27-2005
mine are 2 years old. (well, 2 years, 4 months, to be exact..).
jens7lil1s's Avatar jens7lil1s 07:22 PM 08-27-2005
They are 3 months, but IMO they are the cutest 3 month old boys in the universe!
Fleurette's Avatar Fleurette 01:12 PM 08-28-2005
My guys are almost 20 months old.
spreadthenews123's Avatar spreadthenews123 06:29 PM 09-06-2005
Hello ladies,
I know this forum is about parenting twins, but I just had to chime in. I am a fraternal twin (I have a twin sister) and the birth mother to identical twin boys.
And this is where I feel a little sheepish chiming in - they're 27 years old. I'm just posting this as a little boost to all mothers of multiples out there who might think there's no light at the end of the tunnel - there is lots of light out there. I just came back from one of the twins' graduation from the police academy (his twin brother also went into law enforcement). Raising kids, whether they be singletons or multiples just means there are myriad moments of joy that supersede moments of frustration (like toilet training).
My twin sister and my own twins are very special to me (as are my other two kids) but I admit the world of twins is intriguing.
Have fun, lots of fun~
twindaze's Avatar twindaze 02:33 AM 09-07-2005
Mine are 7. I've come here since they were pretty small though.
megpaw's Avatar megpaw 04:15 PM 09-07-2005
My girls are 26 months old.
faythe's Avatar faythe 01:17 PM 09-09-2005
My girls are 4 1/2.
Rowenta's Avatar Rowenta 04:50 PM 09-10-2005
My twins will be 4 in Dec. they are Bobsi twins.

4Kids4Me2Love's Avatar 4Kids4Me2Love 09:19 PM 09-10-2005
I have 12 week old fraternal twins.
latinmom's Avatar latinmom 09:32 PM 09-10-2005
Mine are 5 1/4. They just started kindergarten!!
tracyhos's Avatar tracyhos 11:52 PM 09-11-2005
I'm new here!
We have fraternal twin boys that are 19 months old and we are expecting #3 in about one month!

mama to Sam and Jack
edd#3 10/12/05
whimsy's Avatar whimsy 02:01 AM 09-25-2005
Woo Hooo I might win this one!

My girls are 12!

It has went by too fast.
toepea's Avatar toepea 03:59 PM 09-28-2005
Mine are close to 6.
seedgirl's Avatar seedgirl 01:19 AM 10-03-2005
My id girls will be 3 on Christmas.
mama2manykidlets's Avatar mama2manykidlets 01:01 AM 10-04-2005
mine are 6yrs and 4 yrs...not the oldest!