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HairyArmpits's Avatar HairyArmpits 12:56 PM 09-16-2005
My dd2's left leg kind of curves out and her foot turns in, and it has not affected her development, (she was the first one to walk...) so I am not too stressed about it as of yet, but I've heard this is more common with twins (I guess because of less room in the womb, she was more scrunched up?)
I just figured I'd see if anyone else experienced this and what to do about it before it gets any worse. (btw:they are now 20 mo.)
Thanks, mamas!

Mindyleigh's Avatar Mindyleigh 06:05 PM 09-16-2005
You know, my twins (especially my daughter) have the same body frame. My daughter's legs, while remarkably beautiful to me , definitely curve outward on the sides. I think Psalm's do too. They both walked around a year (she took a bit longer) and it hasn't seemed to hamper them any. I never thought to be concerned about it!

My daughter is very flexible. Her brother can do some nifty things with his body too. When he came out, he was flexed back like a crescent moon and it took him several moments to "uncurve" his spine. Now, he prefers that position. If he sleeps, he flips himself back into a crescent moon, with his face practically pointed upward and his belly sticking out. He loves "flipping" back in that position if he's in the sling...scares me half to death but he thinks it's hilarious, throwing himself back and hanging. I think he may have been curved around her that way in the womb and sort of "grew" that way.

Crazy babies...
amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 11:18 AM 09-17-2005
It usually gets better on it's own. One of my boys had it & it wasn't gone until he was about 7 or 8.
HairyArmpits's Avatar HairyArmpits 03:37 PM 09-20-2005
Thanks, mamas, for sharing your perspectives...
Amnesiac: that link was especially helpful. Now I have something to show the MIL when she starts getting on my case again!
My dd also likes to sleep in a crescent position, like Psalm, with her pillow under her back... so cute...