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Hi, Mamas. It has been SO long since I have been around here; my ds is nearly 6 and I have been doing the single parenting WOH thing and so super busy with no internet at home. Now I imagine I will be around as often as I can. I am 9 weeks pregnant with twins, a totally unplanned and unexpected thing and I am scared with LOts of questions and concerns and not much of a support system IRL. I haven't been with the father for very long and so my family is strongly advising me to place these children for adoption. I did consider this as the best option at first, but now am planning to work with this good guy and raise our children. He feels called to be a father to my ds, whose bio dad is not around at all in any way, and for the first time in a long time I am excited and hopeful about the future.
But definitely scared about having two babies at once and about carrying two babies at once! Im wondering how many of you mamas made it full term or nearly full term and how many were very premature and how those babies did and are doing. Im wondering if I need to just go ahead and donate my size 3s and 5s that I am growing out of---will I ever be able to get back into them?? Im wondering if I really need to try to gain 60 lbs (!!!!) as I have read. In fact, do I really need to try to gain weight or is it okay to just eat and assume that I will gain enough. It has been so long since I was pregnant that I feel like a total newbie, and scared. I am also wondering about baby equipment. I was thinking the best plan for sleeping would be to skip the bassinet altogether, and buy two cribs- I plan to put one in our room and put both babies in there by my bed and leave the other in the nursery to eventually move them side by side when they are too big or too active to sleep together. But they will want to share a bed early on, right? Does this sound like a good plan? I know I will need 2 highchairs and carseats. But, on things like bouncy seat and swing- one of each would be okay, right? I never even used the stroller with ds, as I wore him in a sling until he was 3. But with 2- will I want or need a double stroller? Can I wear both babies in one sling or use 2 slings or how does that work? I know these are lots of questions and I don't intend for any of you to answer them all...just kinda blurting out my initial questions wondering what yall will say. LOL
Just looking forward to talking with you btdt mamas!
Hope yall all have an amazing day today! Peace- and thanks.
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Welcome and congratulations!!

Weight gain: I wouldn't worry about the numbers so much as the quality of food you eat. I liked Dr. Luke's book "When You Are Expecting Twins, Triplets and Beyond" but I know others aren't fans. I ate tons of protein and got plenty of exercise, I swam up until the day I had the twins! I made it to 37W5D and DS was 6lbs15oz and DD was 5lbs12oz, BUT there are mamas here who had 8 pounders!!!

Gear: I have a double stroller and use it frequently. In the infant stage I used a double snap n' go with the infant bucket seats, that system was a lifesaver!

We had one swing and one bouncer, then got a bouncer late as a hand me down.

We tried sleeping them together in the pack n' play but they preferred to co-sleep at first then we transitioned to separate cribs with no problem.

We have two highchairs but I think we should have gotten boosters that have a tray and strap onto dining room chairs, these suckers take up tons of room!

SAHM to twin kindergarteners

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Congratulations, Mama!! I can give a couple quick suggestions -- my twins are toddlers now, so my computer time is limited!

Mine were preemies (born at 28 weeks at 2 lbs each). They lived in the NICU for 12 weeks, but they are fabulous now -- no health problems, no developmental delays. The NICU doctors and nurses are amazing!

Gear: I had one swing to begin with, but somebody loaned me a second swing and it was the best thing EVER! I never got the hang of wearing both babies at the same time and found it challenging to wear one while tending to the needs of the other, especially as they got bigger. So the swings were life-savers for me. I also had two vibrating chairs (mine were called "Papasan"). The boys took their longest naps in their swings and chairs and it was the only time I could get anything done around the house. When they first started eating solids, I would also feed them in their vibrating chairs (with the vibrator turned off, of course), so I didn't need a high chair until they outgrew those (7 months?)

And, IMO, a double-stroller is a MUST. Mine is a Peg Perego side-by-side. I didn't like the tandem at all.

Enjoy, mama! It's definitely tough, tough, tough during the first year, but it gets easier...and it's SO adorable to see them toddling around the house together!

Amy â Unschooling my twin boys, born April 2006 (12 weeks early at 2 lbs each). Astrology for Parenting -- helping parents attain authentic and respectful relationships with their children and families.
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mine are 1y/o tomorrow. i agree, your nutritional quality is sooo important and you will want to make sure you get lots of protein and have good supplements. good nutrition and exercise! i gained 60+ and have lost it and then some. i carried mine to their 'due date'. my son and i had a daily mantra of "40 weeks and 7 pounds each!" and i ended up with 40 weeks and 7'12" and 5'12". don't worry about your weight! carrying twins and nursing twins will certainly challenge your calorie intake.

baby carriers were a life saver and still are. wraps, meitais, and now mostly the beco, angelpack lx, connecta or something else you can nurse in. i wear one on the front and one on my back. this way i can still nurse the front baby and then switch them and nurse the other.

