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My husband and I originally decided to decline the first trimester screen and the quad screen, because we wouldn't terminate for Down's Syndrome anyway and didn't want to risk the amnio. But yesterday our doctor talked to us about the quad screen and amnio, and said that the doctor he would send us to had a (much) lower than 1/1000 rate of miscarriage. Our inclination was still not to do it.

But then I had a thought: if (god forbid) one of the babies had trisomy 18 or some other problem and died in utero later in the pregnancy, would that risk the health of the other baby? I'm curious whether anyone here knows the answer, and also curious as to what you did or intend to do re: prenatal testing.

Mama to twins Wren and Robin, 3/3/08.
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My 2 cents as a mom carrying twins right now and also have a daughter who has Down syndrome. My dr. just told me with twins not to bother with any of the prenatal testing (including CVS) except for the amnio even though we are declining all prenatal testing. Are you asking could you lose both babies if you decided to terminate one? That's a possibility and a big risk of the procedure. You could also lose both if one miscarried for whatever reason or not it depends. My understanding of T12 and T18 is they show many more markers in the u/s than T21 does (my DD showed none). There are so many scary scenarios that we can keep ourselves up at night about. All I can do is pray, be as healthy as i can be and keep my anxiety down about all the what ifs, let go and leave it up to the universe.
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My Dr told me ahead of time, that the quad screen with twins almost always come back positive. So I declined and they didnt have a problem with it, and didnt have a problem with me declining this time either and there is only 1 in there.

My OB told me, that if there are major issues they can and should be able to see them on an ultrasound. To me, there was no point in worrying, 1.knowing that the test almost always comes back ++ for mutiple mamas, and 2. we wouldnt abort for anything anyways.
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My ob said that any screening other than an amnio will come back positive with multiples. But then he also doesn't do the screening in singletons either unless the mother specifically asks as he feels its not an accurate test.
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Although I was 43 at the time of my twin pregnancy, I opted not to do any prenatal testing other than ultrasound. I can't tell you how glad I am that I did it that way. The tests would have have come back positive, and my age would have made it look like there was a problem.

Also, I didn't find out about the twins until 20 weeks, which I think was good for me. I would have worried more.
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I'm all for little to no intervention in pregnancy, but at the time I was pregnant I went ahead with the quad screen. It came back negative, even though the first time they ran it they did it for a singleton pregnancy. So I don't put much stake in it.

That being said, the only reason I'd consider doing the screen again would not be to consider termination, but to make sure I was delivering at the right hospital. If I was going to bear a baby with serious issues that needed medical intervention quickly after delivery, I probably wouldn't be delivering in any of the po-dunk hospitals around here. All the major hospitals are at least an hour away.

You know, if I delivered in a hospital at all Some things you just have to leave to nature.
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I did the first trimester screening with my twins. The oods came back really low, so we did not do an amnio.

I did the AFP, but just the portion that tests for neutral tube defects, since I did the aforementioned testing. It came back negative.

The odds of losing the pregnancy through amnio were really low at our hospital, too. (UCSF) But I have met two people who lost babies from the amnio, and didn't feel okay with it. You can schedule your Level II ultrasound for 18 weeks & decide from there if you want an amnio.

I also have to say that I am from California, my twins are from IVF and were due late March. We must be long lost sisters!

SAHM to F & P, : fraternal twins born 3/05, : I, born 12/07 & at 5 weeks in July 2009
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We didn't do any screening witht he girls because it wouldn't change our minds and there is sucha high error rate with multiples the extra stress wasn't worth it.

Miriam , mom to jumpers.gif
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We did the screening with the twins and everything came back normal - didn't know I was having twins until the U/S part of the quad screen, but there were no indicators of any issues.

Mama to Molly and Desmond, June 2007
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I didn't do the AFP test this time b/c I am having twins. I know w/ just one child the test is not accurate, but with two I just knew the chances of a false positive were too high. I asked my OB and he told me that they would probably see anything major on the US. I do think that some prenatal testing is good, especially if you are delivering at a lower-level hospital or at home. If my babies were to have anything that looked funny, I'd want to deliver at a much larger hospital.
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We did not do the Quad screen but we did a special AFP for multiples. Everything came back fine. If it came back abnormal I wouldn't have done anything about it though other then Ultrasound.

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We did the first trimester screening (nuchal translucency + bloodwork) and the results came back abysmal. Well, 1/232 for B, 1/17 for A. Their NT measurements were pretty high, so adding the bloodwork values to that really pumped our numbers up. I ended up having a CVS which showed everything was fine, but there was an awful week of tears between those two events.

If I were doing it again, I think I'd either do the CVS/amnio or nothing. The screening tests were too anxiety-provoking for me, given the issues with multiples. But then, if I'd had good results from the screenings, I bet I'd feel differently.

Betsy, mama to beautiful, strong MZ twins Lillian and Kate, born 11 weeks early on January 10, 2006.
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