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I was wondering if anyone knew what the odds are that a person who has PCOS, and does not ovulate, would start ovulating after having children using fertility drugs.
I took the injectables to get pregnant with my twins and the Dr. told me that sometimes having babies will jump start your body into ovulation. I have never ovulated before the fertility treatments and I never get AF unless I'm taking birth control pills.

I'm asking because I don't really want to take birth control pills for no reason...then again I don't want anymore children either I'm happy and busy with two.
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There seem to be a lot of doctors handing out this "sometimes pregnancy fixes things" advice... but really it seems split as to how many woman w/ PCOS get a surprise after years of trying (and succeeding) vs. how many have trouble TTC again after getting pregnant.

I have read of a few women who had twins... and then a surprise singleton.

I have read of very few spontaneous twins w. PCOS - but it's not impossible.

Personally my own story is like this -

Went on BCP to control symptoms of PCOS after being told I'd never get pregnant without fertility meds - got pregnant with my son on the BCPs! Everyone then said "Oh and you were so worried..." and "it will happen again!" when we wanted #2.

Started TTC when he was 2 - 3 failed rounds of clomid (no O).

Spontaneous pregnancy on own - ended in m/c (blighted ovum).

Went on injectables - 5 rounds of Bravelle with no pregnancy except one chemical pregnancy/miscarriage.

1 round Femara/Bravelle/Menopur - m/c at 8 weeks (twins, one lost at 6 weeks, one lost at 8)

1 round Menopur - pregnant - triplets - reduction to twins - NIGHTMARE - here I am.

For ME - pregnancy didn't "fix" anything. Then again if seems moat of the women who get "surprises" later also make important lifestyle changes and ... ugh... my lifestyle needs some work. Personally I am hoping for a surprise conception some time down the road but who knows.

If you really don't want any more children you should be preventing. If you don't like BCPs, there are other ways, depending on if you mean no more kids now or no more kids ever. You're probably more likely to not get pregnant than you are to get pregnant... but you're never safe from being surprised until you're dead.

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I don't have PCOS but I do have more minor fertility issues. I had a regular AF before conceiving (and after) my first dc but after a year + of unsuccess ttc I went on Clomid, got pg 4th month, and had that baby. I remember the NP I saw at the time telling me the same thing - about pregnancy fixing things. Well, after she was born I became pg spontaneously (was loosly trying to avoid conception using NFP) but miscarried (low progesterone, as far as we can tell - that was an issue for me before conceiving my first too). Then I actually tried to conceive and conceived first try but m/c'd again (again, low progesterone). Then I went back ON clomid simply b/c it was my only pregnancy that didn't m/c and again I conceived first time (and took prog. suppositories) and that time didn't m/c. Took it again for my twins, and again conceived first time. So in a way it seems as though my initial pregnancy did fix *something* in me - I sure do conceive easily now.

If you're really sure you're done then why not have your dp get a vasectomy?

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Here is my $0.02 on PCOS and TTC.

I have PCOS and never Ovulated on my own prior to using fertility drugs to conceive the twins.

I have had several surgeries, and No Ovulating on my own. Did 10 rounds of Clomid, no O and no pg. Tried 1 round of Gonal F and IUI and got pg with triplets (lost Baby C between 10-12 weeks), have b/g twins as a result.

When I went to my ob/gyn for my 6 week checkup, I asked about whether or not, she thought I could/would get PG w/o fertility drugs and she said most likely not, but she has seen it happen.

My cycles prior to the twins birth were every 6 - 9 months. Since their birth they have slowly made their way to every 38-40 days. I have what I think is Ovulatory pains, but we gaveb;t gitteb og, We aren't trying to prevent it, but at my age (39), I would be blessed if we had another one, but I'm not seeking help from the medical community to do so.

The only reason I could see being put on the pill would be to help your cycles and to prevent pregnancy (even though you can get PG on them). If you aren't having a "regular" cycle, then most likely you won't get PG. My ob/gyn told me that as long as I have a cycle every 6 months, I was ok. If I didn't have one, just come in and they would jump start one.

I personally WILL NEVER go back on the pill...I lost my fallopian tube to one and that was part of my fertility issue, along with the PCOS.

I think it just depends on how your body works. You could have your ob/gyn do a blood draw to see if you are ovulating on your own. Or you could go the other route of doing the OPK and chart to see if you are getting the surge. I know a lot of women with PCOS that did fertility drugs to get pg...and I'm not talking Clomid (I personally think they should do away with that) and they have never started Ovulating on their own after having children. Could just be the ones I know, but I personally think that your odds are very slim.

Just my opinion! Hope it helps!

Take care,
God Bless,
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I have PCOS and I got pg with triplets, spotaniously, sortof (I lost the 3rd at 14 weeks).

I was on Metphormin and a few herbs to support fertility (not to cause ovulation necessarily). I also lost about 15 lbs.

I also got pg with my first when I lost about 15 lbs and nothing else.

Since the twins, once I started getting my period again, I have been extremely regular and I think I got pg about 3 months ago, but lost it. I am hoping that I get pg again this spring and will be working on excercising and losing weight and maybe getting back on Met (I also just felt better ).

Birth control pills were HORRID for me. They made all of my symptoms worse, especially when I went off of them. T

There is a great yahoo group that talks about natural treatments for PCOS that is really great (I can't remember what it is called, sorry).

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After delivery, my cycles re-started like clockwork. I haven't ovulated like this since I was 15! My twins are 22 months now, and my cycles are starting to lengthen again. My other PCOS symptoms are the same as they were pre-pregnancy (hair growth, weight control issues).

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I have PCOS and ovulated on my own off the pill, though it was typically not until cd 30-50, or anywhere in between. If I ovulated by cd 30, that was a *good* cycle. AF followed 14 days later like clock work, whether or not I ovulated on day 30 or 50 or 90 (which happened from time to time).

I never ovulated on clomid. Well, I never waited past cd 35 before taking progesterone so I could start the madness all over again.

After miserably failing clomid, we did injectables. Ovulated on cd 19, got pg with twin girls.

They were 11 weeks old when I got AF. Out of nowhere. Ovulated around cd 21 and got AF again when they were 16 weeks old. They were both EBF by the way, but sleeping well at night. I got pg 3 weeks later when they were 19 weeks old. Positive pg test right around the time they turned 5 months old.

After #3 was born, I was *terrified* of getting pg again. I had 13 month old twins and a newborn. It was crazy. AF showed up at 8 weeks post-partum that time. Again, EBF, but good sleeper at night. I immediately went on the pill, it obviously screwed with my supply, went off again and we used condoms and a lot of prayer to not get pg again. Had AF every 5-6 weeks like clock work while still nursing #3. Once weaned, I went back on the pill.

Fast forward 3.5 years. Off the pill (long story, not trying to get pg though). Was having 70-90 day cycles. Then I had a cycle that was 40-something days long that made me nervous about getting pg again. Went to get pills filled on day 28 exactly, right around the time I'd normally start watching for signs of ovulation. Nurse said to take a pg test 'just in case'. I thought 'I haven't even ovulated yet!' I have VERY CLEAR cervical mucous every single time I've ever ovulated...exactly 14 days prior to AF. I had NONE that cycle.

And I was very much pg with #4. She's now 15 months old. AF returned at 9 weeks post-partum, continuing like clock work every 35-40 days until she was eating lots of table food, then it tapered off to ever 40-60 days. At that point, DH was coming home from Iraq, and I went back on the pill.

So...long story even longer. If you don't want more babies, then you need to use reliable birth control. Period. (no pun intended)
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