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kettunainen's Avatar kettunainen 03:50 AM 06-26-2007
*my sis has two sets, but that's really the only family history we know of
*drank/ate a LOT of dairy until it started giving me problems in the 2nd trimester
*not overweight or older (I'm 29)
*took a 3 month break between the Pill and TTC
*no fertility assistance, unless you count the chaste tree berry tincture I took to up my post-ov progesterone levels...
*and these are my first, so I wasn't bfing

In addition to the first two points, I'd say I was also lucky. :-)

michellyn's Avatar michellyn 05:17 AM 06-26-2007
Greensleeves, if I understand correctly, the twins on your father's side would affect your odds. What would not affect your odds are twins on your husband's side (though some speculate that identical twins could be affected by this).

1. I have no family history.
2. I'm above average weight. What's average height? I'm 5'7" (seems average to me)
3. I was 34 when they were conceived (which some consider "older", but the article doesn't sound as if it considers that older)
4. I guess we'll see if I have more twins eventually! This is the one reason I'm not sure if we want more--a fifth child doesn't seem out of the question, but two more seems too many for me
5. No yams, lots of dairy
6. No fertility assistance
7. Only two other children, but I think if this were rephrased, it could be a factor. I've heard that a number of pregnancies increases your odds. I had two miscarriages, so four pregnancies before the twins. For some reason, I've gotten the impression that miscarriages can often closely precede twin conception. Why? I dunno.
8. Not conceived while breastfeeding.
9. Not on the pill
10. For sure
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 06:39 PM 06-26-2007
5'7" is very tall.

I'm absolutely terrified of being pregnant with twins right now. (No offense to anyone, I'm just scared out of my mind!! : ) I'm reading here in hopes of finding some reassurance that there's only one in there.
Greensleeves's Avatar Greensleeves 07:31 PM 06-26-2007
Wow, this is cool to see all these different experiences.

michellyn, that's interesting info!
1Plus2's Avatar 1Plus2 05:46 PM 06-27-2007
Double post....oops!!
1Plus2's Avatar 1Plus2 05:47 PM 06-27-2007
Greensleeves - "I have twins in the family, though on my father's side which I understand does not seem to affect the odds."

From my understanding your father can pass it along to you but your husband can not affect your ability to have twins. If your DH has twins in his family and you have girls then it could affect her chances. Make sense?

For me....

No history - my great-Grandmother was a fraternal girls are mz.
Grow or gain weight - I was the lightest I'd been in years!
Wait until you're older - I was 28 when I got pg with my twins.
Have more twins - My only other baby is a singleton.
Conceive while bf'ing - Yep!! I was nursing (often!!!) an 18-month-old.
Get PG on the Pill - We were ttc.
Get lucky - Darn right I got lucky!!!!!!
geishagirrrl's Avatar geishagirrrl 10:25 AM 06-28-2007
nope. just plain luck. eventually i found out that i have twins way back in my great grandparents generation.

don't they say id twinning is random and fraternal twinning is hereditary?
1Plus2's Avatar 1Plus2 12:23 PM 06-28-2007
Originally Posted by geishagirrrl View Post
don't they say id twinning is random and fraternal twinning is hereditary?
Most of the time it is. There is some research that says that families who have a lot of MZ twins in them obviously have something genetic going on. And there is also a study linking bf'ing when you conceive and MZ twins. But on the whole, MZ twins are just totally luck of the draw.
Ellie'sMom's Avatar Ellie'sMom 04:33 PM 06-28-2007
My maternal great-grandmother had 2 sets of twins (out of 13 kids).
I was not overweight. I'm 5'7". I think 5'4" is average?
I was 34 when they were conceived.
I had never had twins before.
I didn't eat many yams, though now that I have 2 toddlers I eat them alot!
My dd weaned nearly 6 months before I got pregnant.
I had 4 m/cs in the year leading up to their conception.

I took clomid.
Mystery solved!
mamato3girls's Avatar mamato3girls 09:44 PM 06-28-2007
My twins are MZ. I conceived them during my 2nd cycle after a miscarriage. A couple of you have also mentioned miscarriages right before your twin pregnancy ??
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