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Fleurette's Avatar Fleurette 11:06 AM 10-08-2003
Is this possible? I actually happen to have a couple of slings, so I was wondering how I would manage to do this. I have a very active 16 month old who will be about 20 months when the twins arrive and I'm sure I'll need my hands as free as possible! Are there any sites I could visit to check out directions on how to sling two babies at once?



Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 02:59 AM 10-09-2003

Last time I was there they had video clips and one was about slinging twins.

lexbeach's Avatar lexbeach 04:16 PM 10-10-2003
The New Native carriers work really well for double-slinging. I would just put one baby in (in the cradle hold), then put the other sling over my other shoulder, shift the first baby around sort-of onto my side, and put the second baby in the second sling. It kind of looked like I was wearing saddle-bags.

I loved double-slinging and did it probably 4-5 hours a day, the first few months, mostly while walking/doing errands (I found it hard to do stuff around the house with them both on me). Definitely gets a lot of attention in public!

Amandzia's Avatar Amandzia 11:01 PM 10-13-2003
I used to put one in a sling on the front and the other in a back pack when they were about to sit up. That worked until they got too heavy. There are actual twin carriers but I never saw anyone use one in person. I never could get the hang of two slings at once, though. It felt awkward and off balance, but maybe that's because I'm too short. I don't know. I would recomend slings with no rings for double slinging, I think.
mom3's Avatar mom3 12:20 AM 10-19-2003
I put both my boys in one Maya Wrap for the first month or two. They loved being snuggled up with each other. I just recently got a second one so I can sling both of them again and it works great. It's much easier than trying to sling one and carry the other.
hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita 08:24 AM 11-05-2003
we did it with two maya wrap pouches for about the first four months.

our babies were born big, however (over 8 pounds each) and it quickly became difficult to do double sling past four months.