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Twice as nice's Avatar Twice as nice 02:49 AM 03-23-2007
I have come to the conclusion that no matter what we do, people will always make dumb comments!!! Twins attract attention and for some inexplicable reason people feel like they just have to make a comment. Most of these people dont think about what they say and blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind (often making no sense)... Ex: I was at Publix today and some lady says with a huge smile... "double trouble... How wonderful!"

pacifica's Avatar pacifica 12:54 PM 03-23-2007
Originally Posted by HATAWA View Post
Ex: I was at Publix today and some lady says with a huge smile... "double trouble... How wonderful!"
I've heard the same thing!

Yeah, we will always get more comments from others. I'm a person that really likes to blend in, so it's hard for me to get use to. If it's not clothes, behavior, or likeness it's breast weaning, potty training, or sleeping in thier own bed. My family and friends have opinions on it all.
fyrebloom's Avatar fyrebloom 03:06 PM 03-23-2007
Funny how they get definate opinions on what they want to wear. My step daughters are fraternal and look NOTHING alike (totally differant builds, coloring and heights). They used to LOVE dressing alike when they were younger so everyone would know they were twins. I remember them doing this when they were 6 and their step father made them change because "no matter what you wear you'll never look the same because you're not identical" I thought that was so mean. Who cares what they wear! If they enjoy it then what's the harm. Now they're teens and dress very differantly because they have differant crowds they hang out with and so differant styles. When they're babies and can't choose, dress them however you want and however is most conveinent. They get their own opinions on things soon enough. People always have something to say either positive or negative and in the end it just doesn't matter. If the kids are dressed, clean, fed and loved i'm happy
Mama2RMM's Avatar Mama2RMM 10:36 PM 03-23-2007
We do and we don't dress our girls alike (I have ID girls - 11 months, and a 2 year old), BUT I do have to admit to love Gymboree and Hanna Andersson for the fact that they can all "match" without wearing the same thing.

I buy most of our clothes from consignment or ebay, so I do have to do some extra work to have coordinating outfits. I would not go to a retail store and buy two new, matching outfits - even if they were discounted for a multiple purchase.

We mostly choose the same line of clothing for them all and dress everyone the "same" or if Dad dresses them, they wear whatever comes out of the closet first.

None of their play clothes or pajamas are matched, they are all second hand from my first daughter or Target/cheapie buys. We only coordinate when we're going out of the house.

I do it for a couple of reasons:
1. So my older daughter will feel "included" too by having on the same colors.
2. It is stinking cute!
3. If you collect a whole line you never really have to worry about matching things - it all just goes together. That's a big deal when you're going through several outfit changes per day still.
Novella's Avatar Novella 04:59 AM 03-24-2007
Our boys (now 3-months-old) have garnered all kinds of comments about how they are dressed. No one ever seemed to care about how we dressed our singletons, aside from "aww. . .CUUUTE!". But I think the forwardness people show in speaking to you about this is just part of the package of how taken people are with twins and other multiples.

I think it's funny: When I dress them differently, people usually seem to be commenting with pleasure that they are glad to have an obvious way to know which boy is which (once they've been told, they just track that outfit!).

A lot of people also say how nice it is that I don't dress them alike - this seems to be in consideration of them properly developing as individuals. I just smile and never bother pointing out to these people that sometimes I DO dress them matching or identically just because it's fun. (For the practicalities of using second-hand clothing, and spit-ups/diaper blow-outs this isn't happening OFTEN, but I enjoy it when it does work out!).

I find most of the "negative" comments when they are dressed alike are from people wishing they could identify them more easily. I'm sure lots of people think it's totally damaging to my poor babies brains, but just hold their tongues.

Thoughts from other families:

We have a friend (now a dad himself) who is an identical twin. He said that until he was 12, he didn't really have his "own" clothes b/c his mom just bought 2 of everything and always dressed them alike. In fact, everyone thought she had 2 sets of twins. 4 boys in the family and the oldest two were similar in size. So knowing she had twins that were younger, she just put the older 2 boys in matching outfits also! He didn't really seem to have any thoughts/concerns/advice about the clothes. He said it WAS important to him and his brother that people use their names and NOT just be calling them "the twins" like they were a package. He cared more about what they were called than how they looked. (Although I realize some would argue that matching clothing promotes the notion of "one package").

We also recently spoke to the father of a friend of ours. Her sisters are identical twins. This man didn't want to be overbearing with advice, but basically said, "just don't take advice from other people". He said that fears of hampering a twin's individuality get WAY overblown, particularly as to the effect of their clothing. He said, "Face it, they do have a close bond and there ARE times where they will just WANT to dress the same".
roomformore's Avatar roomformore 04:41 PM 03-24-2007
I'm a twin and I have twins. I did not dress my twins alike. People commented that they'd like to see the boys in matching outfits. I ignored them b/c they're my kids, my decision. If we got matching outifts, I would only use one and use the second outfit as a gift : for a friend or save it for my sister. To each her own!
mothtomany's Avatar mothtomany 05:36 PM 03-24-2007
My twins boy/girl are not hear yet but we have got a few matching things like a sweater with blue stipes and the other with pink stripes.
I just can't and never have dressed my girls in clothes that could be worn by a boy or girl. I was at the store the other day and there was a lady in front of me talking about her boy/girl twins that were with her. I looked at the twins who were older about 9 or 10 and it took me a few minutes to figure out what one was the boy and what one was the girl. The boy had longer hair and was the same length as the girl and they both dressed in gender nutural clothes. I guess I am a nut and like my girls girly looking. O well
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