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naturallyspeaking's Avatar naturallyspeaking 10:25 PM 10-01-2008
I would like you guys opinion of what you think of this situation.

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I've never had this much thought about possibility of twins than with the other two pregnancies. The thought of twin first came into my mind when I heard my Hcg level was high but then there are some signs that lead me to "could it be?". However, this is 3rd pregnancy so I don't know if it is just different being 3rd pregnancy or the motherly intuition.

I'm 17 weeks now so I will have to wait until 20 weeks or so for u/s and almost don't want to find out since prospecting and wishing is fun (kind of but anxious as well) but then I do want to prepare and eat more in case there were indeed two babies.

Some of my signs/facts that lead me to wonder are:

high Hcg level at 8 weeks blood check to confirm the pregnancy, worst nausea out of 3, more tiredness, was nursing a toddler when pregnant, my AF had just come back 3 month prior to conception, 37 years old, father & paternal grand father was a twin (I did find some info online that twin genes can come from paternal side of my family too), starts to feel movement since around 11 weeks and now I feel more active and prominent movement (but then I'm petite 90 lbs, 5 ft 2), no cravings, my husband has been having intuition what we were having with the other two pregnancies and he was right on with the gender but he doesn't feel either way for this one, dizziness, feeling heavy at the bottom (pelvic muscle area) although I'm not big yet, (silly but want to add- a few weeks ago my 6 year old son told me that he had a dream about us having twin baby girls, 2 days in a row (this past Sunday & Monday) I met a mother with twin babies, etc).

Some of the factors that doesn't match up with twin preggo:

I'm not that big or gained a lot of weight yet, no ravenous eating or craving..., I don't know how much I gained so far as I need a new scale.

We do have a boy and a girl so we joke about having boy/girl twin and we would be done. I just don't know if I am having legitimate gut feeling or just wishful thinking that is going too far... Although I would like twin but then I am afraid of possible c/s and not being able to do a homebirth.

I know that some of my symptoms can come from other factors too so that is why I'm curious...
Did any of you experienced similar to this and found out that you were having twin? What do you recommend?

Thanks for reading my rambling...

DeerMother's Avatar DeerMother 12:46 AM 10-02-2008
I hope so!

My belly popped out pretty quick. I was in maternity clothes by 3 months. I had 3 dreams 3 nights in a row about twins. I always referred to them as "them". I felt movement early on too. Sooooo tired. The whole 9 months. Intense morning (all day and night) sickness.

However, this was my first preg so nothing to relate it too. Seems like I've heard that with subsequent pregs, you feel movement and your uterus expands quicker.
a~...Mamacitaa~...'s Avatar a~...Mamacitaa~... 01:47 AM 10-02-2008
when i was 8 wks pg i started bleeding, i went in to the hozzy and they took a HcG level and said.. umm it says your 10-12wks PG, i said hiumm no.. theres NO way, my husband was on leaves these days... they said lets a do a U/S.. they came back and said, we are sry, there is nothing but an empty sac, would you like to do a D&C.. I said ARE YOU CRAZY !!!! NO.. good golly.. im soo early in my pG that it will pass on its own, well a week later i went into another u/s to make sure everything was passing, and guess what they found... a HEARTBEAT... i just about dyed...

soo long story i was PG w/ twin and lost one very early on.. im told that it happens more than ppl realize and now we have the cutest little bella princess.. she is our sweetheart!!!
jpamama's Avatar jpamama 02:52 AM 10-02-2008
Found out I was having twins at 13 week ultrasound as I started to show at 9 weeks, doctor thought it was due to me being futher along than I thought I was. The day that I found out I was initially pregnant, I had a very weird feeling that I was pregnant with twins, strange with no twins in the family and only one ovary working, so I couldn't explain this strong feeling and actually dismissed it altogther. I personally had more "morning" sickness with my first pregnancy than my one with the twins. The biggest difference I found between the two was that I never got out of the first trimester feeling of being tired alot and that my belly popped WAY earlier with the twins than my singleton pregnancy.
Lily's_Mom's Avatar Lily's_Mom 04:06 AM 10-02-2008
Originally Posted by *KnottyMama* View Post
they said lets a do a U/S.. they came back and said, we are sry, there is nothing but an empty sac, woudl you liek to do a D&C.. I said ARE YOU CRAZY !!!! NO.. good golly.. im soo early in my pG that it will pass on its own, well a week later i went into another u/s to make sure everything was passing, and guess what they found... a HEARTBEAT... i just about dyed...

dividedsky's Avatar dividedsky 12:32 PM 10-02-2008
re: hunger... i'm not really that hungry all the time honestly. i fully expected to be constantly starving - not so. i could definitely eat the same as pre-pregnancy, just have to remind myself to get some extra good stuff in... so i don't think that's necessarily an indicator...

my hcg levels were always high, when they were being checked.

i did get a belly pretty quickly. at nearly 16wks now, i definitely look pregnant, and these are my first. i wore a size 4 or 6 pre-preg, for reference... my belly measured 19wks at my midwife appt yesterday.

had bad nausea for 2 weeks, stopped the prenatal and it totally went away. i have been feeling totally normal since, wouldn't even know i was pregnant if not for the belly/boobs/peeing

the waiting is the hardest part, eh? everyone is different, so you never really know!

feel good!
Intertwined's Avatar Intertwined 01:24 PM 10-02-2008
There is really no way to tell you without an ultrasound!

