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i delivered 8+ lb twins 6 wks ago and am now ready to start exercising off what's left of this tummy. i have (maybe 3 finger width, prob closer to 2 ) diastasis recti and am getting conflicting information from doctors and others about the right way to work on that, i also need good exercises to get rid of the rest of this lump of saggy tummy. i will eventually be running again so that will take care of the rest of me.

does anyone have real information on this? i've done some internet searching and its just confusing me more about what to do and what to avoid, especially when i read that certain exercises can make the diastasis worse which i definitely don't want to do.

thanks for hints and help.
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I wanna know too! I've found lots of conflicting ino as well and now I'm just afraid to do anything!
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Search for "mummy tummy" on Amazon and it brings up a book on this very topic. I believe there is a video too.

And can I just say, "Wow." I am totally impressed you're even thinking about this 6 weeks pp. I could barely put on my own underwear at that point.

The mummy tummy book was helpful to me (I had a 3-4 finger width diastis), but I actually think it was yoga that helped pull mine back together (and it was more like 18 months to 2 years later) My baby yoga instructor also recommended a kind of crunch/sit up where you actually use a scarf or folded towel to bind you while you crunch. You have to find someone to show you to make sure you do it correctly (or it will make it worse or give you back pain).

Good luck
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Just wanted to second the mummy tummy book.

Basically its pulling your belly button all the way in towards your back, suck it in straight down, that is using your transverse muscle and will help the diastasis come together. You can do these excercises wherever you are, sitting or lying, the book talked about it with an elevator analogy, so you go slow like stopping at each floor (for 5 floors I think, then the 6th is beyond your spine - in your imagination and feel more than for real of course!). I started with doing this a lot, then once I started back into cardio and weights and yoga, I incorporated this posture.
However, I also didn't really get to this till nearly 2 yrs pp.

good luck. I think too, if you were in good shape to start with, you're body generally bounces back well.

mom of twins.gif boys born 9/13/05 and dog2.gifdog2.gif

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I had twins almost 4 years ago and I have a son who is almost 6. My 4th baby is 6 weeks old now and I have found that one of those post-partum elastic belt thingies (you can pick them up @ motherhood for $20) helped so very much in getting things back in order. I am a massage therapist and had learned ages ago that constricting shorts helped with hamstring injuries because it makes the muscles work together again, and I figured that would apply in this situation, too.
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Do you own Having Twins by Elizabeth Noble? She's also the author Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year. She includes some of the exercise info in Having Twins, and a lot of it is specific to the diastasis recti.

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I haven't had multiples, but I had a gigantic belly (people thought I was due when I was 6.5-7 months, and by the time I really WAS due, people looked at me like I was crazy when I assured them there was only one! lol), and I had significant diastasis. I also have a "jowels of the dog" belly, as Kate Gosselin calls it!

Anyways, I did crunches with my hands on my sides pulling in towards the middle. I didn't start until probably 2 months PP, but I'm sure I could have started sooner.

Can I also say how STRONG my abs are now?? I guess from separating, then having to repair themselves, they got SUPER strong. I can go from lying flat to sitting up with only the slightest bit of effort now! (Too bad nobody will ever see my "abs of steel" through the huge flap of extra skin! lol)

As for the "trophy belly", I haven't found anything to get rid of it yet, but I have found that belly dancing brought it down a bit. Only thing is, I find that as I lose weight (I still have almost 45 lbs. of the almost 90 lbs. I gained while pregnant), my body shrinks but the skin doesn't, so it actually becomes more noticeable.

Personally, I think I SHOULD have gotten another baby for all the changes my body went through!

Mom to two amazing boys, C (July 2005) and D (May 2010)

Founder/leader of a Babywearing group, and loving it!

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oooh, i'm definitely seeing that flappy loose skin here, its so yucky feeling. my tummy is getting smaller by the day with carrying two everywhere and nursing but this saggy sad old stretched out skin is something else, glad i can laugh at myself! and no more bikinis for me i guess.

good to be in it with you guys and thanks for the ideas.
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And can I just say, "Wow." I am totally impressed you're even thinking about this 6 weeks pp. I could barely put on my own underwear at that point.
Absolutely! :

I was not in shape, at all, before I had twins. During my pregnancy, I gained about 40 pounds. I made no concerted effort to get back into shape after the kids were born... but slowly, slowly, slowly, and without any intentional activity on my part, the weight came off... and then some! I'm now 20 pounds below my pre-kid weight and in the best shape of my life (which is not saying much, admittedly...)

Anyway, I guess my point here is that the day-to-day mothering of twins can be an excellent (if not quick and easy! weight-loss/exercise regimen!

Good luck!

Decluttering SAHM of three. Going for 2011 items in 2011.
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