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What did you ave too much of?

What did you need more of?

What was the best thing had for them?

My friends are throwing a baby shower for us. I never had one with DS, 99% of his stuff was given to us, hand me downs, etc etc. Only thing we got new was his car seat/stroller combo, and a few preemie outfits.

We dont have much of anything for these 2. We do have a few of DS outfits left. So we need to register for alot of items. I just need to know how much of each.

Hooded towels?

I know the list goes on and on and

I only have a few days to get this done, because they need to mail invites before the end of the week, as they are doing my baby shower in 7-8 weeks.

Thanks so much!!!!
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Good question.

I'd say make sure you get lots of diapers, a good sling or trekker or two, lots of interchangeable clothes (ie onesies, leggings, sweaters etc which are easy to put on, work well together so you only have to pack a limited amount). People like to buy 'cute' outfits. What I wanted was stuff that was not fussy, was comfortable and coordinated as much as possible.

I had 2 diaper bags - one was a decent sized knapsack (so you have 2 hands available), and the other lived in my van and held back up stuff (extra clothes, diapers, wipes/cloths, snacks, treats/toys/books for my DS, a clean shirt for me etc, small amount of cash.) I only replenished the back up when necessary. The day to day one only carried enough basics for a quick trip somewhere.

I kept a trekker and a sling in the van and another set in the house. When you are moving 2 babies (and other kids) in and out, the less stuff to carry from one place to the other the better, and its so easy to get distracted esp in the early days.

Nice shower gifts:
house cleaning service
diaper service
food - frozen or delivered fresh on a rotating schedule
film and developing, someone to take regular pictures for you, or a professional portrait service,
take out coupons/gift certificates
toys/treats for you older child(ren)
car seat/stroller combos
baby monitor (I used mine to listen to my eldest if I were trying to nurse my twins to sleep. He could whisper to me instead of yelling up the stairs. )

What did we get too much of:
baby toys - we were drowing in them
'good' outfits - we needed practical stuff


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If you are doing cloth diapers I say, stock up so you don't have to wash every day, because some days that is to much to ask. Laundry soap and lots of it!! I would say stock up on lots of gowns if you are cloth diapering I found at night I made the diapers so thick they couldn't fit in sleepers. receiving blankets I used them under their bums tucked tight in the bed so I could rip them out if there was a leak that way I didn't disturb the other baby if I had one alseep already. I needed my swings so I pee without a baby on my lap, I needed it whan one baby needed one on one and I didn't know what to do with the other, basicly it bought me a few minutes when I needed it. lots of basic clothes so if you can't do laundry that day they won't be naked. In the early months this is what got me through the day, weeks. I had my babies co bedding with each other and so I only used one crib untill they were about six months old or so. Good luck to you, twins are a blast, just relax and enjoy
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My twins are 3 1/2 mos old. Here is what we cannot live without. Cloth diapers (4 doz in premie and 5 doz in infants plus at least 4 covers each child). Bouncy seats (2), sleep gowns (6), seasonal outfits (6), and pacifiers (what can I say, they love them :LOL ). Oh, they sleep with us, so we dont have cribs or cradles.
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We got more clothes as gifts than we could ever have possibly used (literally I bought them 2 outfits each the first year & those were w/ a Target gift card). In some sizes I also returned almost every outfit that I could find where to return it & STILL had plenty of clothes for them. I do think that the fact that we didn't tell anyone gender helped us to get more practical clothes since gender neutral sleepers are alot easier to find than "outfits" and that was one of my "motives" in not telling people, I knew if we told them we were having 2 girls we'd be drowning in frilly little dresses that we'd never use.

We were fortunate enough to borrow most of the "baby entertainment gear" in duplicate & we used most of it at various stages but I'd be hesitant to buy that stuff ahead cuz it depends so much on the kids.

Cloth diapers, my theory was no point in having more than would fit in the washer & that worked fine for us, I think we had 6 to 8 covers in each size & about 3 doz prefolds. Used flatfolds (the cheapy ones from gerber) when the girls were first born (around 5 lbs) because they could be folded small enough for them but at that size the nb covers worked fine.