That being said, I KNEW I was having twins and was in deep denial about it. I kept asking people to confirm for me it was one baby. It was not. I showed later than any of my five pregnancies and I was SO SUPER sick but for a much shorter time.
cfiddlinmama's Avatar cfiddlinmama 01:46 PM 10-02-2008
With my third I was completely convinced I was having twins. I got big really fast, I was really sick, I was completely exhausted, my oldest kept telling me I was having a boy and a girl. I wasn't having twins though. Just one sweet golden haired boy.

Best wishes for your pregnancy. Keep us posted!
MamaRabbit's Avatar MamaRabbit 02:28 PM 10-02-2008
Maybe, maybe not. Even every twin pregnancy is different.
dknees's Avatar dknees 03:13 PM 10-02-2008
Honestly, my twin pregnancy wasn't much different from my singleton. I wasn't sick or tired with either one. actually, I had very few symptoms of being pregnant either time. I was in maternity clothes by 8-9 weeks with the twin pregnancy, though!
mimid's Avatar mimid 05:29 PM 10-02-2008
My HCG was always right in the middel of the "normal" range and I only had sickness when I was around fish or smokers. No morning sickness, no vomiting, nothing.
DiannaK's Avatar DiannaK 06:09 PM 10-02-2008
I was just EXHAUSTED .. but then again, I was running after a toddler. At 14 weeks, when I found out we were having twins, I had a NET GAIN of 1 measly pound, and was still wearing my regular clothes.

I may be alone in this camp, but if I was concerned about having twins, I'd have an U/S.
Intertwined's Avatar Intertwined 09:08 PM 10-02-2008
You aren't alone Dianna! We had an U/S in pregnancies 3 and 4 only because we suspected twins as I was large for dates! ROFL
DiannaK's Avatar DiannaK 01:52 AM 10-03-2008
Originally Posted by Intertwined View Post
You aren't alone Dianna! We had an U/S in pregnancies 3 and 4 only because we suspected twins as I was large for dates! ROFL
Girl ... you SO KNOW if I get pregnant again, I will be BEGGING for an early U/S, just so I can breathe easy!
kalynnsmom's Avatar kalynnsmom 11:32 PM 10-05-2008
It's so hard to know without an u/s. With my twin pregnancy, I didn't have any idea that I was carrying twins because my symptoms so to speak weren't really out of the ordinary.
mama_tigress's Avatar mama_tigress 10:43 AM 10-06-2008
I suspected twins from the VERY beginning (as in before I could even get a positive pregnancy test...weird). My rational side kept dismissing it entirely. I kept bringing it up all the time. I think part of me knew it was true, but I just thought I was crazy for even thinking it could be. I was really sick, whereas with my first pregnancy I wasn't sick at all. I also grew a belly more quickly. But all pregnancies are different, everybody told me. I considered getting a 1st trimester u/s just to make sure, but I didn't (too many hoops with prescriptions and insurance and such). At 14 weeks I saw a midwife who said I measured 19 weeks, and found a heartbeat on both sides of my uterus with the doppler. But they were the same range, so there was still no telling. So I did go ahead and get an u/s just before 15 weeks and that's when we saw the twins for the first time.

For me it was just intuition, I think. I don't know actually, I still think it's a bit crazy that I knew. In your case, the hcg numbers may have thrown off your intuition, you know? It's so hard to say. (And I know somebody who thought she was having twins up until birth, and only had one! She never had an u/s of course.) Definitely update us after your u/s
herdingkittens's Avatar herdingkittens 11:20 AM 10-06-2008
Congrats on your pregnancy!

When I was pregnant with our twins and didn't even know I was pregnant yet, I was heard saying that I would love to have twins (I REALLY don't remember this! ). Then, after we found out we were pregnant, but didn't know that there were two, my husband had two people at his work tell him that they had dreamed I was having twins. My father in law had someone at his work have the same dream, too! Wierd....

As far as twin pregnancy vs. singleton pregnancy goes, I can tell you the difference I felt between the two. In the beginning, with the twins, I was WAY more tired and had WAY more morning sickness, which was only satisfied be eating gobs of protein (I had to eat 2 eggs every morning, at least!). I didn't gain as much in my twin pregnancy as I did with my 3rd singleton, which seems odd, but I wasn't very hungry near the end. And I would get light headed if I really overdid it with the twins.

