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StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 09:30 AM 09-16-2005
Or what was your favorite thing? One of my friends is 15 weeks pregnant with what she just found out is twins. She is so scared and nervous. She also has a 2 1/2 year old boy. What was your most useful thing? She does plan on trying to nurse them, but is really really nervous about it. Is there a book for nursing with twins I could get her?


CajunMama's Avatar CajunMama 12:55 PM 09-17-2005

I'm 17w and have an almost 2yo DS. Very interested in the responses!
SoInLove's Avatar SoInLove 01:07 PM 09-17-2005
What a blessing! Tell your friend to enjoy every second, even the difficult times. It goes by so fast and she will be amazed at the things she will be able to do. If I can give one piece of advice it would be to invest in a twin nursing pillow. It was very helpful and allowed me to nurse them at the same time...they would hold hands...so sweet.
royaloakmi's Avatar royaloakmi 10:37 PM 09-17-2005
"Mothering Multiples" by Karen Gromeda (sp?) is a great book about nursing twins (and higher order multiples). I believe it is a La Leche League publication. I consulted my copy almost daily when my twins were newborns. As many moms on this board will confirm, it IS possible to nurse twins.

I also could not have done without my twin nursing pillow. I believe it was called an EZ 2 Nurse, there are many different ones out there for twins. (I found a regular Boppy to be useless.)

Good luck to your friend. (And help her stock her freezer with lots of easy meals before those babes are born :-)
gotmilkmama's Avatar gotmilkmama 05:33 PM 09-22-2005
Most useful thing was our glider, our rocker/recliner, our oversized big chair, and our king size bed!! These are things that are on the high end of the gift spectrum I know. But we spent many a day and nights in these things!!

We had the glider, rocker/recliner, and king size...but when preg with my girls my mom got an empty coffe can and wrote on it Twin A and Twin B fund. Whenever someone came over to her house they deposited funds into the can. My mom gave me the can when they were born and said spend it on whatever you need.

When the girls were 6 days old we went out and bought the rocker/recliner. It was really for dh because he spent alot of time falling asleep in our other non reclining chairs with our ds and wanted to be able to recline if he was going to do this again times 2. So it was officially "dad's chair". But mommy used it LOTS!! I was literally stuck in it all day and all night nursing my girls and it was so nice to be able to kick my feet up and recline. We purposely got a recliner with the material in the middle btwn seat and foot part so the girls wouldn't slip through. Or I could lay one there while I got situated. It was a godsend!! Those first few months of literally nursing one or both babies ALL DAY are the roughest. Having a good comfy supportive safe enjoyable nursing spot makes all the difference!!