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Mindyleigh's Avatar Mindyleigh 07:01 PM 09-08-2005
Just wanted to share the great news that one of my best friends just gave birth to her twins "unassisted" at home...although she was surrounded and lovingly tended to by many, many close family members and friends. Her babes were a boy and a girl, born 1 hour apart, 6 pounds 12 ounce and 6 pounds 10 ounces after a 13 hour labor. They were about 39 weeks gestation. So great!

MamaNikki's Avatar MamaNikki 07:32 PM 09-08-2005
Thats so awesome!!!! Best Wishes to her!!
mama_at_home's Avatar mama_at_home 10:39 PM 09-08-2005
Sounds like a beautiful birth! I am so jealous of all the moms who have their twins at home.