A couple of my friends filled my freezer w/ freezer meals (after confirming what foods we liked) as their shower gift to us & it was AWESOME to not have to cook for those first few months.

Carseats, are a must obviously & I'd highly recommend getting two the same. For the infant seats it was nice to not have to keep track of which seat went where & now that they're toddlers I can guarantee that we'd have arguments about who got to sit in which seat if they were different.

I also got a lot of use out of my double snap-n-go. The frame that the infant carseats snap into. My girls have always tended to fall asleep in the car so it was nice to be able to get somewhere & just transfer the carseats to the snap-n-go & let them keep sleeping. It wasn't horrible to steer & I've found that for shopping & such I've always wanted a stroller (assuming no carts) along even if neither kid is riding in it because when I'm carrying/chasing 2 kids I don't have hands to carry a diaper bag, not to mention anything we buy if we're shopping.

Diaper bags, I've tried a ton & different sizes, types seem to work better at different stages. Early on I preferred the freebie from the hospital. It was small which was nice (not bulky) but big enough to hold a couple of diapers & such. When they were bigger & needed toys & snacks & such, I needed something bigger. Backpacks are nice in that they're out of your way, a pain because you have to take them off your back to get something out of them & don't work if you're carrying a kid on your back. But I did end up using a small backpack diaperbag alot of the time. It was especially essential in the early walking stage when I needed to be able to bend over & hold each kid's hand while they walked. Anything but a backpack would fall off my shoulder & just not work well. . . As someone else suggested, I've always kept a bag of extras in the car, but IMO you don't need a specific diaper bag for that, any extra tote or backpack that you have laying around will work fine since it pretty much is always in the car.

Slings are essential IMO, different ones for different stages & different "skill levels" (as in, if I had infant twins now I think I'd get a LOT of use out of a wrap, but when mine were babies I didn't have time to master the learning curve so never used wraps until recently).
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What did you have too much of? i had way too many dressy outfits as well..people love buying super cute clothes and hate to buy packets of sleepers and you also don't need two of everything, for example, you don't need two baby tubs (if you use them,we didn't).

What did you need more of? onesies, sleepers, gowns... blankets! we had maybe 10 reciving blankets given to us and it was just not enough...with my 4 yr olds i just went out and bought flannel and did some pretty stitching around the edges. i did the same with their cloth diapers, i had some from my older kids but not enough so i bought flannel and made my own...if you have the inclination and a sewing machine, nows the time to do projects like that.

What was the best thing had for them? slings!! i have many slings in all sorts of colors (have to match my outfit you i even made a set in black satin with velvet lining for a formal family wedding. i stitched faux jewels onto the edge of them...i'll have to dig them out and take a pic..i'm still so proud of!
a swing or bouncer is also a wise investment... but only if you want the option of putting them down for a minute to restore the feeling to your
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Good ? and good information so far. I found clothes and diapers very useful toys, swings ect. one was fine. Don't buy cribs or larger items untill you know you will use them.
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This is what I remember REALLY using:

Undershirts - the kind that snap (not onesies). They lived in these for the first couple of months while wrapped in a blanket. (way easier to change since they don't go on over the head). The only place i could find them was (gasp!) Walmart.

Sleepers - between about 2 and 6 months old, all they wore was sleepers. Dealing with actually dressing them was too much for me. Basically, just forget about cute clothes. It takes a long time to get out of the house with infant twins, you don't need to make it more difficult for yourself.

Bag sleepers - mine were winter babes, so I would just put a "bag" over their sleeper at night for extra warmth (or even during the day if they were kicking out of their blankets.)

Double snap n go stroller. I had a c-section and it was really nice not to have to heave a big stroller around in the early weeks. The bucket car seats just snap in.

Food - any food from friends, family and strangers was MOST appreciated. I was starving all the time from nursing and had not time to fix myself food.

At least one sling (I never got the hang of double slinging, so I only needed one.)

Double nursing pillow (if you plan to nurse) - a regular boppy is useless with twins.

I had two bouncies and did use them when they were very wee so that I didn't have to put them on the cold floor in winter when I needed to cook or whatever.

Diaper backpack - I bought a regular school back pack at a garage sale and it is all I have ever used. Having something on one shoulder just doesnt' work for twins IMO. A backpack gives you two hands free.

