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Hello All,

Well, I really didn't think this would happen to me. Was expecting to be up and about for a nice long gestation. But Friday a routine US revealed shortening cervix and they diagnosed me with preterm labor and admitted me immediately to hospital. Cervix was 1.7 cm then with significant funneling (cervix was 3.5 cm 4 weeks prior). Dilation was only 1 cm. Spent 3 nights in hospital (horrible, old run down place, NOT conducive to health or healing). Treatment included strict bedrest in hospital (using bedpans sucks!), tocolytic for PTL, and steroid injections for lung maturity. By Tuesday PM (yesterday), I was released as US showed improvement to 2.5 cm, no funneling, and my Fetal Fibronectin test came back negative. But they still have me on strict bedrest at home. Will see tomorrow via US how things look again.

Just looking for others who have had similar experiences. How did things go? How far did you make it? Did you have to be on bedrest? Clearly these boys need to stay put for a long, long time yet, so just looking for encouragement from those who may have been here. Its also confusing since the utility of bedrest for PTL is disputed and there are certainly physical and emotional side effects to being immobile for weeks or months on end before birth.

What did others experience and how did things turn out?

Thanks much,
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I was never on bedrest thankfully but two of my friends were. My one friend had the exact same problem as you, she was on strict bedrest and made it to 35wks. Both her girls were born healthy and were able to go home with her. My other friend made it two 28wks. Her twins were born very small and the smaller one (born 1lb 2oz) almost didnt make it...thankfully they both did.

Good Luck...I hope you make it to the end....
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I just wanted to post b/c I'm having similar problems. I'm 28 weeks along and 1 cm dialated. My cervix is still OKish and my fetal fibronectin came back negative too. They told me bedrest would likely not change things and just to "take it easy" (Hard to do with two little people at home to care for).
I'm a mess honestly and wondering if mama's really do walk around dialated this early and manage to get close to term.

s to you. I can relate!!
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I had to go on bed rest at about 25 weeks, but it was do to TTTS. Bed rest is mentally challenging for sure but just keep reminding yourself that it is for the babies. I found it helpful to get dressed everyday, try to make a routine to ward off depression. I bought a really comfy recliner and spent all day in that rather than my bed, but the docs said that was OK. I read a lot, all of the Harry Potters. Which if you haven't read are great books. Plus I watch all 7 seasons of (don't laugh, it is very well written) Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was silly and amusing and help me escape for my immobile world. It is defiantly hard to recover after being on bed rest so long, but just take it slow. I was only on 85% bed rest so I would go sit out side in the mornings and afternoons, (the docs said as long as I was sitting with my feet up I could sit where ever I wanted) I would also go for drives once a week or so. I wasn't driving. Just to get out of the house that was somewhere different that the doctors. When it got really hot we drove up into the mountains and sat there. It also helps to have company! This is the one time in your life it is OK to be waited on hand and foot so take advantage and make a game out of. I think it was probably harder on my mom, whom I live with and was taking care of me at the time. She had to do twice as must work as normal. So if you can get extra help for making meals, grocery shopping and light house work I would highly recommend it!

I ended up going to 37 wks. I could have made it longer, but one of my ds was getting stressed so they induced me. I think being on bed rest for so long also made labor a lot harder simply because I was so out of shape, but what can you do. My boys where born very healthy, they where just small (3#3oz and 4#11oz)

Have you thought about herbs, I know there are herbs that help with pre term labor. Is there an herbalist you can talk to. And what about Acupuncture? Look into it I bet it would help! Also meditation can't hurt! Stay calm and centered talk to your babies about how important it is to stay in there. It is a challenge but you can do it! And in the end you won't even remember how hard it really was. You will be to busy to even think about it! Good luck I hope you carry them to 40 wks!!

Single mom to twin boys ('06)
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i found out i was in ptl and had funneling at 21 weeks. my cervix went down to .78cm. i was placed in the hospital and was given a cerclage along with terbabd procardia for a week. i don't think anyone thought i was going to make it very far. i had to be hospitalized again at 25-26 weeks because of depression and my daughter's bag started to bulge through the stitch. i was given indocin on top of the other drugs to stop ptl labor again. i was sent home again at 28 weeks with procardia terb and home monitoring. so far, i've made it to 32 weeks and 3 days, even though i almost went into labor this morning because my terb pump came out of my leg, but it's controlled now. anyway, what i am saying is that you can do it. also, if you are having some ptl this early, have them check for bacterial vaginosis. i think that contributed to my incompetent cervix and ptl. also, have them look into the P17 shot. take care.

SAHM to a set of beautiful twins :, one beautiful angel baby (baby c), and one crazy furbaby :
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I got a call last night from a friend of mine who is currently 33.5 weeks pregnant with twins. She was hospitalized at 22.5 weeks due to a much shortened cervix. She was given a cerclage and sent home to strict bedrest a week or so later. 3 weeks ago, I ran into her in the prenatal clinic and she had been upgraded to modified bedrest. She called me last night to check in because she had been to the local mother's of multiples meeting and had been sorry to hear that I didn't make it because I have just been put on bedrest (32 weeks with triplets). She's still resting a lot, but she is up and about some too.

So, there is hope that you won't need to stay on bedrest for good. But, take it really easy for now. Getting to 28 weeks is such a big deal.

mother of Patrick (7/31/03), and Michael, William, and Jocelyn (4/27/07)
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The Elizabeth Noble twins book says that cervical shortening isn't as much of a crisis in twin pg as it is singleton, but I would be wary, what with still only being 25 weeks.

for me, it happened later - just under 30, maybe? - and they wanted me to go home and be on strict bedrest @ home, and i pretty much didn't comply. With my son, I had been dilated & effaced for WEEKS prior to delivery. I stopped carrying laundry to the basement & back up, and I stopped lifting my 2 year old, but other than that, life had to carry on. The girls made it to 34 weeks, but we had TTTS, too, so that was a whole other story separate from the one of my cervix!
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