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So, I had my 20 week appointment yesterday. For the second time, he's mentioned that a c-section is a probability (not possibility, probability). I laughed, and explained to him that he didn't know how incredibly hard headed I am. He mentioned that if one was breech, he'd *have* to do a section. I told him that he could do a version after the first was born, to which he replied, "I'm getting too old for that." WTF? I tried to keep the mood light, but was very insistent that, barring a MAJOR problem (I'll not have that whole "you're killing your babies" crap when there is really nothing wrong, just for the convenience of the doctor) during birth, I'm not having ANY intervention. Because a friend was in the hospital, I had the opportunity to ask an L&D nurse about him... she had nothing but good things to say, and you could tell she admired him a lot, but she did admit that he prefers twins to be sectioned.

All of this could be premature, as I have a history of PIH in my first pregnancy. However, that first baby was born at home, and I'm really only going to the hospital because it's twins, and there are no birthing centers around here, and no local midwives that I think are experienced enough for the possible complications of twins.

So what do I do? Do I start interviewing other docs? Do I call the nearest birthing center which is over an hour away (the hospital currently is half a mile from our house). I was in labor only 10 hours with my first, and that's from the first moment that I noticed that it was contractions and back labor, not from when they got regular, painful, etc.

I really *do* like my doc. He's also my friend's OB, and has been wonderful with her, and other people I've heard from (I'm new to this area). He's normally really nice, and when I first found out about the twins (at 8 weeks) he was very straightforward about the condition (drastically different fluid levels initially, has stabilized now), and didn't give b.s. about scary what-ifs or fantasy "it'll be okay" numbers, and I appreciated that. But this insistence, and history, of sectioning twins just really bugs me.

Any suggestions, happy stories, etc, especially if they concern breech birth, versions, and all-natural/crunchy births (sucessful and unsuccessfully attempted) would be greatly appreciated.

(this is crossposted to an LJ forum, so apologies if some of you have seen it there too).
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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your twin pregnancy!! You're in for a truly fun - and crazy at times - experience.

My OB told me from the beginning (I found out at 9-weeks that I was carrying twins) that he would do all he could to help me have a vaginal birth. From about 20-weeks on my Baby B was either laying sideways or breech while my Baby A was head down. He continued to reassure me that as long as Baby A stayed head down that I could still have them vaginally. He said that I would deliver A and then he would turn B to have her born vaginally if she did not turn herself. I was induced at 38w3d due to high bp. From the time the induction started until I began pushing was just a few hours....4 to 5 tops. I did have to deliver in the OR because of the possibility of an emergency c-section for Baby B. Lillie (Baby A) came out in only a few pushes. Then my OB's (there were two with me) used an ultrasound to find the positiion of B. She was still breech and did not look like she was going to move on her own. They then turned her from the outside. One OB turned her and the other put his hands ( ) inside of me to keep her cord from coming out. Turning her took a couple of minutes. After she was turned I started pushing her out. That took longer since she was not engaged. She was born 47 minutes after her sister.

I did have an epidural but I know that I could have done it without one. The part where he had his hand in me during turning was super uncomfortable even with the epidural but it didn't last long.

I too very much like my OB and would hate to have to search for another one if we didn't agree on something. But when it's something as big as having a c-section or not just because you are carrying twins then that is huge. As much as you like him, I would first start talking to other OB's about their policies for twin births. If you can't find one to agree to at least letting you try for a vaginal birth then call the birthing center.

Good luck and enjoy those babies!!!!!

Karen - Mama to Haven (9/00) , Lillie & Faith (MZ - 12/02) and my first homebirthed baby, Willa (3/08)
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I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with my twins, and I had to switch doctors around 16-18 weeks. I just did not feel comfortable with the first doctor I was seeing. I switched and now I am happier with the office that I am at now than I ever thought I would be. Although both of my babies are head down and have been the whole time, they told me that there is a chance baby B could turn after A comes out. He said they shouldn't have trouble turning her if she did decide to turn breech. He gave me 80% chance of vaginal birth.
I would say go with your gut instinct and ask around about other doctors you may have in the area, it's not too late and you might find yourself much happier with a new doctor!! It's very important to have a positive/encouraging doctor on your side!!
Good Luck!
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Honestly? I'd try really really really hard to find a midwife. Maybe there's one that you haven't heard about yet. We have a lot of twins in the family and so it's always a concern to me- I made sure to find a midwife who would keep me if it was twins (ended up with one who had twins of her own uc )
Without an ACTUAL problem there is no way I'd attempt a hospital birth with twins with what the climate is these days.

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What state do you live in?
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I had a midwife attended birth in a hospital.
I would definitely try to find a midwife. They are trained to handle most situations and they also can recognize situations they are not able to handle and get you an OB. So I really dont think there is any advantage of an OB over a midwife at all.
In my state midwives cannot attend twins at home so my only choice was a cnm at a hospital. But I had as good a birth as possible at the hospital. I delivered vaginally and would have even if baby B was breech.
The docs all do twins in the OR in case a c-section is needed. But I was able to have things mostly my way because of the midwife I had.
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Mine were preemies so a homebirth would have been a problem for me. My OB never ever mentioned c/s to me. I finally asked him about it & he was very casual saying that as long as the first baby stayed head down & the second baby didn't become distressed there would be no need to even think about doing one. But I agree that if you aren't comfortable with your OB you might think about another.
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My doc told me that if A was head down, she would deliver A, then turn B. However, she strongly suggested an epidural, as she said the version for B would be extremely painful. (I said, "more painful than delivering the first baby!?") Basically, I think she wanted the epidural just in case they had to do an emergency C-section for B. She also said that most of the other doctors in her practice would do a c-section rather than attempt a vaginal birth at all

In the end, I had to have a c-section b/c I never went into labor, could barely walk anymore I was so enormous, and both babies were breech. It was not the delivery I hoped for, but I was thankful to be in the hospital when everything was said and done.

Also, it's not too late to find another doctor.
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If you really cannot find a midwife, than find a hard-headed doula to be with you at the hospital. If it weren't for the twin thing, we would have had a homebirth... but if it weren't for my midwife, I don't even want to think about it! All the Dr.s were only thinking about their own convenience and liability issues. She trully went to bat for me in there... At 32 weeks we were told that I was to be induced that day. All of my instincts told me that this was wrong wrong wrong. We literally RAN from that hospital while they were getting the doc ready to see us. My girls were delivered into the loving hands of my midwife, perfectly healthy, at 36 weeks. That would not have been the case had I taken the advice of the OB. It was in a hospital, but it was the first natural, vaginal twin birth any of the nurses had ever seen!

My babies were not always head down... I used visualization and meditation to communicate to them the importance of being upside down, and for good measure, I put an ice pack at the top of my belly (to make them turn away from the cold) and a flashlight on the bottom (I heard the light would spark their interest). I don't know if any of that was what helped, but I trully feel that you just need to talk to your babies about everything that is going on. They understand you in the most intense, primal ways. Don't ever doubt that link. Follow your mama instincts.

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He may have had some bad experiences in the past, where babies were lost and he doesn't want to repeat that - so he goes with what he condisers to be the better safe than sorry route. I would talk with im and make sure he understands how you feel and what your needs are. If you can not become in agreement you would do best to find a physician who is comfortable with your plans.
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