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Diane~Alena's Avatar Diane~Alena 03:45 PM 11-15-2005
Ok I have 60 replies to my who went to term with their multiples post. What about us moms who didn't get there. How many of us are there?

My first set of twins went to 20 wks my two little boys died before birth due to an abruption.

I worked hard forcing myself to eat some protein even though I was vegatarien at that time. I was working two jobs and going to night school but I made it to 29 wks with my second set. I was proud at the time even though now I am humbled seeing all the 37 to 40 wks twins here.

so who's with me in the preemie world ?

DanAbimytwomiracle's Avatar DanAbimytwomiracle 03:36 AM 11-16-2005
My heart goes out to you for the loss of your first two boys .One of the moms on my "mainstream" multiples board lost her two boys at 19 weeks due to an incompetent cervix. When she became pg again with twins she had a cervical cerclage but still delivered at 26 weeks. they are doing beautifully but it was the classic "roller coaster" ride in the NICU.

My guys made it to 37.3 weeks, but my dd was several weeks behind developmentally. On the prematurity scale she was 34-35 weeks.
nora--not a llama's Avatar nora--not a llama 02:06 PM 11-16-2005
I went into early labor and my cervix started dilating when I was 28 weeks along with my twins. I was put on bedrest and medications to keep me pregnant. I eventually ended up in the hospital on a magnesium drip and then on terbutaline. I lasted six weeks after I initially went into labor, and my twins delivered early at 34 weeks. They spent about 2 weeks in the NICU before they came home. My pregnancy with them was a complete roller coaster ride. If you want, you can read all about it over in the Mother's Writing Group forum. It's under the heading "The Birth Story."
amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 02:24 PM 11-16-2005
Mine were 32 weekers.
4tomother's Avatar 4tomother 12:45 PM 11-17-2005
Mine also where 32 weekers. And they spent 3weeks in the NICU.
IlliniMom's Avatar IlliniMom 11:34 AM 11-18-2005
35 weeks and 5 days in NICU
tracyhos's Avatar tracyhos 06:31 PM 11-18-2005
34 weeks and 4 days.

I had my first PTL scare at 23 weeks. So I was on bedrest for 11 long weeks. But my little guys were pretty good size and healthy considering how early they were. Sam weighed 5 lbs 3 oz and Jack was 4 lbs 7 oz. Sam was in the NICU 4 days, Jack 13 days.
nathansmom's Avatar nathansmom 11:32 PM 11-19-2005
Mine came at 36 weeks to the day. Although based on development they were not 36 weekers. Noah was 6 lbs 4 oz. and spent 14 days in the Nicu born with immature lungs and no ability to suck. Zachary was 5 lbs 14 oz and left the hospital with me weighing 4 lbs 8 oz. Zachary took 2 days to learn to suck. Zachary's lungs were mature but at 4 weeks old he came down with RSV and spent 2 weeks in the hospital and almost 6 more months at home recovering from the rsv.
flminivanmama's Avatar flminivanmama 12:30 AM 11-20-2005
29 weeks
LittleYellow's Avatar LittleYellow 04:02 PM 11-20-2005
35 weeks exactly after 6 weeks hospital bedrest for ptl, short cervix, and 4cm dilated. 6 weeks home bedrest before that.

Went into labor on my b-day and they were born next day at 5pds 4oz and 5pds 12 oz. 1 day of NICU for one girl to watch breathing.
momto3g3b's Avatar momto3g3b 01:53 AM 11-21-2005
My twins were born at 34w,6d. They were 5lb,8oz and 5lb,5oz and both spent 7 days in NICU.