swings didn't help me much but the double jogger did.

we cosleep and have one crib pushed up next to the bed with the front rail off (side-car style) for extra room, though they usually sleep up next to me and/or each other. i have found that they are comforted by one another versus waking each other up.

we skipped the two highchairs and instead have two chairs that clip onto our kitchen bar/island.

there are so many women here who were such a great help to me. best wishes! you can do it mama!!!
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mine were 39w5d and 7lbs4oz and 8lbs6oz-- i did the mantra thing too "grow, grow babies" is what we chanted. lots of protein- like 175-200g a day and lots of water. i'm also a dr. luke fan and followed her recommendations. totally don't worry about the weight. like a PP said- the nursing and carting them around will cause it all to fall off faster than you'd think. i also agree with the PP about stashing an assortment of baby carriers to figure out how you can wear them best.

also-- line up postpartum help. as much as you can from whoever. no matter how your birth goes, you will need it. people to bring you food, vacuum your house, take your son on an outing, watch the twins sleep while you shower, bring you water and food while you nurse, etc. and not just for the first 6 weeks. i'd say try to get help daily for the first month or two however long your maternity leave is if you're still working during the day. or get help in the evenings if your working. then get help a few times a week if you can for up to 5-6 months. you can do it alone if you have to, but it is sooooooo much easier if you have someone to pick up the screamy baby while you finish changing the poopy baby, etc.

grow, grow those babies lady-- you're already a great multiple mama!

Crunchy Mama to the Triad of Chaos-- DD1 (9/03) & the Twinadoes- DS and DD2 (6/06)
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Welcome!! My favorite book was "Having TWins" by Elizabeth. Less fear factor, pro AP, etc. I loved it!

I tried to gain 60lb and gained almost 50. Just ate as much protein as I could and used a lot of Floradix to keep my iron up. You have it a little easier I think because you DD is a little bit older!

I made it to 37.5wk and my babies were 6lb 8oz and 6lb 14oz. It's a little overwhelming at times but I just deal with it.

Missionary, birth-worker, midwifery student
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My twins were born at 37 weeks. One was 6 lbs 11 oz, and one was 5 lbs 7 oz. I had a planned c-section, because I had a liver disease called cholestasis that was a danger to the babies. So I might have carried all the way to full-term, given the chance.

I did try very hard to eat tons of protein, like the PPs said, and to gain a significant amount of weight early in the pregnancy. I strove for 20 lbs by 20 weeks. I actually only gained 45 pounds total, and I beleive that's one of the reasons DD was so small. At the end, I was so big that eating any quantity was uncomfortable, and the heartburn was murder. I wish I'd gained more early on.

Mine had a slightly rocky start, but basically did fine. DS was born blue and had trouble breathing on his own, but he was only in NICU for less than a day before they let him stay with me. And DD escaped NICU by the skin of her teeth (and one ounce of weight-- she was 4 lbs 15 oz at her smallest, and they said she had to be 5 pounds to go home, but my midwife went to bat for us.) They both had trouble learning to nurse and had jaundice (DD's enough that it was alarming even to me) but were otherwise basically healthy and went home when I did. I think had we let them "cook" until they were ready to be born, they would have had no issues at all.

As far as beds, I found it impossible to get any sleep at all unless we coslept. I was nursing almost constantly during the night. The only way I could sleep is if I latched a baby on and slept while the baby nursed away, then roll to the other side and latch the other. If I had to get up and lift a baby out of a crib, I'd never have made it. I do use the cribs now that they're older; I have a full-size one where DD starts the night out (she ends up with us later) and a pack and play where DD naps during the day. I have not been able to persuade DS to sleep anywhere other than my bed. But yeah, if you plan on doing crib sleeping, they will probably be happier together at first, and then want separate beds later on.

As far as gear, it's better to get only one of each, and you can always get another of something if you find you can't live without it. I did use baby gear and strollers a lot more with twins than I ever did with my singleton, who I just carried or wore most of the time. The double stroller has been invaluable to us in getting both babies to nap at the same time, too.

I have never gotten the hang of wearing two at once, but I know some people do it very successfully.

And don't worry about the weight. I'm down to ten pounds BELOW the weight I started out at, between the demands of nursing two and chasing these kids around all day!

me knit.gif, he bikenew.gif, my three reading.gif, sleepytime.gif, and fairy.gif-- and the one we lost angel2.gif
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Hi there! congrats!!! I made it to 40w2d. My boys each weighed 8lbs 15.2 oz. My goal was Luke's 176 g protein everyday and 1.5 gallon of water a day. I had a wonderful active healthy pregnancy and delivered both vaginally. I gained 80+Lbs and 40+lbs came off just from delivering them and peeing a lot. The rest came off from breast feeding and babywearing. I'd say spend your money on good baby carriers. I still wear both boys each day!

Good luck to you!

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