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jens7lil1s's Avatar jens7lil1s 11:49 PM 08-27-2005
I am so tickled!!!! Guess what I did tonight for the 1st time since having the twins!


I tandem nursed both of them. After taking the reglan for almost 2 weeks I FINALLY had enough milk to nurse both babies at once. AND, even more amazing is they allowed each other to nurse together, normally they fight if I even try to nurse both at once, so, to be honest with all the supply issues, etc. I have not even tried to attempt this again for a good month! I am so excited, I am feeling like less of a failure every single day!!!!!!!!!!

mamadawg's Avatar mamadawg 04:24 AM 08-28-2005
That's awesome!!!

I remember that feeling like it was yesterday!

Good for you!

And you are NOT a failure. You have stuck with it & that is more of an accomplishment than most people make.

If you ever need a pep talk, please please PLEASE pm me. I was there once & it was the hardest thing I've ever done. My girls will be 2 next month & they're still nursing. You can do it, mama.

Bask in your joy!!
Diane~Alena's Avatar Diane~Alena 03:57 PM 08-28-2005
ow! good for you for sticking with it! Keep up the good work momma!
royaloakmi's Avatar royaloakmi 10:44 PM 08-28-2005
You are awesome for perservering!
gotmilkmama's Avatar gotmilkmama 03:56 PM 08-30-2005
Way to go Jennifer!!! Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back!! I remember those wonderful feelings of accomplishment!! It's a big deal and good for you!!

Hey I see you are in MO - what part? I'm in St. Louis.
jens7lil1s's Avatar jens7lil1s 09:24 PM 08-30-2005

eden/averymum's Avatar eden/averymum 03:57 PM 08-31-2005
Good job mamma. It is so much easier to nurse them together eh? Mine are starting to poke each other in the eye :LOL
gotmilkmama's Avatar gotmilkmama 08:50 PM 08-31-2005
Jennifer - I am in North County - Hazelwood/Florissant area. We were in St. Louis City before that. Are you in the twins club? It is hard to find AP breastfeeding mamas there but I recently met one who lives in South County and has twin girls about 10 mos old.

Nice to meet you!
jens7lil1s's Avatar jens7lil1s 08:58 PM 08-31-2005
I have no idea where any twins clubs are, are they fun? Do you have any info? People almost drop when they hear I cd and bf with twins + 7 others, and work. I am one busy mama, but i'd never have it any other way, well, except I wish I did not have to work, but, I have part time help at my store so, I only work Tues, Thurs and Friday from 11-5, some days I leave around 3:30 if we are not busy and my pt helper can handle things alone!
Wugmama's Avatar Wugmama 09:01 PM 08-31-2005
Wow! Way to go!