I guess you'll just have to wait to find out, but maybe you are just being prepared to accept two gifts at once!
aruss's Avatar aruss 03:16 PM 10-06-2008
I love this thread because I had my midwife appt last week when I was 16 weeks and was measuring 20 weeks and the MW said that we would wait a month and see if I was still big and THEN start to think about twins and I felt OK about that but ever since I have been unable to think of anything else and I'm not sure I can wait that long!!! But I guess there is such a huge range of normal that it could be anything and since I don't want to just do a random ultrasound I need to be patient!'s Avatar 03:23 PM 10-06-2008
i definitely felt double pregnant with twins.
i never get morning sickness, but i was twice as tired, twice as hungry, bbs hurt twice as much.
i did not gain much weight, none in the 1st trimester. but did show early.
and, i did dream i had twins.
i found out early (6 weeks). i had never wanted or considered that i would have twins, but when the u/s showed 2 sacs, i suddenly remembered that i had dreamed it was 2 babies, and so was not as surprised as i could have been.
good luck mama!
mama_tigress's Avatar mama_tigress 05:02 PM 10-06-2008
Originally Posted by View Post
i had never wanted or considered that i would have twins
everybody who knows me actually knows that my entire life I explicitly said I did NOT want twins
God has a sense of humor And it's a good thing, since I adore my little guys!
MamaRabbit's Avatar MamaRabbit 02:10 AM 10-07-2008
When I was young (like middle school) I had an obsession with twin research.

After my first baby I said I would never wish twins on anyone. I guess I saw how hard it was with one (she's my high-needs one and I didn't know it). And I said that if it did happen to me I'd deal with it. I knew twin pregnancy, birth, etc had its issues.

Well twins did happen to us and it has been the most amazing experience that I would wish on anyone!
cmoma's Avatar cmoma 10:53 AM 10-08-2008
Totally lurking here in this forum and thread But thought Id add my story.

I am 9wks pregnant with my third and ever since the beginning I have been having twins thoughts, I just couldn't get them out of my head. There was no reason for thinking about them as there wasn't anything going on yet to make me suspect them. However here I am 9wks later and am dying to find out if there really are two in there.

I got a very dark line at only 2 days past implantation. Then the gas,. bloating and awful morning sickness hit which has just recently let up the past couple of days. I wasn't sick at all with my first two so this was odd for me. Add in the extreme sleepyness sleeping 12 hrs a night and a uterus that to me feels way higher than normal and my brain is now spinning with what ifs!

I guess any one of these things in an of itself is normal but all together and so extreme really has me wondering.
HotJabanero's Avatar HotJabanero 11:02 AM 10-08-2008
Add me to the twins maybe list. Yikes!! I am 10 wks and I just found my fundus *at* my belly button. Measuring 19 cm. I am very concerned becauser my last pregnancy was twin with one lost at approx 7 wks. So I know my body is capable of making twins. This would not be good news for me so I am hoping my body is just blossoming early.:

I hope you all get the results you want I am more than willing to send good twin vibes : to you all.
HotJabanero's Avatar HotJabanero 11:03 AM 10-08-2008
I forgot to add I have an apt on friday w/ ultrasound so will be put out of my misery soon.
Devaskyla's Avatar Devaskyla 08:31 AM 11-01-2008
Add me to the 'maybe twins' list. I thought from very early on that it was twins. Whenever I thought/said anything about the baby, my brain always made it plural after. It went away around 12 weeks & I figured that maybe it had been twins & I'd lost one. I'm really, really wondering again now, though. And I have to wait almost 3 more weeks for an ultrasound.

Things that are making me think twins: feeling movement that seems to be in two places at once. Movement is still pretty faint at this point, though, I could be imagining it, right? Using the fetoscope & on several different occasions, getting what seems to be a heartbeat on either side of belly. Could be mishearing/mistaken. The new one is that I'm having trouble breathing when I'm sitting already. I sometimes get it in the last few weeks, but never this early. I feel like my lungs are being compressed by my uterus.

H has been adamant that I not mention the possibilty of twins to him. He panicks & he's been telling me all along that there's only one. Tonight he was actually looking at my belly earlier (instead of just kind of glancing) & told me I was huge & I'd never be able to hide if from my mom. Later on, he told me we'd better pick 2 names, since it was looking like it might be twins.

I've had my usual no morning sickness, no weight gain. I haven't had hcg tested, the pregnancy tests were never super dark (actually pretty faint).

I just hope all this stuff I think points to twins is my imagination (well, obviously the not being able to breathe thing isn't imaginary). My whole life I wanted twin girls. Then I had ds1, who was extremely high needs, discovered AP & decided that I didn't think I could parent 2 babies the way I want to parent. My kids are fascinated by the idea of twins. My oldest has been suggesting I give him twin sisters since shortly after ds2 was born & he's been very adamant since I got pregnant, now ds2 is getting into it too.

Guess I just keep waiting & wondering until the 19th.
caroline85's Avatar caroline85 12:17 AM 11-04-2008
These are my first babies, so I don't have a singleton pregnancy to compare it to. However, my hcg levels were incredibly high while I had them monitored. I think the bigger indicator for me, though, was that they were doubling much quicker than normal - every 30ish hours most of the time.

I found out for sure when I had an u/s at 7 weeks. :