After they were able to sit, I could not live without my gerry carrier backpack too. They were too squirmy for a sling by that time, but loved (still love) being in the backpack.

I had a ton of receiving blankets and they were all too small for effective swaddling. (Who makes those useless things?!) I wish I would have just gone out before they were born and made bigger ones out of flannel.

Good luck!
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Get the double snap and go. Sometimes you can get them off Craig's list. We have 5 different strollers now. 2 were bought new FOR us, and 3 given to us. (we are still using the snap and go).

BUY EVERYTHING USED, if possible. Baby stuff is a dime a dozen at garage sales, EBay, and Craig's list. Or ask around the people you know, you will get what you need.

I had WAYYYYYY tooooo many blankets/afgans/quilts for babies who sleep in our bed or even if they both slept in their own beds in the middle of Montana in the middle of winter with no indoor heat, sigh. However, I HATED all the swaddlers, so we got the official swaddle blankets with the velcro and LOVED THEM. Get two sets in each size!!

We use our travel size pack and play tons. At night, for naps, etc. It holds two small babies, or one larger baby very nicely and is very easy to move.

A sling, bjorn, and backpacks. (Try to find someone with each to learn from).


Highchairs that are very adjustable, for infants through older toddlers. We can't use bouncy seats because the older child is too unsafe with them, and I can't bend over constantly to put the boys in and out.

Playmats that hold the toys overhead (get it used), saucers (also used), and a jumperoo (used if you can, but they just came out and are hard to find used.).

Someone to come clean your house occasionally!!

I liked one piece play outfits, like old navy outfits that work for day and night i.e. no changing clothes!! Add a sweater if they need a little more warmth. You have to change them enough as it is. Or, if it isn't too cold, lots of tops and bottoms and skip the onsies. Then you can just change the dirty top or wet bottom without doing a total change. It is too cold here for that.

Find a used medala pump. Get the new parts you need, clean it, figure out how to use it, and then hope it sits in the closet!!!! But it really helps if you already have it, if you need it.

Relax. It isn't nearly as hard as you think (if it is, you need to look for more help!!!!)

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They're not typos. . . I can't spell!
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I had toooo mnay cloths and blankets and sheets and towels, you name it, I had too many. How often do you want to do laundry?

I never used a playpen.
I used used used swings and bouncy seats (well, rockers actually).

I have two cribs that the girls now sleep in and we could get by with a half dozen sheets and a half dozen blankets each of lightweight and heavyweight.
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Please pardon my hodge-podge layout...

I agree with other posters, try to get as many items used. One great place you might want to check out is Freecycle and sign on to a local email list. Once the baby items are no longer of use to you but can be used by someone else, you post your items on your Freecycle group. Or if there is something you need, you can post on their, too. I just went to a Freecycle free-4-all, which is a group of people getting together usually in a park, lay out their stuff that they want to get rid of, and let people take what they want. I found some great winter clothing for my twins and cloth napkins for them to play with!

The baby-trend Double-snap-n-go stoller was a God-send!

Frozen food. Lots of it. Have the guests bring some casseroles along with a gift.

We never had bouncy seat but we did get a pair of Fisher Price vibrating rocking chairs. My twins are toddlers now and they love using it still. They are good until a kid weighs about 40lbs.

Get the double nursing pillow (used if you can), boppys are worth bupkus for twins.

A lactation consultant. Nursing twins will be rough at first, and you WILL need support.

Try to get a small sized swing that folds easily. The big ones take way too much space, especially if you want to get two (which we didn't need)

We had way too many cutsie outfits, which we never got to use. And they were EXPENSIVE gifts.

Regarding receiving blankets, if you are having your little ones in hospital, try to get a bunch of them there. The storebrand ones are smaller and not as good.

Hope the tidbits help.

Waldorf mama to 5yo b/g twins
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-double snap n go
-pack n play
-2 swings
-nursing cream/soothies- if you have a sore breast, you can't really give it the day off with 2!
-swaddle me blankets
-blanket bag sleepers
-meals in freezer
-friends to come over and hold babies

these are so helpful to me!
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